Documenting hate in Grand Junction

Here are additional recently-spotted signs that bring the hate and racism lurking in Grand Junction right out into the open:

This horrific sticker was spotted on a white Ford pickup truck in northwest Grand Junction on 8/4/18

A “Haji” is a slur for a Muslim, specifically one who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca. The “ZF” stands for “Zero Foxtrot,” the “U.S. Marine veteran owned and operated company” that sells these shameful stickers.

Sure enough, a wider shot of the back of this truck shows it has U.S. Marine Corps license plates, effectively linking racism and xenophobia with the U.S. Military, specifically Marine Corps veterans:


Another sticker shows the overbearing gun mentality and embrace of violence of some in Grand Junction:

Photo credit: B. Sorensen




  8 comments for “Documenting hate in Grand Junction

  1. Wonder what you would think of my calling those who killed my son as “f*cking sandflead ragheads?? There were 4 Iraqis who put a bounty out on my sons MP unit. 3 of those were Iraqi Police that were supposed to be working with the US military to train the Iraqi Police and Military. I have seen the video that went out over Iraq internet and had someone make a cut version just so I can watch the one who was not an Iraqi Police get his head blown off by my sons best friend. Ialso watch the video of the other 3 being put to death.

  2. A gun sticker an embrace of violence? Haha no one even sees this ridiculous blog but over dramatic, self righteous ignoramuses like yourself are the reason why Trump (peace be upon him) were elected. So I guess, in a sense… Thank you? Keep up the great work!

    • Don’t be an idiot. Gun Culture is an embrace of violence; it’s not like people use guns to hug one another, right? I don’t have a problem with guns, actually. Own as many as you want to feel safe; just stop pretending you’re doing anyone else any favors. And stop blaming other people for your voting for Trump. No one forced you. Own your mistake.

    • And because of jackasses like you, too dumb to think for yourselves, punk ass Trump lost reelection, and pumped a bunch of those same racist shits up enough to take over a building and do nothing with it, and get handed prison sentences as thanks

  3. Hate and Racism aren’t exactly “lurking” in Grand Junction. They’re out in the open, from stupid bumper stickers to big ol’ confederate flags.

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