City Council chooses to keep mostly Christian prayers at public meetings

“We say this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.” — City council members bow their heads during Christian prayers at a public meeting at City Hall, September 2, 2015

At their workshop Monday evening, Grand Junction City Council decided mixing religion with government was a good thing to do, and they would continue to do it.

City Manager Greg Caton told council members the City’s invocation policy dates back to 2008, saying they all inherited the practice. Council had an opportunity Monday at their workshop to discontinue prayers at City Council meetings and avoid further controversy over the City’s persistent endorsement of religion, modify the current policy or substitute a moment of silence instead.

But history shows the City of Grand Junction always has a hard time coming into the 21st Century.

Religious invocations are a provincial throwback. Out of 21 other Colorado cities, the Daily Sentinel reported that only two still have invocations at city council meetings, and they are not typically a feature at city council meetings in any large American cities. Councilman Chris Kennedy added to the list of cities that don’t pray at their meetings, saying Delta, Telluride, Ouray, Ridgway, Crested Butte and Mount Crested Butte don’t have invocations at their city council meetings. He said everyone’s spiritual journey is unique, and religion is not “one size fits all,” adding that “Most of the time, the City’s invocations are done from a Christian mindset,” and given in the name of Jesus Christ. Kennedy added “It’s proselytizing. I don’t appreciate it.” Kennedy said the invocation “is sanctimonious,” that a moment of silence would be fine, but he would prefer to get right down to working on City business at their meetings.

City Council member Barbara Traylor Smith: “Our country was founded on Christian principles.”

Republican City Council member Barbara Traylor Smith voted against the letter supporting DACA recipients in our community, and thinks America was founded as a Christian nation.

Incredibly, Councilor Barbara Traylor-Smith (BTS) said “I believe our country was founded on Christian principles. I don’t know how anyone gets through their day without praying for someone.” She invoked the founding fathers and said “Congress does it” [prays at meetings] and people think it’s a “valuable piece” of meetings.

To some surprise, Bennett Boeschenstein, who is normally among the more progressive thinkers on Council, said he agreed with Barbara Traylor-Smith, that the system we currently have is good, and that “a lot of times no one shows up and we have a moment of silence.”

Duke Wortmann said he’s been a born-again Christian for ten years, likes the invocation and wants to keep it.

Phyllis Norris appeared reasonable, and came down in between the others and recognized that the sectarian public prayers are offensive to some citizens. “I have nothing against religion,” she said, “but some people don’t want to hear it.” She said she’s seen people wait outside Council meetings for the prayers to finish before coming in. “I’m not a religious person,” Norris said.  “Where it’s at is fair to everyone but we need to make sure the speakers say in bounds. There are things they  shouldn’t say,” she said, referring to the naming of a specific deity, which amounts to proselytizing and is prohibited under the invocation policy.

Duncan McArthur, who was present when the meeting began, had hard a hard time containing his coughing. He was using a portable oxygen concentrator, said shortly into the meeting that he was recovering from bronchitis and excused himself before the invocation discussion began.

Grand Junction’s current mayor, Councilman Rick Taggart, said he grew up Presbyterian, almost went into the seminary when he was younger but went to school to get a degree instead, and thought similarly to Norris. He said he believes faith is “deep but individual,” and “my own private issue.”  Taggart said the City’s solution “tried as hard as possible to be fair” to everyone in town. He suggested that the City needed to do more, though, to let all individuals and organizations know they are welcome to put their name into the drawing to say invocations.

Chris Kennedy said city council represents everyone in town — “atheists, agnostics, buddhists,” and others. He pointed out that “It’s a fallacy to say we have a fair system when invocations are 90% Christian.” He disagreed with BTS that the United States is “a Christian nation” and said history proves it is not. Kennedy also said “We got rid of prayer in public schools a long time ago.” To this BTS grumbled aloud, “…And that’s what’s wrong with our schools today.” Kennedy said, “We aren’t doing a disservice to get rid of the invocation, we’re an outlier just having it. We need to concentrate on City business.”

How does the City find people to say invocations?

Grand Junction’s “Ten Commandments” tablet in front of City Hall in 2017 — another endorsement of Christianity displayed by City government. City Hall has no representation of any other religion on it’s lawn, even though people of other religions, and of no religion, live in Grand Junction.

