Grand Junction’s huge anti gun-violence march and rally

Around 3,000 people attended Grand Junction, Colorado’s March for Our Lives, on Mach 24, 2018. It was one of 800 “sibling” marches  happening around the country and the world at the same time as the main March for our Lives in Washington, D.C., organized by students who survived the February 14 gun massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

The attendance at Grand Junction’s march was impressive given that this area of Colorado has long been considered a gun-friendly, conservative stronghold. That may not be the case any more, as many gun owners are joining with the students in saying there are now too many guns in too many people’s hands, and a higher priority should be put on people’s safety rather than on guns.

Such significant participation in an event like this was unthinkable as recently as just a couple of years ago. People came from across the western slope to join Grand Junction’s gun reform event. A Montrose citizen pointed out that people from Montrose were wearing white armbands to help them identify each other. She said she felt it would have been unsafe for them to march there due to the anger and hostility some gun owners have displayed over the public massacre issue.

Chants students led at the march included

  • “Hey Hey, NRA, how many kids have you killed today?,”
  • “What do we want? Gun reform! When do we want it? NOW!” and
  • “Enough is enough!”

Signs people carried at the march said:

  • “Bury machine guns, not children”
  • “Teachers not snipers”
  • “How many more?”
  • “Love your KIDS, NOT your guns”
  •  “Guns are the problem. MORE guns is NOT the solution!”
  • “Girls clothing is schools is more regulated than GUNS in America!”
  • “It is time for ACTION”
  • “Books not bullets”
  • “This teacher wants common sense legislation, NOT A GUN”
  • “Harden our GUN LAWS”
  • “Legislators, when will you listen?”

The march started at Lincoln Park at 1:00 p.m., went down 12th Street to Grand Ave. and ended at the steps of the old Mesa County Courthouse at 6th and Rood, where students from elementary schools to high schools gave brief, impassioned talks describing what it has been like for them to live in fear of dying at school in the post-Columbine era. The students universally expressed outrage that adults have done nothing to keep large numbers of people from routinely getting gunned down with high powered military-style rifles while they engage in every day activities, like attending school, going to a concert or shopping. The students’ unifying messages were that they no longer feel safe in school, are fed up with elected officials’s inaction to keep them safe, and that they are committed to making change themselves by voting, lobbying, running for office, marching, organizing and doing everything they possibly can to change things for the better in the United States. The policies they would like to see enacted include background checks for every single gun sale that occurs, including at gun shows and out of the trunks of cars, banning of military-style and semi-automatic assault rifles like AR-15s, and ending the sale of high-capacity magazines.



Spencer Hurt giving a talk at March for our Lives

“Enough Dog”

…and for the gun folks:

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  1. As I said, you have no value to any civil conversation.

    IF “AP” is American Patriot that started the Tea Party in Grand Junction, I think I met him at that party.

    “willis” – no clue.

    Bob, I assume you are referring to me.

    As Luke would say, “The paranoia tuns deep in this one.”

    • Whoa…Now “that other guy” AP is the one who started the Tea Party in Grand Junction?
      The more personas you make up, the bigger the myth becomes.

      • yessir, the stupid runs very deep in this one.

        If your mommie and dadda refused to raise you with a brain, don’t expect to give a damn if you live or die.

        • Now, did the Glorious Leader American Patriot* create the real Teabagger Party, or the fake Teabagger party he’s always whining about? And, if Willis Leon Johnson is such a mystery to you, how did he become such a brave voice for the Teabaggers and a prolific poster on GJ’s Result without you noticing?

          You have to work on the backstory before putting on another mask. This one’s comically transparent.

          *(not to be confused with actual American patriots)

          • Shameless,

            You’re the only person I know that punks themselves on April fools day. Now “Uncle Bob” is AP, or one of your other fantasy villains. What I see are just red flags, multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, and a total lack of judgment. And you know what they say. If you see something, say something.

            And now you’re humping everybody’s leg in your Chihuahua attack mode role. Maybe it’s time for another interview. You know, just to be on the safe side.

            And my apologies to “Uncle Bob” for so rudely interrupting your conversation with the village idiot who doesn’t even know what time or what day it is. Please, by all means, continue yourselves.

            • Interesting.

              I am one person that you believe is the same person that everybody that disagrees with you?

              Following the train of poorly thought out philosophies…

              There are only two people in the entire world.

              Us and you, but that cannot be because “US” is plural, so we can’t be just one person.

              Yes, the mindlessness of the pathetically undernourished mind is very obvious.

              You put me in an awkward position seamus.

              You require me to be all of your arch enemies, apparently for free.

              When the cash starts to flow, we will continue your fantasy.

          • No, “Uncle Bob” is just another one of your sock puppets, conjured up in a desperate attempt to deflect from simple truths. American Patriot and Willis Leon Johnson have always been the same troll, you’ve just gotten lazy over the years, and the identities have started to blend. “Uncle Bob” has the same pathological fear of answering a direct question, the same inexplicable posture of superiority, and the same tired insults. You’re just not smart enough to pull off anything complicated. Maybe go back to pretending you’re your own caretaker.

            • Since there was no “reply” feature. (presumably for your protection)

              ““Uncle Bob” has the same pathological fear of answering a direct question, the same inexplicable posture of superiority, …”

              Please feel free to ask me any direct question that you want answered.


              IF I do not provide the answer YOU DEMAND, perhaps you should cease asking questions that have HONEST ANSWERS that you don’t want to hear.

              And NO, I am NOT all your other Ghosts that you want me to be.

              IF you are incapable of treating oppositions as opposing views instead of some magical ghost floating around in your head, then don’t bother.

              Or, perhaps, since I do not recognize this ‘seamus’ persona you have created for now, maybe you should post some of your past egos to see If I find a match?

            • Question seamus.

              How far back in time are you worrying about?

              My recollection is that I was in that area in the 2007 to 2009 or so, and if all these boogeymen are still hiding under your bed, you need to move.

          • Well, there’s a simple way to prove what you are saying is true. Get your friend Anne to verify that Uncle Bob and AP are posting from the same IP. But of course, that would be way too simple. And the results would expose you for the fraud and nut case that you are. Open your mouth, insert your foot, and twist briskly. That’s what paranoia does when introduced into a defective vessel.

          • Uncle Bob,
            Do you receive our GJ Result Tea Party news letter? If so, please send me an email with the reply to feature at the bottom of the last page which will give me your IP. It will save me the problem of going through the whole list. I apologize. I don’t recognize your screen name, and I met so many people through our Tea Party, that without a face, it’s hard to remember. But clearly you’re seeing the same red flags that I am. And maybe we should talk about that. Right?

            • Sorry, but I do not receive any such news letter.

              I wasn’t there long enough to get really involved and have been gone for years.

