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  1. What would the tourists think? Probably, mobile resistance? I looked for it but I couldn’t find the bumper sticker that reads; honk if you love Jesus? If there was one, they’d probably be thinkin’ mobile evangelical recruitment center. You know, like meals on wheels, the bookmobile or the ice cream truck? Just honk and wave.

    • Hey, chop chop people. What, do you guys sleep all night? You’ve got an insurgency to build. A long way to go and a short time to get there. You know, the early worm gets the bird…and all of that. If you guys are planning to beat the status quo, or even the Republicans, you’ll need to start getting up and getting at em.

      If the sun beats you up, you’re way too late. I mean, you guys are supposed to be the professional agitators. Or at least that’s what we heard, back when we were taking on the GOP, and they weren’t exactly push overs themselves. It did take us almost a decade to get that job done. So I mean, it’s not like I’m expecting miracles or anything. But Nancy and Chuck still in the driver’s seat? And no DACA negotiations anywhere in sight? Throw in a new team. Dump the baggage.

      Embrace the border wall, and then go clear out of the basket and throw a carbon tax, ANWR or something clear off the charts back at the Donald. That’s how you negotiate with him. You complicate and then you break out simple. You call his raise and then raise him right back. But you better hurry. Cause if I know the Donald, he’s about to play the Trump card.

      Run a ringer in on him. Surely you’ve got one of your young millennial’s out there that knows how to hold a line in negotiations. Trump doesn’t play the cards, he plays the chips. And if you want to win, you’re going to have to get out in front of him. Drop your socks and grab your clocks. Cause you’re already burning daylight this morning. And if you want to win, that’s the discipline.

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