Wondering who to vote for for Mesa County Clerk and Recorder? This one’s EASY.

Are you voting a Republican primary ballot and trying to figure out who to vote for for Mesa County Clerk and Recorder? The race is between two candidates: Tina Peters and Bobbie Gross. Here is a brief rundown on both of them, to help you make up your mind about who is most likely to do the best job. Once you know about them both, the choice is very easy.

Tina Peters

Tina Peters worked in accounts receivable and payable, and as a flight attendant, has an unspecified  degree from Clayton College of Natural Health and home schooled her kids.

Tina Peters’ description of her clerk and recorder experience, taken from her own campaign website and written in the third person, states:

“Tina has owned and operated 2 businesses. As managing partner for her and her previous husband’s construction company for 32 years, she did accounts receivable and payable, scheduling, and all that went into the diverse tasks of operating a busy construction office. After overcoming health challenges when she was a young woman and a desire to help others, Tina opened a business in  health consulting and holds a four year degree from Clayton College of Natural Health. In her diverse career she has worked in the industries of online marketing and Talent Management  in Hollywood. Tina worked her way up from 11 years as flight attendant for a major airline, real-estate broker to business ownership, she is truly living out her American Dream.”
…So yes, you read it correctly. Tina Peters has exactly zero experience related to running a public clerk and recorder’s office.

Bobbie Gross has ten years’ experience working in the Clerk and Recorder’s office. heads up the Mesa County Department of Motor Vehicles, is a Certified Elections Official and next month will get certified as a National Elections Administrator.

Bobbie Gross

Here is Bobbie Gross’s description of her clerk and recorder experience, taken from her Facebook page, and written in the first person:
“I have over 10 years experience in the Mesa County Clerk and Recorders Division.  I am the Motor Vehicle Manager and I over see 19 of the current 30 Clerk and Recorder employees. I co-directed the 2016 presidential elections for Mesa County. I am a Certified Elections Official. [In] July, 2018 I will be a Certified National Elections Administrator. I understand the demands of Colorado rules and regulations.”
Additionally, in researching these two candidates I came across an article from WesternSlopeNow.com (KREX’s website), written in January, 2018, when they both declared their candidacies. The brief quotes from each candidate say all you need to know about who is the best candidate for Clerk and Recorder:
Tina Peters said, “I’ve had 31 years as a private business owner. I’ve homeschooled my kids, and I’ve worked as a flight attendant. I’ve been out in the public and I know what it takes.” 
Bobbie Gross: “I’m the certified elections official in Colorado. I’m going to be nationally certified as elections administrator in July of this year. I bring the dedication and experience in both recording, elections, and motor vehicle.” 
Now go vote!

  3 comments for “Wondering who to vote for for Mesa County Clerk and Recorder? This one’s EASY.

  1. That’s Mesa County for you, unfortunately. They vote against their own interests, for some reason.

  2. Went to the Mesa County Clerk’s office this am (16 May 2019) and found it empty except for one clerk. One office clerk has retired, two have quit, Bobbie Gross is now working for
    Sheila Reiner at the county treasurer’s office. The one staff member in the office was hired
    a year ago. Anyone with experience is gone.
    Our 2020 election will be directed by a former airlines hostess. How lame can county Republicans be to have put Ms Peters in this position?!

  3. Spot on! I used to work there and I can tell you the staff is 100% behind Bobbie. If Tina somehow wins, there will likely be a mass exodus of very qualified, dedicated people who work there. We have followed her comments and her lies about our customer service and people there are angry.

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