          • You really think everyone else’s understanding of IPs is as rudimentary as your own, don’t you? Trolls use different IPs and VPNs all the time. You grow more and more shrill every time you’re confronted with your comically thin facade. You spend your time bad-mouthing Anne and her blog, and now, you expect her to vouch for you based on something as easily masked as an IP address?

            The funniest thing about this whole business is how “Uncle Bob” is a huge fan of yours, calling you the Founder of the Tebaggers; and yet, you have so many avid followers, you have no clue who he is. Isn’t that eerily similar to Trump pretending to be his own publicist, to tell the papers how great he was?
            You can’t even be original about it.

            A fellow Tebagger who’s been there since the beginning (when you bravely and anonymously started the GJ Teabaggers), and yet, is totally unaware of a remarkably similar “brave” Patriot, who, like you, had to skedaddle when you couldn’t remain anonymous. It’s just too convenient, isn’t it?

          • No Seamus, I spend most of my time badmouthing you and your delusional Trump fixation. But I don’t have to. And you should try to get some help. And I’ll try to get you some help.

          • Well, boy howdy, “Bob”, it sure is lucky for him, seeing as how you’ve had no contact in about a decade, and don’t subscribe to his newsletter, that you just happened to show up on this blog “that’s only followed by three people” to create a handy distraction after I pointed out the similarities between AP’s sock puppets, aaaand knowing The Teabagger Founder’s secret online identity, to boot! Which is weird, ’cause considering he’s openly admitted informing on the GOP and slinking around other groups like Don Knotts playing 007, you’d think he’d want to keep a lid on that. You must be part of a very elite club.

            • No worries seamus.
              Perhaps you have never heard of doing research on the internet.

              You pick a search engine, type in a search phrase, in this case: :anti gun rally, grand junction, colorado” and hit enter.

              Grand Junction’s huge anti gun-violence march and rally …
              Anne Landman on Grand Junction’s huge anti gun-violence march and rally; AP on Grand Junction’s huge anti gun-violence … Made in Grand Junction, CO. Visa, MC …
              [Search domain]…
              Grand Junction, CO March for our Lives anti gun violence …
              The March for Our Lives Grand Junction was organized by students from Fruita Monument High School. It started at Lincoln Park ar 1 p.m. and ended at GJ …
              [Search domain]
              Rally Against Gun Control |
              Breaking news, sports, entertainment, classifieds, real estate and more for Grand Junction, Colorado and the Western Slope.
              [Search domain]
              Anne Landman’s Blog – Alternative News and Views from Western …
              Around 3,000 people attended Grand Junction, Colorado’s March for … Grand Junction’s huge anti gun-violence march and rally; … 2018 Anne Landman’s Blog.
              [Search domain]

              Ms Landmans blog appeared TWO TIMES.

              No plotting, scheming or skulduggery involved.

              That being said, I do find it comical that you keep calling me back to explain, common, everyday life to you.

              I do not know exactly what ails you, but I suggest you put away the computer and go to church to check on getting your demons removed before they do real damage to you.

              The rest of your comment was just more rambling about the demons in your head from a long time ago.

          • And, in standard AP/Willis fashion, you want to focus on the conveniently specific search rather than the other aspects you can’t explain away, like learning AP’s sooper dooper secret identity from a brief meeting that he has no recollection of. You know, because his fan base is so big. The thing is, given his propensity for bragging about skulking around in meetings, collecting info against the GOP and what he calls the “fake” tea party, and informing on those parties to advance his own agenda, there are people who would marvel at you having such inside information, and would probably be quite interested in having the same info. You know, the info that you got just by virtue of a handshake., and then, remarkably, came in handy to come to AP’s recuse, by virtue of a totally random search. So, while you consider such events trivial, there are others who might not. A lot of things have transpired since then.

            • “you want to focus on the conveniently specific search ”


              “Anti gun march in grand junction colorado” is “Specifically Convenient”?

              Perhaps if I did a search for “Moldy peanutbutter in alberta canada” would have provided the information I was seeking about the anti gun march in grand junction?

              And now everything that happens is “SUPER SECRET information”?

              What flavor of unset jello did your keeper pour into your brain cavity this morning?

              You SERIOUSLY NEED HELP!

            • By the way seamus, I asked you to provide alternate names you have posted under in case I might recognize.

              YOU FAILED, but it’s no problem because I didn’t spend any time playing on ‘blogs’ at the time, and still don’t.

              I came here looking for information on a protest.

              You came here to whine about ancient history.

              I’m beginning to get the impression that you are trying to re-fight battles you lost years ago and assigning “ancient enemies” onto new people in hopes of winning your losing arguments in the past.

              Life doen’t work that way.

          • Relax, man…as you’ve pointed out, this is a tiny little blog; none of those people who would care about your other identities even read it. Sure, if they did, they could put 2 and 2 together, and you can’t delete your posts here yourself, so in that case, it’d be problematic, especially if it came out that the self-described Founder of the Teabaggers was then revealed to be the guy informing on various groups…but, as I said, none of those people read this blog. So, relax.

            • I’m not the one with all the emotional and mental issues here seamus.

              I’m not trying to fight 10 year old battles.

              IF you had won the ‘battles’ back then, you would either have forgotten them. or still be gloating.

              Since you have not forgotten, nor are you gloating, you are in hopes of a rematch with your imaginary opponent, and I’m supposed to play the part you so desperately need?

              What if I refuse to play your game?

              Will you drop the subject and we can agree to disagree?

              Or will you continue to be disagreeable?

              Inquiring minds do not care about your squabbles.

          • Which part would you like me to “drop”?
            That you and AP and Willis are all obviously the same poster?
            That you claimed to have founded the Grand Junction Tea Party, and then openly admitted spying on and reporting information on groups you were allied with for your own purposes?
            I didn’t have a dog in that particular fight, so I can’t say there’s any grudge held here. But there are a number of people who did, and their memories might not be as hazy as you’d hope.
            Odd, that if you were not he, that you would be so staunch about defending someone you know so little about*

            *Except that he claimed to be the founder of the Tea Party in Grand Junction, and that he told you his secret posting identity as well.

            • Still convinced that AP can be 50 or more people at the same time?

              you mentioned a “Handshake”, not sure what it was in relation to, I said I met the Man that had stood on street corners holding up signs for weeks before the event.

              At the event, I was introduced, but I do not remember and handshake and I did not mention one.

              Your imagination running wild and loose?

              I have no knowledge of secret handshakes, meeting places or invisible airplanes.

              I have never ‘spied’ on other people for any reason, and your fantasy world is no reason to start..

              And my favorite:

              “Odd, that if you were not he, that you would be so staunch about defending someone you know so little about*”

              Odd that you would be so intent on DEMANDING that I be he, and he, be ME based solely on your own insanity.

              And, so far, I have not made any comments in defense of “him”, just trying to calmly explain to you that I am not he, and he is not me.

              You do seriously need mental help, and the locked up for the duration ‘help’.

              IF I lived withing 800 miles of you I would be concerned.

