Billboard raises awareness of Republicans’ dangerous dalliance with Putin

A billboard on I-70 B takes aim at the Republican Party (also known as the  “Grand Old Party” or GOP) which is quickly becoming “the party of Trump.”

The billboard is in front of Rimrock Marketplace on I-70 B and draws attention to Republicans’ alarming acceptance of President Trump cozying up to authoritarian dictators who disregard human rights.

The billboard will soon be moving to an even higher spot where it will be displayed to passers-by 100 percent of the time, instead of in 8-second increments rotating with 5-6 other ads. Stay tuned!

Indeed, political analysts agree that the GOP is undergoing a transformation that is turning it into the complete opposite of what it has stood for in the past.

As Mark Barabak wrote in the Los Angeles Times on June 13, “With his bulldozing personality, Trump has transformed the GOP from a party of anti-communist cold warriors to one that coos over North Korea’s communist dictator, from a champion of free trade to an instigator of trade wars.” And as  political analyst David Wasserman tweeted on June 12: Republicans who express skepticism of Trump “essentially have two choices: 1) retire or 2) lose your next primary.”

Republicans may be keeping quiet about Trump, but Mesa County’s progressive left isn’t

Many area residents are flat-out worried about America under this highly divisive president. Outrage against Trump only grew after his performance in Helsinki, Finland, where he stood next to Russian President Vladimir Putin and openly contradicted his own intelligence agencies, only to reverse himself the next day, claiming he mixed up the words “would” and “wouldn’t” in a statement he made on the world stage. The President’s repeated statements in support of Putin and other murderous dictators, along with Republicans’ failure to confront the President about it have caused many people to feel Republicans are complicit in helping Putin attain his goal of undermining American democracy.

Trump’s chaotic style, hate-filled, attack-oriented political antics and head-spinning reversals are repulsing a growing number Mesa County residents who see flashing red danger signs in a U.S. President who denigrates his own law enforcement agencies and intelligence services, who calls the news media the “enemy of the people” whenever they report on his actions, who has emboldened white supremacistslies compulsively, and heaps praise on the world’s most reviled dictators while alienating America’s longstanding allies.

The billboard expresses the point of view that the Republican Party has gone way too far over the line in embracing Trump’s cozying up to murderous dictators, including Putin, who has murdered journalists and political opponents, and who carried out cyber attacks against our country (pdf) with the aim of undermining our elections. They are also worried at the way Trump’s policies have stripped America of it’s status as a world power.

In short, Mesa County’s liberal, progressive residents have decided they are alarmed enough to speak up, and in a big way.

The billboard was designed by MadDogPac of Odenton, Maryland, which generously gave permission for it’s use in Mesa County. The fine print on the board says “Paid for by informed citizens of Mesa County and Mad Dog Pac.”

The board was originally scheduled to be up for a week, but has generated so much enthusiasm among the informed Mesa County citizens that contributions may extend that time.

For instructions on how to donate to keep the billboard(s) up, click “contact” on the blog menu bar. 



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    • It’s “their” mental illness, Mr. Kennedy, and thanks for taking the time to read this website, given your shortage of time for liberals! 🙂

      • Great work. Planning on moving to Grand Junction in a year and will join your awareness campaign to save America and save democracy.

        I left the Republican party since it has become the party for 1%ers and corporations only. They abandoned fiscal responsibility to make abortion a national issue and instill fear in all Americans instead of promoting good policies. The Republican party does not represent me since I am not wealthy enough. The Republican Congress has abrogated its duty to uphold and protect the Constitution by allowing one of the most unethical, corrupt, and dishonest lying administrations in the history of the United States. A true threat to democracy through his divisive rhetoric and lies and misinformation.

  1. I just got back in town and saw the billboard on Broadway. I loved it. Great work, Anne. I will donate to keep this going. Great to find like-minded people in our lovely, blue-turning GJ.

  2. To the moron who keeps saying “. . . get off our rivers” . What does that even mean? And use a dictionary so your punctuation and English are correct.

  3. These billboards are so disturbing! They are alleging that the Republican party is akin to the Communist Russian government? Are you kidding me? If anything, the Democratic Party’s leanings toward socialism is much closer to a communist society than the Republicans will ever be! The President is attempting to keep communications open with one of our adversaries, which is a good thing! Trump has kept up with economic sanctions against Russia for not agreeing to prohibit chemical or biological weapons, so he is not capitulating to them.

