Pro-impeachment rally most raucous in G.J. history

A rally at 5:30 p.m. yesterday (12/16) in front of the federal building at 4th and Rood Ave. to support the impeachment of President Trump turned out to be the loudest, most energetic rally in the city’s history as some raucous Trump supporters turned out to counter the demonstration.

About 200 sign-and placard-holding impeachment supporters were met by about 40-50 raucous “Bikers for Trump,” State Representative Janice Rich and other assorted self-styled “Deplorables for Trump” on the steps of the federal building at Rood and 4th Street. Trumpers amplified the volume of their comparatively small crowd by using bullhorns to try to overpower the pro-impeachment chanting, to no avail. Their actions just energized the impeachment crowd even more, who yelled ever more loudly and in unison chants like “Impeach Trump!,” “Lock him up!” and “Flush the turd!” At one point, the entire crowd started chanting “USA! USA!”

The energy was so high in the crowd that at one point there were about four or five Grand Junction Police vehicles on the street, as well as two ambulances waiting on 4th Street with their lights flashing.

It was a cold, clear evening and the rally was held just after sunset on a day when the high temperature in Grand Junction was about 32 degrees. The crowd gathered as the temperature plummeted just after sunset.

The full House of Representatives will vote today to approve two articles of impeachment against Trump: Article I for Abuse of Power and Article II is for Obstruction of Congress. Trump is accused of shaking down the nation of Ukraine by withholding $391 million in military aid from Ukraine until Ukrainian president Zelensky capitulated to Trump’s demand that he publicly announce an investigation into former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, Trump’s potential rival for the 2020 election. Trump is accused of using the power of the presidency for personal gain, and obstructing Congress’ attempt to investigate his behavior. Trump blockaded investigations by ordering key witnesses to disobey lawfully-issued subpoenas and by withholding documents lawfully requested by Congress.

The rally lasted about an hour before dissipating.

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  1. Thanks to the Bikers for Trump who understand that the Democrats stand for socialism that always sinks into communist slavery like that of Venezuela, Cuba, NK, etc.

  2. A big thank you to CO District 55 Rep Janice Rich for supporting the IMPEACH rally in GJ at the Federal Courthouse. A Mesa County Republican Party video shows Janice waving a small American flag just behind a parked truck; about 4 minutes 35 seconds in, she’s discussing the event with Brandon from Tipton’s office. Brandon helped arrange the pro-Trump rally at the Old Courthouse, so she appears to be asking him why he’s not at his own rally 2 blocks away. It’s good to see a Mesa County state representative parting company with the GOP to support what’s right for our country.
    Yea, Janice Rich!

  3. Lack of noticeable police presence until someone was hurt – me. A trumper pushed me to the concrete, causing concussion – reason ambulance was called. Saddest of all, Tipton aide Brandon was standing right there; he did not help me up, he wouldn’t call for help – he said, “After 5, I’m on my own time.” Whether it’s his nasty agenda or Tipton’s, it’s time they’re both outta here. Trumpers had 2 German shepherds just off the curb that police “did not see.” Also, some clean cut males on the margins, observing closely, not engaging, looked like those tiki-torch carriers at Charlottesville.
    With Impeachment and 2020, cameras, lots of filming of Trumpers needed at every event.

  4. As usual Anne Landman runs off at the mouth (or fingers I guess) with half facts. It’s just as usual that she only shows part of a video and they cut off when the bikers, also known as Boots on the Ground Bikers for Trump, arrive. We can always count on you for a good laugh can’t we dear? Funny you failed to mention that one of your people spit at a 16 year old GIRL (so much for your feminism) and asked that same girl if she wanted her “pussy played with” while reaching toward the same minor. 200 people? Maybe total. And according to the Daily Sentinel the numbers were even.

    Go ahead, run my IP Ms. L, I expect under the belt tactics from pathological liars.

    #Walkaway from the lies people.

        • One of the ambulances was called for a friend who was belly-bumped to the ground by a trump supporter carrying a sign intentionally and hit her head on the concrete. That one had nothing to do with an accident. A police report WAS filed.

    • It doesn’t take an IP address to see who you are, pal. As soon as you started pearl clutching while talkin’ nasty about a 16 year old, it was pretty clear. You leave a trail like a slug.

  5. Was unable to attend. Thx to all who did. Did the pro-dumpers really chant “8 more years”? No surprise that they can’t count.

  6. Considering the ratio of pubs to dems in GJ the dems had a good turnout. Attempts to discuss anything with the Trump disciples were met with the tired inane rebuttals that we have all come to expect. One guy told me that Clinton was accused of a dozen instances of sexual assault on women. He said all the allegations of the same thing against Trump were lies. This is the world they live in.

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