              IF you have any family, and I knew how to contact them I would copy this madness and give it to them for them to decide.

          • 50? Nah, so far, I’ve only counted 3. And as far as timelines go, the Big Brawl was in 2012, wasn’t it? Some people may hold grudges longer than 6 years. Especially if they find out they were betrayed by someone they’d trusted. And if you’re grasping at something as mundane as the metaphorical device of a handshake to argue about, you must be pretty worried.
            But I keep telling you to relax, pal. I don’t know anyone who cares about your activities. So you can stop yelling. I have no contacts in the GOP/Teabagger community. You’re safe, unless someone else just as dumb and useless as me starts looking. I have no inclination to help them. If I did, I’d mention that along with your non-deletable* posts on this website, certain info is legally and openly available to the public via any number of channels; “founding” the Grand Junction Tea Party required all sorts of documents, some with names, some without, but all have information on them, and that even long-dead websites can be accessed via the Internet Wayback Machine. Everything leaves a trail, even attempts to hide one.

            *I suppose they’re deletable, if you cried and whined and begged the operators of this blog, the ones you’ve accused of all sorts of malfeasance, to cover the tracks you left yourself. Maybe you could throw yourself upon the mercy of that Liberal tolerance.

            • Poor, Pathetic little individual.

              I show up, make one innocuous comment, and immediately you accuse me of being at least 3 or 4 different people all at the same time.

              I try to explain to you that I have no flippin’ idea what the hell you are squealing about, and yet you persist.

              You say there was a “big brawl” in 2012 and holding grudges longer than 6 years. Apparently YOU are holding more than one grudge, and for a lot longer than 6 years if you think I had something to do with your emotional/mental issues.

              I have no need to delete anything I have ever commented on this site, and have no recollection of any other site in your area.

              As I sad before, if I knew you had any family, I would be contacting them about getting you some help.

          • Fine, if you’re not AP/Willis, then you’ve got no reason to be so upset. Dismiss me as crazy, and don’t worry about it. It shouldn’t bother you. Plenty of crazies online, from people who create identities they change as easily as putting on a hat, to people who get so wrapped up in the fictional persona they’ve created and the deeds they’ve done while hiding behind that persona, well, the idea of someone finding them out might terrify them. Not you, though. So don’t worry.

            Don’t worry that someone involved in that whole “Who’s the real Tea Party” debacle (and others) will stumble onto this nothing little blog, just like you did, and learn things that someone has tried desperately to keep under wraps for quite some time. There’s absolutely nothing for you to be concerned about. You’re more than 800 miles away, and you don’t know any of the parties aside from a brief introduction and a surprising revelation about their online identity, right? Why do you care?

            • I’m concerned because an obnoxious buffoon began throwing accusations around that had no basis in fact, and then demanded that I accept your ignorance and ill manners to be like words from God from the first instance I logged on.

              This “nothing little blog” was the FIRST and THIRD hits on my search phrase, so ‘nothing little blog’ seems to be the place to go.

              There was no indication that the owner of this blog allowed one ill mannered, egg-sucking moron to attack any visitors for no reason beyond his own demons inside his twisted head.

              YOU OWE APOLOGIES to Me for your stupid tirades against me personally when we have never met.

              However, I have no doubts that, inside your pointy little head, you feel ‘superior’ because your IQ is in the middle double digits.

              YOU are not even a troll worth forgetting.

          • I’m fairly sure Uncle Bob has no idea what you’re talking about. But I do. And you say you do. So why not post your dirty little secret? Right now! For the whole world to see. I have no problem with that. Or you can just go to Anne Landman and have her explain it to you, which apparently no one has done. But I don’t think it will turn out to be a very big secret.

            You see, your mistake is the same as it has always been. You think I’m a Republican. Now, come on Shameless; put it up there, if you’ve got the nerve. But let me give you a point of beginning that you may not be aware of. It all started when I posted the Republican plan to appoint Steve King as Sheriff in a GJ Result Tea Party newsletter. You remember him. He’s the one that plead guilty to crimes against the people, right after he resigned as state senator. But here’s the kicker. I exposed that Republican plot eleven months before the Sheriffs race. Back when Stan Hilkey was the Sheriff.

            But let me help you a little more. It had to do with Anne Landman posting a video on You Tube. Did you ever wonder where she got that video? Well, that would have had to be a clandestine meeting somewhere…or so you might think. But of course, it’s your dirty little secret. So you can take it from there.

            The first lesson every lawyer learns is to never ask a question he doesn’t know the answer to. And now you’re about to learn the same thing. Big mistake!

          • I’ve told you before, I have no interest in “exposing” you I don’t have a dog in this particular fight. Others do. I don’t know any of them.
            King’s own corruption brought him down. Your “expose” didn’t seem to keep him from entering the race eleven months later. So…good job? Taking credit for things that happen independent of your actions is again, kinda your thing.
            It’s not the effect of your betrayals that others might take offense to, it’s that you betrayed them in the first place, and bragged about it. I’m not connected to any of those people. I’m not one of them. As far as I know, none of them read this tiny little Liberal blog, that’s only found by totally random searches.
            You scream and holler for other people’s personal information as part of an argument you’re losing. You demand that they follow your rules, while respecting none of them yourself. I simply pointed out a strange statement your sock-puppet made, and pulled the thread from there. It boils down to this: either you were lying when you claimed to have founded the GJ Tea Party, or you made an error by confessing that the person who was informing on other’s actions was, in fact, the Founder of the GJ Tea Party. I don’t care what the truth is. Someone who cares might ask. Based on your own statements, if they read them, someone who cares might figure it out right then and there.
            It’s really not my concern. Whatever Ann knows about you, she’s kept quiet because she’s all about respecting people’s privacy, something you refuse to reciprocate. You’ve repeatedly threatened her and others with legal and criminal action based on your limited understanding of actual law, while remaining safely concealed behind an anonymous screen name.
            I never said I knew your name. I don’t, not for certain. That’s just wrong. I’m saying that the information you’ve provided, if truthful, combined with publicly and legally accessible information, narrows it down to a number of names that’s less than you can count on the fingers of one hand. Even if that hand were already missing a finger.
            It doesn’t matter to me what your name is. It might matter to others that you’ve bragged about betraying. But, luckily, as you’ve said, no one reads this little blog. So don’t worry about it.
            I have absolutely no desire to expose you. I’ve just pointed out that you did it yourself.

          • Well, how bout it Seamus? That dirty little secret burning a hole in your pocket, or are you beginning to figure out that you don’t have a clue who you’re talking to? It can’t be that hard just to write it out and post it? You have nothing to fear but the truth.

          • You apparently didn’t take time to read what I wrote.

            I don’t know your identity to a 100% certainty. It’d be wrong to state otherwise.
            I’m stating that given the information you’ve provided, someone else might.

            But I know *exactly* who I’m dealing with.