    How are these billboards promoting goodwill between the very polarized parties in this country? They are NOT! They are so inflammatory, that they will have the opposite effect. I, for one, am again reminded why I am a registered Republican. I welcome the chance to talk with you about these issues.

    • Carolyn,
      That’s a fine example of selective inattention if I’ve ever seen one.
      Instead of a rebuttal or a volley – what is your specific response to the desire for media blackouts, hookers, all the tweets, disregard of CIA/FBI, mocking the disabled, the megalomaniac, the “fake news” which is a phrase for “we won’t listen to nonsupporters”?
      Address these specifically. No volleys. No rebuttals.
      That is, if you can possibly be dragged away from your bible and from singing Lock Her Up on your karaoke machine

  4. Love it. How can I contribute to extend it’s time up and put up more? It is our sad reality that rational arguments and facts have no impact on most people’s opinions anymore, but I believe stuff like this can really take hold. This image needs to spread everywhere. This may be the only issue that can take the traitor (and his mindless drone supporters) down.

  5. Love it. How can I contribute to extend it’s time up and put up more? It is our sad reality that rational arguments and facts have no impact on most people’s opinions anymore, but I believe stuff like this can really take hold. This image needs to spread everywhere. This may be the only issue that can take the traitor (and his mindless drone supporters) down.

  6. The only problem with the initiative is that it is perpetuating a misunderstanding that far too many Americans have. That is Russia is no longer a communist nation. That ended with the fall of the Soviet Union in the late 1980’s.

    Putin is not a communist, nor is the current government in Russia in any way communist. Putin is an anti-communist and was never strongly in favour of the communist party. He quit the KGB when it was clear that higher ranking officers were pro-communist and were working to keep that system in place.

    Putin’s aims when he went into politics was to re-establish Russian society as it was in the Czarist period. He has re-established the power of the Russian Orthodox Church, made Russian patriotism a strong feature of their society, has made criticism of the church and government punishable by jail, and made the military the highest profession one can aspire to be part of.

    Frankly Russians are laughing at America, particuarly in their media, for American’s continued ignorance about the changes that have taken place in the decades following the collapse of the Soviet Union. They feel that this ignorance is Americas weakness and that it has reduced the status of America from being a super power.

    • Joe the people that put this sign up are not “LITERALLY” making the statement that Russia is still Soviet. But that the symbol from the past continues the philosophy and system that threatens the United States. If anything the symbol now represents a return of a “Soviet philosophy” supported by a covert “Czarism” under Putin. No matter….the Russian people are as buried in governmental lies as are we.

    • I like the bill board I would love a tee shirt I love Russia being a descendant I am a Republican . At first I was hum what’s that but it’s says good stuff to. At least we haven’t given billions to Iran like Obama did. A nation that stones women. I like the bill board and would proudly wear a tee shirt. Russia is cool. Um president Bush had Vladimir Putin ride horses on his ranch in Texas no one cared then and we don’t care now. Putin 2020. I say arrest ugly grey haired women in Subarus and take their dog and give them to the homeless in the parks in Grand Junction. Liberals smell gross lol and keep your poopy ass off the Colorado River your leaving trash behind Stay off Our Rivers you nasty trashy Liberals.

    • Hey Joe their witches and atheist they could care less what we say. I say I cut and burn all unGodly silver cords and ley line. In Jesus name. When they do astral projection most like loose air and can’t get back to their bodies. I return all witchcraft 7 fold and bind back to them in Jesus name

    • Calling up the fact that Russia is not communist? Really??

      That is quite literal-minded, and willingly misses the point. Literal mindedness is a huge part of the problem we’re having in our country – that and a lack of ability or willingness to see subtlety in the issues at hand.

      I’d love to contribute to keep this billboard up. There should be a paypal link on this page!

      • Joseph Campbell alluded to literalism as: going to a restaurant and eating the menu, rather than the food it describes.

    • Why are you that scared of the commie facebook that you’ll be booted off. If you’re that proud of your commie party show some pride and advertise it.

      • Matt,
        Did spelling your name in caps give you an erection?
        You lived inside a woman for 9 months, so get over yourself.

    • HI Jeff,
      Yes, there is. Please go to the “contact” page on my blog, get with me and I’ll tell you how you can donate without any fees, commissions, etc. –Anne

    • I am Republican and would love a tee shirt. It’s actually cool. I’m very proud we stand with Russia. Obama gave billions to Iran who stones women I Agee with sharia law as long as its stoneing nasty liberal women holding dogs captive. You’re just jealous we are making America Great again it’s killing you guys and I know I love it !!!