City Manager Greg Caton explained that the City goes to the phone book to find people to invite to give invocations, saying “We’re proactively trying to get names into the purse,” referring to the black leather purse that is circulated at Council workshops to select invocation speakers. City administration puts little slips of paper with the names of people who have asked to say invocations into the purse, the purse is circulated around the table and Council members pull individual names out of the purse. The City then contacts the people who are chosen and sends them a letter saying they have an opportunity to say the invocation. If an invitee declines or doesn’t show up on their appointed day, Council has a moment of silence instead of prayers.

Mayor Taggart said Council needs to do more to “remind presenters to keep their comments more generic,” in regard to saying the name of Jesus Christ, “but we may need to do more.”

Kennedy said “The resolution itself is okay, but it’s practical application doesn’t meet the intended purpose. Who’s job is it to tell speakers not to say certain things?

Phyllis Norris said it is the mayor’s job to step in and tell people they’ve violated the policy.

Kennedy then said, “I wouldn’t want to do that if I was mayor.”

By the end of the meeting, Councilman Chris Kennedy had shown significant courage in standing up for what’s best for the City to be fair to all citizens and prevent controversy, but the majority of council members wanted to keep the current controversial invocation policy intact, and deal with whatever invocations some down the pike as a result. The one beneficial change to come out of the meeting is that now Council will be held accountable for putting and end to speakers proselytizing by saying the name of “Jesus Christ” or other deities during their invocations, and creating a consequence for those who repeatedly violate the ordinance.

It took ten years to get this far, but that’s all Council could squeeze out.


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          • Offend or anger? How about agitate? Like I said, sounds agitated. And where did you get that imagination? Walmart? Back to ad hominem attacks huh? And why don’t you tell us about “your sacrifice”? You know you want to.

          • I have no need to talk about what I’ve done. I don’t claim the authority you do. I’m just a guy who did a job. You want to know something specific? Ask a direct question. I’ll tell you whether it’s your damned business or not; because, as you’ve shown, you can’t be trusted with personal information.
            You bleat like a wounded animal that some on this blog can “vouch” for you, and then turn around and demand they answer your accusations. You take advantage of the fact that the tolerant policies of a “left-leaning” blog allow you to be here (unlike so many other sites, past and present), and yet, you threaten Ms. Landman and malign her personally.
            Simply put, you have no honor. You have one set of rules for yourself, and one for everyone else. Actually, that’s not accurate. I’ve never seen you follow any rule except, “Don’t answer a specific question”.

            You don’t like what I say? Refute it. Again, direct statements are not something you are accustomed to making, because you can’t run the risk of contradicting yourself, or getting caught in a lie. So, you ask questions to distract from ever answering any, and make empty accusations (in the form of a question, of course), to cast aspersions without having the guts to do it openly.

            That’s why I don’t need an imagination to know what you’re all about.
            The way you act here is a clear enough indicator. You’re an amoral coward, even when you’re shielded by anonymity. Why would the real you be any braver?

            I simply can’t be threatened, offended, agitated, or have any emotional reaction to you. And, if that’s your intention, congratulations! You’ve just admitted you’re a troll.
            There’s nothing real about you. Hell, the persona you’ve tried to build online is so hilariously thin and baseless, I’d be surprised if the real you wasn’t somehow completely translucent.

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          • Since you do not provide, and have never provided, any specific information of the kind you’re demanding, I’m justified in saying that none of that is any of your goddamned business. And why should it be?

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          • In flagrante delicto? What crime are you alleging I’ve committed, sexual or otherwise?
            You don’t know the actual meanings of most of the words you use, do you?
            Again, no statements, just questions.

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            Did your “sacrifice” merit your being awarded the Purple Heart medal? Now isn’t that an easy yes or no question?