            • Well Snowflake, I’m just going to have to call you an outright LIAR because I KNOW FOR FACT that we have never waltzed on the same dance floor.

              I have a firm rule:

              If the other person is not capable of having a civil discussion, there is no discussion.

              It seems that you are just too stupid to get the message.

  2. You said, “The nice policeman/resource Officer in Maryland dropped the shooter after TWO students were shot.” The kid “dropped” himself.

    Taking credit for a kill that’s not yours is…
    Well, it’s kinda your thing, isn’t it, “Bob”?

    You don’t actually think anyone’s falling for this, do you? You may think it looks different, but Dragon prints it out just the same.

    • As you said, you obviously don’t care about the truth. And equally obvious is the fact that everyone who posts, you think to be me. And you have no idea who that would be? You stated previously I “informed” on my own party. And now you’re saying you have no interest in exposing what you know. That’s probably because you don’t know squat, and have absolutely nothing to back up your assertions, accusations and insinuations. But I do. Below included you’ll find an excerpt from one of GJ Result’s news letters that was published on July 10, 2013; and then the follow up email news letter after Hilkey announced his resignation to take a job on the east slope.

      But that was just the beginning. And if you’ll go back to the post by American Patriot on the recent article Anne posted on Tipton, you will find a reference there to a manufactured Tea Party endorsement. Now, how do you suppose that he manufactured a Tea Party endorsement. Well, what he did was get the Western Slope Conservative Alliance (WSCA) to register as a tea party. And as you should know, the WSCA was created by the GOP status quo because they knew they needed Tea Party endorsements. But they couldn’t get them from our Tea Party.

      Now, skip on down. Steve King gets indicted and he’s no longer a viable appointment to the office of Sheriff. And they have a problem. They have to find a candidate that they can control. That’s when John Pennington entered the race and won the GOP assembly vote. But he just wouldn’t do. So now they’re faced with the problem of how they’re going to rig the Sheriff’s race. So they decide the only thing to do is flood the race with candidates, most claiming to be Conservative. The idea was to split the conservative vote.

      Now, pay attention here Seamus and you may be able to figure out exactly how they did that. Below is a letter to the editor written by John Pennington, candidate for Mesa County Sheriff in that race. And I also have an email to me from Pennington verifying that he did write that letter.

      The part you don’t know is that the GOP arranged to have their faux tea party (under the direction of a guy named Tim) go beat the bushes looking for candidates to flood that race with. And they video taped their activities. That was the video that Anne Landman posted on You Tube. And she got it from Claudette Konola. And here’s the interesting part; I personally handed that CD to Claudette Konola in the middle of a Friday Bagel Group meeting with about forty people in attendance. And I was wearing a Tea Party hat. So the handover was noticed, just exactly as I intended it to be.

      You see, the GOP knew what they were doing. And our Tea Party knew what they were doing. And the only people that didn’t know was the Democrat Party. Your first mistake was interpreting my conversations with Benita Phillips re; the Democrat/Bernie insurgency, as a hostile act. It was not. What you didn’t understand is having been through the knock down, drag out fight with the Republican party, I knew some of the things that she could expect from the status quo Dems. You’ll watch all of that play out as the Bernie insurgency grows.

      Now, here I’ve included one of your posts from 11.24.17 in which you referred to me as Tim? And I’ve also included my answer, which perhaps will be more enlightening to you in your new found knowledge.

      And what you might conclude is that you didn’t know what you were or are talking about or who you were talking to. Probably because you’re either afraid of what will happen to the Dem status quo as a result of the Bernie insurgency, or you just grew one eyebrow and decided to pick a fight. As far as that “brawl” you referred to in 2012, I assume by your civil war reenactment reference, you thought you might be talking to Garry Brewer. And he was actually there. But no one from our Tea Party was present or involved. And I learned about it from the police blotter and the subsequent stories in the news. And I repeat what I told you to begin with. You don’t have to be a full time jerk, if you do due diligence. Now, if you think you have some other dirty secret, then by all means post it under any of your previous screen names. That’s not a problem for me. You see, I have no problem informing on crooked government, crooked political parties, or faux Tea Parties, because I don’t belong to any of those, and PS, we won our insurgency. And you might ask Benita how hers is going? Because most certainly, you don’t have a clue what it takes to be an insurgent and win. And the truth does matter.

      Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2013 15:48:21 -0400
      From: American Patriot
      Subject: Peek behind the curtain
      To:GJResult.Tea Party

      Do you know how the Mesa County GOP operates? Do you think you really have any
      choice in who gets on the ballot and into office? Do you really think any of them care about you or are concerned abut their best interests of the community and the people in it?

      Would your thinking change if the following scenario happened?

      What if , on a warm night in July, there was a meeting of big insiders of the Mesa County GOP? What if the sheriff, who is about to term limit out and is under a LOT of pressure over the new gun laws; a State Senator who was formerly in law enforcement; the second term State Representative from this area; and the County Assessor were all discussed?

      What if a deal was agreed to that has the sheriff resign to take a job on the East Slope, moving the Senator to the sheriff’s office. Then the Representative would move to the Senator’s office, with the Assessor becoming the new Representative.

      Now, with all these changes the offices are all filled to finish out this term. At the next election all the incumbents would be on the ballot for you to vote into office.

      Keep your eye on the shell game in the coming days and weeks folks. The games are about to begin.
      GJResult.Tea Party
      May 29, 2014
      Do you think you really have a choice in who gets on the ballot and into office? Do you think the powers that be care about you or your well being? Read this maybe and you may think again.

      Was there a political back room deal last July for the Sheriff (Hilkey) to resign before his term was up to take a job on the East Slope? link to story And was Senator King to be appointed to finish Sheriff Hilkey’s term? That was the “political deal” reported in the email written almost 10 months ago . (email from American Patriot below)

      WAKE UP! As predicted Sheriff Hilkey is resigning effective June 15, 2014 And the Mesa County Commissioners may seize the opportunity to appoint state Sen Steve King to fill out the remainder of Hilkey’s term. link to story, prinited below

      What better way to get the hand picked man in the job and make him a shoo-in for the election, and you will have no voice in this; UNLESS you make yourself heard right now.

      Call and email these commissioners TODAY and let them know you won’t stand by and let any one subvert the election process this way. Just click on the commissioner’s email address and then compose your email.

      Rose Pugliese- (970) 244-1606- email;

      John Justman- (970)-244-1605- email;

      Steve Acquafresca- (970)-244-1604- email; 

      We have no time to delay.

      County commission to appoint sheriff’s replacement
      By Gary Harmon 
      Friday, May 9, 2014
      Stan Hilkey’s pending departure from the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office to take over as the state’s public safety chief sets up the prospect of political musical chairs that could begin and end with the county commission.

      Hilkey recommended on Thursday that the commission appoint his undersheriff, Rebecca Spiess, to complete his unexpired term.