  7. The billboard is $265/week. We just added two more, and have some funds to run the first one for several weeks, thanks to all the generous donors who have contributed towards keeping it going.

    • Anne, you better re-read the Ten Commandments

      That is if, you have ever heard of them…

      Thou Salt not bare False witness against thy neighbor..
      Note that is posting and untruth on a billboard.

      SIN is a Big part of listening to the DEVIL

      Seems to me a person like your self need to be thankful for your life, given to you by your mother and father.

      • Tell you what, Mary..if Jesus has a problem with the billboard, let him come down and do something about it.
        Fair enough?

      • Mary,, There’s no need in arguing with these sinful people. I find it a waste of time. As for me I can only smile at their foolishness.

        • Matt,

          Wait till you find out “The Virgin Birth” has nothing to do with biology. It is a metaphorical reference for the birth of spirit into matter.

    • Please print me a tee shirt I’m a Republican and I see the bill board as very cool. I’m sorry you guys feel down but be glad when your benefits roll in. And for goodness sakes protect our Rivers and stay off of it. Obama gave billions to Iran and you say nothing. Maybe you need more college classes Miss Ann .

  8. Ann Landman strikes again. Not surprising as she is the same individual that brought satanic material to Delta schools and now she is behind this billboard? Ann Landman the party of hate, division and disdain. One that loves animals but hates cattle and the rancher. Loves the trees and bushes and pushes loggers out of the forest but loves to let the forests burn. Preaches love everyone but supports killing babies and loves to label lynch individuals just like she is doing with her billboard.

      • keep your nasty liberal ass off the Colorado River you all are trashing it STOP NOW !!!! Your not mother natural !!

      • As for me I just seen the foolishness behind your message and shrugged off the story. You wont win. Evil never does.

        • Matt

          Anne isn’t in a fight. There’s no winner, Matt.

          What are you defending, though?
          Your gaseous vertebrate savior?
          That’s called Artificialism, and it is how a two year old thinks.

    • I am concerned that when people don’t “get their way” in our society the entire design by the founding father’s is at risk. Every four years there is an opportunity to have someone elected to the Presidency. I never liked Obama and his socialist ideology, but I honored him as a President and did not resort to things that I am seeing when another President is now at the helm. I do not comprehend the hate and inability for people to accept the leadership of President Trump. I have never seen such assumption laden, emotionally motivated actions that ignore whatever good is being accomplished whether or not a person likes the President in power. The media doesn’t even recognize this. I believe that actions like the billboard are going to have unintended consequences and people are going to react in favor of the President and those who support his policies which are frankly not bad. They are different. I am sorry that anyone would resort to a demeaning billboard, looking for attention getting, rather than hold discussion in which people can talk as adults exchanging differing views and still walking away as friends. The new way of reacting when someone doesn’t get what they want is irresponsible, cowardly, and self-serving. Can’t imagine Ms. Landman can say one good thing about the President. And, he is making America great again.

      • It is uninteresting how you have consolidated the unfavorable response to trump into a simpleton consolidated “not getting what you want”.

        You are in denial. That’s likely not something you are conscious of.

        • Obama gave billions to Iran who stones women burry The to their neck and starts pelting til flesh falls from their faces. Thank God that you are an America and making it great again.

      • I’m not sure the billboard will cause Trump fans to do anything dumber than they’re already doing by supporting Trump. I mean, where do you go from there?

        • At least we weren’t stupid enough to support the failures of Obama and Hillary Clinton the helper of Bill Clinton the rapist , um you guys are the stupid ones we’re just cleaning house. And stay off our Colorado river your pooping and pissing in it stay off it !!! Stay off our Rivers you’re trashing it to the point it’s getting ugly.

        • You can’t get any lower, that’s true. And we all love seeing the billboards. It’s long past time that liberals/progressives got some solid support around here.

          • By putting up a bill board of hate from an opinion and no facts is what it takes to “get some solid progressive support around here”? I would say one thing…..13 of my “progressive” friends are now supporting our country by voting for Trump, they did what 10’s of thousands of “democrats have done in the last 3.5 years……..#Walkaway I think maybe many on this “blog” should see the testimonials on the #WalkAway facebook page. They left because of the hate from the left. I was a democrat….now a freedom loving American Citizen. You lost me with your hate.

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