Hate in Grand Junction on full display today at Mesa County Deplorables rally against refugees

People from central America on their thousand-mile foot trek to find a place where they can live in safety with their families. Vicious gang violence has become rampant in some central American countries, forcing families to flee.

An article in today’s Daily Sentinel says Mesa County Deplorables will hold a rally downtown today against the people who make up the “caravan” of central American refugees headed northward on foot towards the U.S. border to escape violence in their home countries. People joined the caravan and have been traveling together to protect themselves against violent attacks while en route to find a safer place to live with their families.

Who are the “Deplorables”?

Mesa County Commissioner John Justman is listed as a member of Mesa County Deplorables

“Deplorables” is a label many of President Trump’s supporters eagerly took on during the 2016 presidential campaign. The social media of “Deplorable” groups around the country depicts the group’s ideology as manifesting broad-brush disrespect towards people from other countries, objectification of women and an emphasis on the way women look rather than on their intellect, abilities or contributions. “Deplorable” ideology reflects feelings of superiority and an outright fear of people who are different physically, racially, sexually and ethnically from people within their own social circles.

To gin up even more fear among Deplorables about people from central America, President Trump has publicly claimed without providing any proof that there are “middle easterners” in “the middle” of the caravan. Trump has admitted he has no proof of this, but nevertheless continues to make the claim.

Among those who belong to the Mesa County Deplorables’ Facebook page are Mesa County Commissioner John Justman, sitting Grand Junction City Councilman Duncan McArthur and former Grand Junction City Councilman Marty Chazen.

Some of the caravan of people fleeing central American violence


Family fleeing violence in Central America


Grand Junction Deplorables at their anti-refugee rally today at 5th and Rood

Local “Hatemobile,” similarly splattered with far right-wing messaging, parked at the anti-refugee rally in downtown Grand Junction today

Van of the mail bomber in Florida — just apprehended — who targeted Democratic figures Trump has openly attacked at  “rallies” and on Twitter



“Deplorables” hat





Meme from a “Deplorables” Facebook page

A post from a “Deplorables” Facebook page focusing on women’s looks rather than achievements


Trump supporter


Post from Mesa County Deplorables Facebook page


Comments on the above post, with G.J. City Councilman Duncan McArthur joining in

  16 comments for “Hate in Grand Junction on full display today at Mesa County Deplorables rally against refugees

  1. Criticizing a person’s looks, putting up a sexual meme denigrating and demeaning women’s bodies and their minds, vilifying people that have worked their whole professional life in public service are all symptoms of a low-brow view of life developed out fear.
    I smell the fear in the increased violence perpetrated predominately by people that don’t read multiple newspapers, books, challenge themselves by participating in open ended conversations, but mostly isolate their thinking within their Id. Fear drives them. Fear lives in and around them. Fear permeates everything they do and think. Ergo…an attempted multiple bomber and an anti-Semitic murderer are triggered by one foul mouth person that happens to be President.

    Even watching FOX, one will find at least two commentators that attempt to tell the truth about the souls that have left their homes to seek safety for their families.

    As a nation we have been fortunate. Nevertheless, there are many of us that live on the cusp and have real reason to have fear. Most of those are women, with children. One illness away from losing their ability to pay a bill, these Americans do not go out to do what is mentioned in the first paragraph. As I passed the elderly people with homemade barely readable signs to “stop the invasion”, I have to wonder why they are focusing on the bogus “invasion” and don’t fear the message that McConnell made perfectly clear….the Republicans, if they stay in control, will reduce Social Security, Medicare coverage and Medicaid including for children. If these fearful women with children, work for a corporation that pays less then a living wage, then you the taxpayer are subsidizing those corporations by allowing them to continue to pay low so they don’t have to give any medical benefits.

    Old folks on the corner that call yourself the “deplorables,” if you want to be fearful, don’t take on the crap about a nebulous invasion, as you are being led down a path that removes your attention from the real financial destabilizing effort ….. the destruction of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

  2. Anne Landman: How many of these ‘asylum-seekers’ will you accept into your home, to take care of?
    Marilyn: Where do you see hatred? (except in your own mind for Republicans and Trump)? Are you absolutely sure those for whom you “won’t vote” are all “hating Christians”, or is this just one more way you can plant your feet solidly against anything not Democrat, Liberal, or ‘free’?
    Bob Ricketts: Read your short letter in the Senile this morning, who are you thanking in this comment? Anne Landman, or Trump? Only one is doing “important work”…
    By the way: “Deplorables” was a term by Shrillary for anyone not “With Her”, including Bernie Sanders, after she had already taken over the DNC, and rendered Bernie null and void. Republicans/Conservatives just accepted that moniker, and ran with it. It kinda’ has a nice ring to it.

      • Anne, “fuck your feelings” is that person exercising their right to free expression. It means they don’t care that you don’t like their views. A person seemingly can’t do anything these days without offending someone. I believe folks are tired of it and rightfully so in my opinion. America and many parts of the world have gotten soft. People have too much time on their hands and are bored so they seek out some cause, any cause. One washington post contributor argued that air conditioning is sexist.

        “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”

          • Stop trying to put words in my mouth because I never said that. The point is your feelings of discomfort because of someone else’s view do not supersede their right to have and express that view. I don’t care if you are triggered because I have differing views. Safe spaces where people can run away from information that doesn’t align with their views is beyond ridiculous.

          • I’m totally comfortable with someone else’s views. If someone else isn’t bothering you, why is it so hard for tough guys like you to just mind you own damn business and leave other people alone?

            So, what are these opinions you think are “triggering” people?

  3. I appreciate the heads-up about who in this valley promotes hatred. They will not get my vote.

    I too recoil at the stupidity and two-faced behavior of people who claim to be Christians and then go around hating others because they are different. This is not what Jesus taught us to do.

  4. A hate march in our town. And they consider themselves pro-life Christians. But are too ignorant to get the irony. Maybe it’s just plain stupidity.

  5. As usual the bias of this blog is palpable and completely expected, I would not have expected anything less and that goes for the spinning of the facts as well. Quote from article “Deplorables” is a label that President Trump’s supporters have given themselves. REAL FACT Sorry but that label can be attributed to wannabe president candidate hillary clinton. Second attempt to spin the facts, “the “caravan” of central American refugees” REAL FACT, these are not “refugees” these are “migrants” there is a big difference and what is headed for the border is an invasion, no country allows people to just walk in. I would urge (pretty please) Anne Landman and 7000 of her closest followers to line up on the border of Guatemala, Honduras or Mexico and just stomp right on across said border and then let us all know just how well that worked out, that is if you are out of prison in 20 years.

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