      Commissioners on Monday are to get legal advice about how to proceed, if at all. Spiess could simply take over the job on Hilkey’s June 16 departure date. But Commissioner Rose Pugliese said she would like to see the commission act and that commissioners would consider Hilkey’s recommendation “pretty strongly,” noting that Spiess is familiar with the operations of the office and is well-respected by the staff.

      Hilkey gave Spiess a vote of confidence in his resignation letter to the commission on Thursday, saying that Spiess acts as his chief of staff “and has a complete grasp on the current state of affairs in the office … She is, simply, exceedingly ready and able to complete this term and serve our citizens with the same, or better, excellence seen in the Sheriff’s Office under my leadership.”

      Hilkey cited the state Constitution and state law in noting that Spiess would automatically become sheriff with his departure, pending action by the commission.

      Spiess would become Mesa County’s first woman sheriff, Pugliese noted.

      The commission isn’t bound by Hilkey’s recommendation to appoint Spiess. It could look elsewhere, possibly at state Sen. Steve King, who is giving up his Senate seat to run to replace Hilkey, or to John Pennington, who ran an upstart campaign to capture the top line at the GOP county convention last month, setting up a Republican primary with King.

      Voters will decide who goes on in the June 24 primary election.

      If the commission takes no action pending the outcome of the primary and then appoints King, presuming he wins, then a series of dominoes would fall.

      A vacancy committee then would have to choose someone to complete King’s unexpired term — an action that could become critical should Gov. John Hickenlooper call the Legislature into special session.

      Hilkey’s predecessor, Riecke Claussen, was appointed in 2004 to complete the unexpired term of Gayle Berry, who resigned from her post in House District 55.

      State Rep. Ray Scott would be the logical political choice to replace King as he faces a challenge for the Senate seat from Democrat Claudette Konola.

      Presumably, Scott’s seat then would be filled by either Commissioner Steve Acquafresca or Dan Thurlow, the Republicans who will face off in the June 24 primary. Democrat Chris Kennedy would be their general election opponent.

      If a District 55 vacancy committee selects Acquafresca to fill that post, a county vacancy committee then would have to fill his seat, for which Scott McInnis, a former U.S. Representative, is running against Democrat Mark Williams.

      John Pennington; “The so-called leadership (GOP) has misled me and other conservatives into believing that no one other than Matt Lewis would submit his name to the Vacancy Committee.” “ Facts about a candidate’s criminality don’t seem to bother the GOP leadership. And I believe it’s well past time to rid ourselves of most of these people”. “This isn’t leadership; its prevarication of the issue, and they’re experts (read Liars Club).”
      Seamus wrote, 11.24.17

      Oh, Tim? He’s hiding behind a Gadsen flag while blubbering meaninglessly, hoping no one remembers how he keeps making empty, stupid threats. Because he’s actually a cowardly blowhard.

      AP wrote;

      And here’s AP’s reply; “It’s J E S U S Christ on a rubber crutch. Seamus, for once I totally agree with you. And there’s got to be a ton of Tea Party members rolling on the floor and laughing out loud. You’ve just proven the theory that even a blind hog will find an acorn occasionally.”

      • Well shameless, I got a whole bunch more. But I don’t think any more is needed to make you look like a complete idiot, and a liar, as well as a full time jerk. But of course, you’ll deny it. Because to you, as you stated, the truth doesn’t matter.

        • A whole bunch more what? Speeches, copped from other people? Sockpuppets? Meaningless ramblings? Okay.
          You just don’t get it. There’s no endgame here. There’s no speech you can make (or steal) that undoes it. There’s no empty challenge you can issue to undo what you’ve done. I just don’t have an emotional investment in it. I don’t have to do anything. Someone else, if they so desire, can turn over the rock you’ve relied upon for so long and subject you to that all-purpose disinfectant. If you (or the other you) don’t believe me, don’t. It’s not an issue. I’ve never believed your claims that you knew things about me, you (or the other you) don’t have to believe mine. Simple.
          The readily available documentation points in different directions, but each direction has a definite end point. And there are only a few of those. It doesn’t matter to me which one you are. Let someone else play “eenie, meanie, miney, two-faced, blowhard coward”.
          One thing that you could have learned if you’d done more than just watch Law and Order for your expertise on the legal system; You don’t have to throw a million questions at someone to get to the truth. Let a guilty man “who thinks he’s smart” keep talking, and eventually, he’ll incriminate himself.
          Ignore me. I’ve made it clear. I’m not going to tattle, or put up or shut up, or show my cards. I’m not playing.

          • Well, of course you’re not playing, because you have nothing to play with. All your marbles are gone. All your lies exposed. And the really sad part is, you have no credibility and you don’t seem to care.

  3. “In fact, reports from the Federal Election Commission show donations to the NRA’s Political Victory Fund tripled from January to February. In January, the NRA collected almost $248,000 in individual contributions. In February, they collected more than $779,000.” According to CNN

  4. Hey Ladies, you invited a conversation re gun control, and now it appears that your only retort to the issues raised, is to block my American Patriot screen name and send your chihuahua attack dog to hump my leg. Who didn’t see that one coming? But it was nice talking to ya, while it lasted.

      • Well, the one thing we both know for sure is that blocking my screen name won’t silence me, or keep me from posting. Unless you can convince yourself that an international news syndicate has suddenly found an interest in posting on a three member blog. But I don’t mind playing the games. I just think of it; as Obama would say, as a “teachable moment”.

          • Well Bowwow, I’m reasonably sure Benita didn’t block my screen name, and like you said, you don’t even know Anne Landman “right”? So I doubt she’d give you administration access to her blog. And of course, we haven’t heard hide nor hair from Scott in quite a while. And I’m damn sure I didn’t do it.

            So let’s review, have we forgotten anyone? But no matter, I’m still posting the pertinent information, aren’t I? And the devil is always in the details isn’t it?

          • Again, you can’t even say anything straightforward, just your usual “questions” which are accusations you don’t have the guts to make.
            For all we know, you might have done it yourself. Your being “damn sure” about anything doesn’t add up to much.
            Who knows, perhaps the blog has its own BS filter, and the AI decided it was just too laughable for you to call yourself an “American Patriot”. So AP will have to do, won’t it? You could always come back with another name.

          • So what’s in a name? What does it matter, as long as the propaganda gets countered. And I really appreciate the use of “your” blog, and oh yeah, Anne’s too.

            Tag, you’re it.

          • Propaganda, is it?
            Tell us all what’s not true, then.
            See if you can manage to make a declarative statement.

          • Seamus. You are a mental pygmy. Is that declarative enough for ya? You’ve got three people, besides myself, that read the drivel. And as far as I can tell, they all drink the Kool Aid anyway. Do you think I really care what you do over here, or how you do it?

            My God Son, you’re a weather instrument. A barometer, a crystal ball. I know when you’re sad, I know when you’re glad and I know when you’re agitated and when you’ve wet yourself. But other than that, it’s fun to watch you get reactionary. The object is to see if I can name that tune in less than three notes.

