Republicans have one last-ditch chance to save themselves, and the country

The President’s defenders deny any reason exists to remove Donald Trump from office. There’s nothing to see here. Everything is fine and normal, the President’s call with Ukraine President Zelinsky was “perfect” and he did absolutely nothing wrong. The impeachment is all a big hoax.

Meanwhile, House Impeachment Managers have presented days worth of detailed evidence, including the President’s own damning words, testimony from alarmed government employees, timelines and tweets detailing the totality of the President’s corrupt behavior, how he put his own interests above those of the country, intimidated witnesses, hid evidence of his wrongdoing, invited foreign governments to influence our elections, violated the Constitution and his oath to protect national security.

The difference is stark.

In the words former Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele:

“When national polling shows that these folks think that Donald Trump was a better president than Abraham Lincoln, you know this is fucked up.”

And f***ed up it is.

Republicans have put America in a real-life situation as close to Hans Christian Andersen’s cautionary tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes” as we will ever see.

If Republican senators vote to acquit Trump of all his egregious wrongs, they risk voters banning them GOP from holding elective office in this country for generations.

But there is one way Senate Republicans can redeem themselves and avoid having their party lose credibility throughout the entire country:

At the last minute in the impeachment trial, they could vote as a bloc to remove Trump from office, making the final vote to remove the President 100-0.

They can stop pretending everything is fine, finally admit they see what the rest of the country sees: that Trump in an imminent danger to our democracy, our elections, our sovereignty and the rule of law in America.

Who would Trump blame then, when the entire country shows unanimous agreement that he is the most dangerously unqualified president in history? Everyone, and no one.

There is strength in numbers, and protection, too.

All this remains up in the air of course, but there is one thing we know for sure: Trump will never, ever blame himself for anything.


  2 comments for “Republicans have one last-ditch chance to save themselves, and the country

  1. You would think that the Republicans would welcome this opportunity. If he is convicted, removed and banned from holding any office, they won’t have to worry about him anymore. Then they could all say they were just waiting for the right time. Their base will believe anything anyway!

  2. He is the Neocons poster child!
    “Now, while attention is focused on Trump, the GOP gang and the executive branch are ramming through legislation to undermine workers’ rights, cripple consumer protections, and severely harm rural communities. They seek to devastate the climate, gut health programs, revoke taxes that pay for them in order to further enrich their constituency, and to eviscerate the Dodd-Frank Act, which imposed some much-needed constraints on the predatory financial system that grew during the neoliberal period.
    That’s just a sample of how the wrecking ball is being wielded by the newly empowered Republican Party. Indeed, it is no longer a political party in the traditional sense. Conservative political analysts Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein have described it more accurately as a “radical insurgency,” one that has abandoned normal parliamentary politics.” Noam Chomsky

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