          • I’m going to make this clear, just so there’s no confusion. I’m a veteran. I don’t have a DD-214, I have an NA – 13038, because my DD-214 was destroyed. I’d be glad to send a copy of that to Ms. Landman for verification of my veteran’s status and my Honorable Discharge. If you think I’m going to give a sick little individual like you the kind of personal information you’re demanding, you’re even sicker and crazier than I thought. First, because as usual, you have no right to any information about anyone, and second, because no one in their right mind would trust you with that. You’ve proven you’ll turn on anyone at any time. You’re a dishonest, disingenuous, hypocritical little weasel, and too stupid to realize that “Stolen Valor” isn’t applicable to anonymous yahoos on the internet. Of course, the fact that you would bring up even the concept of Stolen Valor is monumentally hypocritical. Everything about you; your patriotic bluster, your all-knowing poses, and your allusions to real service, are stolen from others.

            I’m entitled to join both the American Legion and the VFW if I so choose. I don’t.
            I don’t avail myself of the VA, because there are so many other people who need and deserve it more than I.

            You think I’m ashamed that I wasn’t in combat? I was lucky.
            You think someone…anyone has to answer to the likes of you for not having a Purple Heart, or not having some sort of service or sacrifice you deem honorable? The lowest ranking cook on a stateside base has more honor and dignity than you could ever hope for.

            The fact that you, of all people, would question anyone else’s service is laughable.
            You don’t upset me. You disgust me.

    • Of course you did.
      Now, if you had a spine, you’d actually make a declarative statement, instead of BS cowardly allusions and hints that you “know” something about anything.
      But as everyone knows, that’s not your style.

      • As I recall, you declared unilaterally that I would not be allowed to use my screen name “American Patriot” to post on this blog. And that pretty much knows what you know.

        • “Declared unilaterally”? What are you babbling about?
          This is someone else’s blog, you contemptible little fool.
          That’s the most bizarre distraction yet.
          You can use whatever self-aggrandizing title you choose. It’s still a free country, no thanks to you.
          Call yourself whatever you want, co-opt other people’s actions and sacrifices as much as you like. It has as much credence as your Cheeto Messiah calling himself a Stable Genius.

          • Oh my, you are an angry little man. You really should ease back on the “yayo” a bit, before you hurt yourself.

          • No, there’s no anger here, AP. You presume too much and assign yourself far too much importance, as is your wont. If I were angry, that would mean you have some degree of impact, however slight, on my life, or to have some standing other than a rando on the internet who likes to pretend he’s Captain America (Of course, Captain America was an actual military member at one time). You don’t.

            It doesn’t require anger to point out a dog turd on the sidewalk. The turd doesn’t win by being noticed. It’s just a statement of objective fact. The turd can choose to believe otherwise, if it makes them feel better. But it’s just a turd.

          • That’s because your’re determined to fool yourself into thinking you have any effect on anyone else. Trolling “left-leaning” blogs and trying to piss people off with constant half-truths, passive-aggressive accusations, thread-jacking, and impotently declaring victory is about all you have left.
            It would be sad, if it wasn’t a completely self-inflicted condition.
            Anger just doesn’t enter into it.

          • And all of that outrage because I asked two simple questions. The first was not addressed to you, unless of course you claim to speak for Western Colorado Atheists and Free Thinkers.

            The second question was “do you believe in magic”? And I assume that’s the one that you’re afraid to answer. Does your response seem a bit disproportionate? Do you own a chainsaw? Never mind, I don’t want to know. Have you ever heard of the Baker Act?

          • The only thing sillier than the idea that you engender anger is that you somehow engender fear. No one is afraid of anything you ask; it’s that many things simply are not your business, especially when it comes to people’s religious beliefs, or lack thereof. I’m no atheist, and I’m not a member of any atheist group. That’s all you need to know, and it’s more than you have a right to know. Why do you think someone else’s personal religious beliefs are any of your damned business? Nothing gives you that right, not Jesus, not Trump, and not your own bloated sense of self-importance. The question of invocations at a government meeting is a Constitutional question, not a religious one.
            As to your insistence that only a member of a certain group respond to your demands for answers, unless you’d care to hold yourself to that same standard (and anyone who’s read this blog knows that’s something you just don’t do), like most of your demands, it’s meaningless.
            The rest of your questions are just the usual “don’t have the guts to just say something straight out, so I’ll make allusions”, and, as such, they can be ignored, until you manage to gather up enough courage to actually make a statement.

          • And so you’ve reached a decision not to answer the questions that weren’t addressed to you. Magic!