            And did you hear, Hillary is holding a going to jail garage sale? Boy, you wouldn’t want to miss out on any of that memorabilia? Okay tag, you’re it, skippy.

          • Of course you care, AP. This is the only place online left where you’re allowed to thump your sunken chest and spew your self-important drivel. You’ve been kicked off, laughed off. or driven off of every other site. And it’s easy to track, because you insist on using the same silly username. Mostly.
            You’re like a kid in Special Ed, who waddles into a regular classroom and yells, “You’re all a buncha stupid babies!” before crapping his own pants and running away. Everyone in class has to ignore it, because they’ve been raised to be tolerant.

            Why else would a big, strong conservative Patriot like you keep coming back to a pathetic little liberal blog that’s only read by three people?

            There’s only one possible answer, and it’s rather sad; even sadder than your false claims of persecution.

            We’re all you’ve got left.

          • Oh my, did we stray from the gun control issue? Who could of seen that one comin’? You’re a nasty woman Seamus.

          • Ready to get back on topic now, after talking trash?
            I’m okay with that, if you can’t handle what you dish out.

            What would you like to say, in response to the millions of people who came out to support a student’s right to not get shot at school?

          • I don’t know, maybe stay out of gun free zones? Or maybe, keep marching, right into November? Or vote Republican? Or maybe, get a gun? Or play duck and cover? Oh, that’s right, they can’t get a gun, thanks to the new regs. How about, welcome to the real world. The one the rest of us face every day. Or maybe it’s better to have a gun and not need one, than to need a gun and not have one?

            Idealism is peaceful, but history is violent. And that’s why we have the second amendment.

            Okay Seamus, now it’s your turn. You abolish the second amendment…..and what then?

          • Well, I can see you’re having a bit of a problem with “what then” Seamus, and I believe that is the point. And of course, you can’t abandon total disarmament as a solution, because nothing else will work. But that’s not the point, that’s the problem.

          • So your “response” is to spout nothing but bumper sticker slogans in the form of questions?

            As for the Second Amendment, of which I’m a fan, who’s saying they want it abolished, or calling for total disarmament? Anyone here, or just the voices in your head? I happen to be a fan of the entire Bill of Rights. Have as many guns as you need to make you feel safe. I couldn’t care less. Some of us would like to see them out of the hands of dangerous people. I don’t put you in that category. Not even close.

          • There’s no “problem”, I work for a living. So, I can’t sit and stare at a blog all day, waiting for someone to talk to. And I can’t use Dragon to multi-task, because turning your rants into speech would be just too undignified for the environment I work in.

          • Those people who shouldn’t have guns, say in Chicago where there are very strict gun laws, how do they get their guns? By ignoring the law? And what would they do if you passed another law? Ignore it? And just as an aside, I don’t need permission to own a gun.

            And yes, total repeal of the second amendment has to be your goal. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter what laws you pass. They will not be suited to the purpose for which they are intended, which would be to save lives. And even then, people would find ways to kill other people. What part of “bombs are illegal” do you think the Austin Texas bomber misunderstood?

          • The guns in Chicago come from Indiana. Read once in a while, will you?
            I didn’t offer permission. I said I don’t care if you own a gun, or are even physically capable of shooting or even holding one. Don’t care.

            You can’t say everyone wants total disarmament just because that’s all you can argue against.

          • What I said, that you apparently can’t understand is that nothing but total disarmament will work….as in if the guys that shouldn’t have guns in Chicago get them from Indiana, as you said, then the only way to stop the bad guys in Chicago from getting guns, is to ban guns in Indiana and so on and so on until you ban guns everywhere. Hence, a total gun ban and overturning the right of the people to keep and bear arms is what you’re advocating. It’s either that or you just want to pass a law that you have to know won’t work.

            And of course, you do agree that people that murder other people are the bad guys? And of course, they wouldn’t be affected by anything but a total firearm ban? And then of course, you’d have to talk about confiscating the guns that are already out there in the hands of the good guys. Otherwise, the bad guys could get their guns through burglary. Or do you suppose a murderer wouldn’t stoop to stealing a gun? You ought to think from time to time. It would probably make you look a whole lot smarter.

          • Again, your insults are meaningless to me. I stopped taking them seriously long ago. It’s something akin to caregiver burnout, dealing with your disability, but it’s the decent thing to do.
            All or your arguments against reasonable restrictions are nothing but your own extrapolations and “what if’s” based on nothing factual. That’s why you have to keep equating reasonable restrictions with total disarmament.

          • There is nothing reasonable or common sense about disarming in the face of terrorism and lawlessness. That would be a violation of not only the second amendment, but the natural right of self defense.

            No sane person would make such a decision, nor permit it to be made incrementally, or through the inevitability of gradualism, by those who wish to outsource the defense of their families to people who are only minutes away when seconds count. To people who hide behind concrete barricades, because they lack the courage to do their duty.

            And you still haven’t answered the question; what then? How many innocent lives will be lost, as a direct result of your misguided actions, and reactionary stupidity? Get over yourself. No one is going to ask you to fight. And it’s only common sense and reasonable, that if you’re scared, you should go home. But actions, like elections, have consequences. And you’ll find that genie impossible to put back in the bottle, once you start trying to make outlaws of the good guys with guns.

            It may be helpful for you to realize that the American people have been through all of this before. And we won. And of course there was a sore loser-man then too, named King George. Be careful what you ask for, before you’ve thought it through. Because you can’t always get what you want….unless you’re willing and able to fight for it. Because there are no do-overs in that decision.

            And remember, once broken, you can’t fix stupid. You just have to give it a dishonorable discharge, spank its butt and send it home. One thing’s for certain, you may start that ball, but we shall finish the game. And my guess is, it probably won’t matter to you what happens after that. And you will have answered the question; what then? Although you may find the answer unacceptable, just like you did the presidential election. But just like the presidential election, then you’ll be helpless to do anything about it. And you can remember, what goes round, comes round, in the circle of life.

            “Life is hard. But it’s even harder if you’re stupid”. (John Wayne).

          • You’re actually invoking military service and discharges to try and provoke me? Making allusions to circumstances you can only pretend to know about via third parties? I can’t take offense at anything you say about me. Seriously.
            That’s like a quadriplegic mocking someone with a limp.

          • And pray tell Seamus, why would the truth provoke you? Why it was only days ago that you decided to put your business on the Internet (in hindsight, how smart was that decision). And tell us how you served with honor and distinction, and how you had sacrificed, to all who would listen. And how the dog had eaten your discharge. And now you see the mere mention of military service as an attempt to provoke you. It’s your guilty knowledge that is the source of your agitation.

            And what ever happened to that decision that you made to put your replacement discharge on line? You flatter yourself in the thought that anyone would care one way or the other if you felt provoked, when it’s clear from your past actions that you’re not capable of much more than breaking wind and scratching yourself. And making demands of others, that you be protected. Is that why you decided to put the kids out front?

            Thou dost protest too much. But perhaps that’s because you think it’s all about you. At least Bowe Bergdahl had the courage to admit that he was a girlie man, while you’re still hiding in the bathroom closet with Hillary’s server, and acid washed hard drives. But just for the record, I think you’re smart for not allowing yourself to be provoked, because that might cause you to have to get off your butt and do something, besides just writing checks with your alligator mouth that your canary butt can’t cash.

            And now back to the question still outstanding; what then? Or is that just one of the things that you’re trying to avoid discussing?

          • It’s impossible for me to be insulted by you, regarding my service.
            You didn’t serve. That’s beyond question at this point. So, there’s no common frame of reference. I can’t be insulted because it’s clear you’re ignorant of what you’re trying to insult me with. You have no comparison to make except with others who did what you didn’t Even sitting on the bench is better than being up in the cheap seats, claiming you could have been the quarterback if you’d wanted to.
            So, no, I can’t really be insulted by someone who offers no bona fides except that he sits in a chair and yells at his computer about how awesome he is.
            I don’t have the heart to make fun of you anymore. The truth is much too sad.
            This really is all you have left. I feel sorry for you. You’re crippled by your own shortcomings, and it’s unkind to make fun of the handicapped.

          • Bona fides is what you offered Son. And now you crawfish again. And the question is still; What Then? Will that be about hate? Or will it be about what’s good for our country? Before you go down a path, take care that you can find your way back. And that the people that you’re taking with you know where they’re going. Now, you don’t owe that to them, you owe it to yourself.

            If you push your gun grabbing too far, and those that believe they have a natural right to keep and bear arms, (firearms included), perceive what you’re doing as a threat to our nation, they will address the issue. And you would do well to know where they’re at right now. And that’s; what then.

            Now go ahead and screw up. And if you do, it will be considered deliberate, and that’s on you. Don’t get to playing games, and forget about the forgotten, backward people. That would be a serious error in judgment. That is unless, your hatred overrules your common sense.

            But I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours. Oh but that’s right, the dog ate yours?

          • You can’t offer something you don’t have, and you’ve made it clear you don’t.
            Lying is a sin. But it’s about all you have left, isn’t it?

          • Like I said; crawfish. Gutless. You made the offer, and now you renege. You can’t defend your position on anything. And when cornered, you just make accusations and try to lie your way out of it. And I wish you luck with that. Now, everybody knows what you are. Just another weasel. Have you no shame? No, I guess not.

          • The offer to send my stuff to Anne still stands. I notice you didn’t deny that you’d never served. Scream all you like, it’s just a distraction.
            Everyone knows about you now.

            When did you decide to merge your old Willis Leon Johnson persona with the righteous American Patriot? did you just get bored of having to log in differently, or did you forget his password?

  5. One thing’s for sure, somebody’s delusional and deranged. And you can take that to the bank.

    • I’m not the one threatened by teenagers who are merely exercising their Constitutional Rights, something you often claim to be a fan of. I guess that just doesn’t apply to people you might disagree with.

      • Threatening? Well, if that’s what it is that keeps the big bucks rolling in, it’s okay by me. And I’ve really got to hand it to ya. Using kids, hell we never even thought of that. And we should have seen the possibilities there, what with the way you were using DACA already. And don’t worry about the kids, they’ll be thirty or maybe even thirty five before they figure out they were being duped.

        Wanna stop school shootings? That’s easy. Home school your kids, and then arm up against home invasions. See, it’s so easy even a progressive could do it. Why do you guys always try to make everything so complicated. Oh yeah, that’s for the kids.

        • Oh, good, you’re not only delusional, you’re stupid.
          Home school and arm your children? All of them? You do know some people work for a living, right?

          These kids aren’t dupes, they’re something you’re not. Something totally alien to you. Honest, open, brave people who are not afraid to stand up and speak their minds, in the face of threats, dismissal, and slander from the likes of you. They and the millions that support them are putting themselves out there for a cause…I don’t have time to explain why that’s important). They’re not skeevy little old anonymous keyboard warriors claiming to be something bigger than just typing.

          I remember when your ilk made fun of the same kinds of marches; those dirty peace-loving hippies, those uppity colored folk, those crazy women’s libbers. I remember what those people accomplished in spite of your ilk, and it was a lot more than people playing Revolutionary War Dress-up in the park.

          • Well, there you go again; first you told us we felt threatened. Now you’re saying we threatened them. Mindless banter. But that’s okay, we’ll get to that “what then“ question that you can’t answer in God’s good time.

            And what a relief. I thought you were going to tell me that the dog ate your Air Force discharge again. And I hope you don’t mind, I put you on speaker phone. I’m using Dragon speak. But thanks for the radio check.

          • That fact that you think an NA 13038 isn’t valid shows how ignorant you are regarding the military, and that your knowledge is just stuff you’ve gleaned from third parties. As for you questioning my service, I’m okay with that. It’s not an insult, coming from you.
            We already know about your service, proud Warrior of Freedom. There wasn’t any.
            My service was completely unremarkable.
            But unremarkable service is quite different than none at all, or, even worse, pretending you served.
            These “duped” High School students are going to bring about more change than you ever hoped for (or, in your case, pretended to accomplish), and that’s got to have you shaking in envious rage like a scrawny little bug-eyed purse dog.
            But as long as you think your BS pleases “God”, I guess you got that going for you, Hero.

        • AP, actually it is the other way around. Keeping your kids out of public school will not reduce their risk of dying from firearms as long as there are firearms in the home. Having firearms in the home greatly increases their risk of death from a firearm.

          A 2004 study, “Guns in the home and risk of a violent death in the home” published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, found “Those persons with guns in the home were at greater risk than those without guns in the home of dying from a homicide in the home…. They were also at greater risk of dying from a firearm homicide…The risk of dying from a suicide in the home was greater for males in homes with guns than for males without guns in the home” and “Results show that regardless of storage practice, type of gun, or number of firearms in the home, having a gun in the home was associated with an increased risk of firearm homicide and firearm suicide in the home.”

          Notice the risk of suicide also is greatly increased when there is a firearm in the home. This could be one reason why the youth suicide rate is so high in Mesa County: teens have easy access to guns in their homes here, possibly because a lot of people mistakenly believe like you do, that having guns in the home is a necessity for some reason.

          • You still don’t get it do you Anne. If you don’t want a gun in your home, don’t have a gun in your home. That’s perfectly okay with me. I don’t want to in any way intrude or put into submission your choice. I respect that.

            What I expect, in the spirit of harmony, is that you do the same. And if you find that you just can’t do that, then what I expect you to do is propose a Constitutional amendment to abolish the second amendment, for you shall not infringe, and go through the process of having it ratified by the many states. And if you can’t or won’t do that, well then, you’re infringing upon my right to be left alone.