            The posted subject was invocations. And the last time your atheists had their names drawn from the hat, they deferred to the Satanic Temple as their go to prayer maker. An interesting relationship, don’t you think? And of course, inquiring minds want to know? So see, all your upset, fear and anger were totally unwarranted.

            No one asked you, but to avoid confusion in the future, if we wish to hear your opinion or one of your irrational rants, we’ll just address the question to “resident troll”. And I’m truly sorry about the loss of your bridge…..and your mind.

          • Are you sure you want to exclude me so soon, AP?
            If you haven’t noticed, I’m about the only one left here (as in so many other venues) who’ll even deign to acknowledge you anymore.

          • Oh, I wasn’t excluding you, I was simply dismissing you. But I was hoping to contact someone rational over here. I see now that’s hopeless, because they’re all down at the Satanic Temple worshiping their deity of choice while pretending not to be atheists. Which begs the question; why did they leave you behind?

          • “Begging the Question, sometimes known by its Latin name petitio principii (meaning assuming the initial point), is a logical fallacy in which the writer or speaker assumes the statement under examination to be true. In other words, begging the question involves using a premise to support itself. If the premise is questionable, then the argument is bad.”

            Ironically, Begging the Question is something you do quite a lot of, as in your usual “too chickenshit to actually accuse someone of anything” manner. It’s ironic, because you obviously don’t understand the term.

            Ignorance is excusable; willful ignorance is worse, but belligerent ignorance does seem to be your stock in trade.

          • Well, son, you’re the one that said you’re the only one left on this site. I was just taking your word for it. And inquiring as to why you felt you had been left behind (out of courtesy). But the answer is obvious. I just attempted to include you in that determination, lest you feel excluded. Go back under the bridge and someone will come along in good time to relieve you of that responsibility. Perhaps not by choice, but rather by necessity.

          • So, it is your accusation that the Atheists are secret Satanists, or that the Satanists are secret Atheists?
            Do you even know the difference?

          • Or the better question; who cares? But you’re doing a really good job manning your bridge, even as you say you’re not one. So obviously you would be the wrong person to ask and perhaps that’s why I didn’t ask you in the first place? But did I mention, you’re doing a really good job and they chose absolutely the right person to explain their position to anyone that might ask? I think we can all see that.

            So if I want to talk to a real atheist, where would you refer me to? The Satanic Temple? Well, that figures.

          • Did your meds kick in, or wear off? You’re even less coherent than usual.
            Babbling about Satanists and Atheists and clearly too dumb to know the difference. Or is every belief system that’s not American “Christianity” the same as Satanism, to your feeble, frightened little mind?

          • Well Seamus, you may recall that’s what my original question was about. “What is Western Colorado Atheists and Free Thinker’s “official” position on a Santeria invocation? And do you believe in magic? You’ll need to pay attention here, or the
            whole point of this exercise may escape you.

            Now, it’s none of my business, but it’s possible that you’ve lost something already? But I wouldn’t worry about it, your friends probably won’t even notice. And I thank you for your time, in spite of the fact that you haven’t done anything except embarrass yourself….and perhaps your faith based belief system.

            And I would tell you it’s been a real pleasure talking to you, in spite of the fact that neither one of us know what you’re talking about. But oh, did I mention, you’re doing such a great job with that troll bridge that you’re to be commended. Pure Magic.

            So let us both assume that you have nothing further to offer in the way of the information requested and nothing else of interest to offer. And since there are no longer any atheists on this site, all that’s left for me to do is go in search of those elusive atheists in the sure and certain hope of a resurrection and perhaps even a willingness to discuss the issue? Trolls really hold no interest to me. They’re just so… so common.

            P.S. Are you still using Anne Landman’s blog as the name of this site? And is that the same Anne Landman that was previously the director of Western Colorado Atheists? What ever happened to her? Did she come to Jesus?

          • Seamus, you may recall that’s what my original question was about. “What is Western Colorado Atheists and Free Thinker’s “official” position on a Santeria invocation? And do you believe in magic? You’ll need to pay attention here, or the
            whole point of this exercise may escape you.

            Now, it’s none of my business, but it’s possible that you’ve lost something already? But I wouldn’t worry about it, your friends probably won’t even notice. And I thank you for your time, in spite of the fact that you haven’t done anything except embarrass yourself….and perhaps your faith based belief system.