            Again, let me be clear. It’s your decision, if you wish to trade your liberty for your security. What you do not have is the right to trade my liberty for your security. I have committed no crimes. And I choose not to be restricted or punished for exercising my Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. My motto is don’t tread on me.

            And I asked the question; what then? Where we go, we go together as a matter of choice. You’ve made yours, and I’ve made mine. And now we both get to live with “what then”? But be advised. I didn’t start that ball. And now we shall finish the game. And that’s my choice. You used yours to start it.

          • With well over 300 Million Firearms in the homes of 130 million Registered gun owners in America, I have some doubts as to the accuracy of the study you mentioned.

            There are no statistics that will show any such probability.

      • Just out of curiosity.

        At what age doe people become Citizens and have full RIGHTS as a Citizen?

        And who decided on such an arbitrary age?

        I ask simply because I have twin Grandsons that both show more maturity than people like Maxine Waters, and Joe Biden.

        And their older sister is quite the Marksman at 7 years of age, and would never disrespect any of her weapons they way the simpleminded marchers do.

        She even did her own homework and listed out 77 reasons why she considered Hillary to be completely unqualified to hold any office, much less the Presidency.

        Alphalpha Grew up and isn’t 16 any more.

  6. Honestly AP, do you really believe these young adults are not worthy of some respect for their personal stand. It is really easy, as we get older, to demean “the children” and think they cannot think for themselves. But you and I never had to face the possibility of being killed while going to classes. War is one thing…War perpetrated in and around schools is another.

    They are not asking to debase and remove the 2nd Amendment. They are asking that that amendment be re-evaluated based on the idea that their lives have value. I understand that.

    Its time to stop thinking that all guns are protected under the Constitution. The purchase of rapid fire M-16 look alikes, bought by anyone with the money is not a “well regulated militia.”

    • “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it” (Thomas Jefferson)

      I think the fundamental error in your logic is that laws protect guns, when it’s actually the opposite. Always has been, always will be. The rule of law has always been dependent upon the “or else what” imperative.

      If you want the law to protect you, then there comes a time when you must protect the law. And that is as it should be. If it were not so, then passing a law against murder would have solved the problem a long time ago…as in “thou shalt not kill”.

    • Ms Phillips, when WE attended school, WE knew how to pay attention.

      We understood Threat Assessment and Situational Awareness.

      Most of the students in our classes were not trained to think guns are bad, and most had guns, and PARENTS that taught them firearms safety.

      Oh, yeah…..

      OUR SCHOOLS were not labelled as Live Target Shooting Ranges.

      Because deranged killers DO NOT go to gun shows or Gun Stores where there is a better chance of dying before the second round leaves the barrel.
      They look for places with signs that say, “Come on in, nobody here will shoot back”

      Thank You Joe Biden, 1990.

  7. And just think, all these years you’ve been trying to abolish the people’s second amendment right to keep and bear arms, and people hardly noticed. But now that you’re using their children as political pawns to further your anti-American, socialist agenda, I do believe you have their full attention. Brilliant move!

      • And what’s obvious Anne, is there’s no need to ask you if you’re in favor of punishing law abiding citizens for crimes they did not commit. And who was it that said; no justice, no peace? When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. And that will pretty much eliminate good guys with guns. Which pretty much equals more corpses.

        And that’s what, your preferred solution?

        • Interesting question.

          Hitler Disarmed the German Civilians so he could murder the Jews and anybody that held opposing political views.

          It seems to be a recurring theme.

          Lenin disarmed his political opponents so he could murder a few million of his political enemies.

          Stalin disarmed the rest of the population and murdered another 40-60 million more. Hard number to calculate due ti the secrecy involved.
          Dictators never have been to open about bragging on how many they had to murder to secure complete control.
          Pol Pot, Castro, Idi Amin….

          There was a number of dictators in the 20th century that felt the need.

      • At least this has shown the Right Wing’s true colors; all the Hopes and Prayers and well-meaning plans to protect these young people (buckets of rocks, anyone?) are a smokescreen. Once the kids spoke up in an unacceptable manner, they became a threat, and are now being subjected to every manner of character assassination they can come up with; “They’re pawns!” “They’re crisis actors!” “They’re stupid and eat Tide Pods!” or, when they’re out of everything else, “They’re too young!” What a bunch of crap. The message is clear, and luckily, everyone, including these soon-to-be voters has heard. If the choice is between innocent lives and AP’s personal interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, children are acceptable losses, and if they speak up, they’re the enemy. And they’re an enemy that’s being severely underestimated.

        • Well you know what they say Seamus, about the best laid plans of mice and men, and Windfall Day for the NRA? Is that the reactionary you were expecting?

          Is there anything we could do to help you with “march for life” part deux?

          • You never can summon up the courage to make an actual declarative statement. It’s all just distractions and cliches.

            Who’s we? Who are you claiming to speak for, now?

          • Or more to the point, who speaks for me? And that would be Benjamin Franklin. Cause money talks and bullsh** walks….as in march, part deux. And did I mention, we take Pay Pal donations? I don’t care how you do it, just keep those cards, letters and donations rolling in. And good on ya, laddie.

          • And this is what happens when AP realizes he’s backed himself into a corner.
            Gibberish, with a side of delusional self-importance.
            You hear that rumbling, old fella?
            That’s society, marching right by as you stand there, caterwauling about how this was all part of your plan.

      • Joe Biden created the free fire zones to push his political agenda of Disarming the population, and you fully support the murders of helpless children in the schools, and that doesn’t seem to bother you Anne.

        The nice policeman/resource Officer in Maryland dropped the shooter after TWO students were shot.
        In Parkland, the ‘law enforcement’ hid outside until the shooting was over and it was safe.

        So, which do you support?

          • Nothing wrong with my aim squirt.

            The shooter is dead because an ARMED PERSON was on scene.

            You might try to get past the whiner stage before you make yourself look “less than informed”. as in the comment

          • You said, “The nice policeman/resource Officer in Maryland dropped the shooter after TWO students were shot.” The kid “dropped” himself.

            Taking credit for a kill that’s not yours is…
            Well, it’s kinda your thing, isn’t it, “Bob”?

            You don’t actually think anyone’s falling for this, do you? You may think it looks different, but Dragon prints it out just the same.

            • seamus (Pronounced SHAME US),

              When your first response you included a rather snarky “cowboy” in an attempt to belittle me.

              THAT told me you have no value to any civil conversation.

              You are here because you have no other place to be.

              I have other places to be, friends to visit with, hobbies to indulge in and Elderly People that need a little help now and then.

              Unlike yourself, MY LIFE has Value.

              YOU do not.

          • Sure, AP/Willis/Bob;

            Try again another day. We’ll spot you.
            You leave a trail like a freakin’ slug.

      • I almost believe that the students organized the march… no, wait I really don’t believe it. That whole believing without proof being gullibility thing.

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