            And I would tell you it’s been a real pleasure talking to you, in spite of the fact that neither one of us know what you’re talking about. But oh, did I mention, you’re doing such a great job with that troll bridge that you’re to be commended. Pure Magic.

            So let us both assume that you have nothing further to offer in the way of the information requested and nothing else of interest to offer. And since there are no longer any atheists on this site, all that’s left for me to do is go in search of those elusive atheists in the sure and certain hope of a resurrection and perhaps even a willingness to discuss the issue? Trolls really hold no interest to me. They’re just so… so common.

            P.S. Are you still using Anne Landman’s blog as the name of this site? And is that the same Anne Landman that was previously the director of Western Colorado Atheists? What ever happened to her? Did she come to Jesus?

          • I can’t speak for Ms. Landman, as I’ve never met her. I can only assume that she, like others, doesn’t feel the need to respond to queries from a quavering little nutbag who soils himself in fear of Satan, and who still won’t muster up the spine to do anything but “ask questions” instead of just making declarative statements about what he thinks.

            Lemme show you how this works:

            What part of the Tea Party’s “No Touching Yourself During Meetings” rule caused you to part company with them?
            When did you stop hanging around the VFW in the vain hopes you’d be invited in, and thus be able to say you’d been inside, leading people to believe you’d earned membership?
            How does a “man” who styles himself a brave Patriot justify skulking around the fringes of Mesa County politics, informing on his own party, and cowering behind anonymity, rather than just standing up and declaring his beliefs, you know, like an actual Patriot?
            and finally,
            Why do you think anyone would take you seriously?

          • Trash, talking, does not an alpha make. I think it was the inflatable Obama comfort doll that betrayed you. The question is; why run your mouth and remove all doubt? Eating meat doesn’t make you a meat eater, but it does define you.

          • You keep thinking that calling me gay is some kind of insult. That doesn’t bother me. I have plenty of loved ones in the LGBTQ community. I’d be more specific, but as Ms. Landman and others in Mesa County have learned, having you know anything about them will eventually be used against them. I’d just rather not know a sniveling little coward like you knows anything about someone I care about. The idea is distasteful, and it just shows what a backward, ignorant little bigot you are. It’s not the 50’s anymore. No one except people like you have such an obsession about other people’s sexual orientations. It’s as stupid as insulting someone over their hair or eye color. But, if that’s what it takes to make you feel like an “Alpha” (as comically dated as that term is), have at it. At least it shows people what you’re really all about. God knows, it’s not like you’ve actually done anything tangible to prove your “manhood”, except type vague accusations and self-aggrandizing bullshit.

            Everything about you is phony, AP. Right down to screen name, taken from people who’ve actually done the things you claim to. Your claims of relevance, your appropriations of other people’s acts and sacrifices, and your allegiance to a God who approves of your constant lying and hypocrisy.
            That’s why you’re so desperate.
            Typing bullshit about yourself is really all you’ve got left.
            Kind of a sad way to slide towards the end, when you think about it.

          • Yeah, everyone knows you’re a racist as well as a bigot, AP…that’s not news to anyone.
            Anything else you got? You’ve pretty much reached the bottom of your tired bag of tricks, except perhaps your usual end game of feigning superiority, declaring yourself the victor, and scurrying away until next time. That can’t be far off.

  1. What is Western Colorado Atheists and Free Thinker’s “official” position on a Santeria invocation? And do you believe in magic?

      • Well that was the question. But if you have to speculate, and can’t answer the question directly, then we can only assume you don’t know the answer or you don’t speak for the atheists? Or perhaps, you are an atheist and you can answer the question, but you would prefer to dodge it? Now why would that be? Whose blog is this anyway? 😉

        • As for me, I’m not an atheist. I just know how to read.
          As for you, I’m curious as to why you think anyone feels they have to answer yet another round of questions from a spineless little contrarian who does nothing but hurl empty accusations in the form of questions?
          But perhaps you’re too stupid, or craven to see that?

          • I would ask why you see things as you obviously do, but that would be redundant. 😉 Sometimes no answer says a lot.

          • No one has to answer for your ignorance, AP.
            You’re such a hotshot investigative reporter, find out for yourself.

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