State Senator Ray Scott (R) attends Denver rally opposing childhood immunizations

Colorado State Senator Ray Scott

You can judge legislators by the company they keep.

The Colorado Times Recorder reported that Mesa County’s State Senator Ray Scott attended a rally on the state Capitol steps January 8 in which two thirds of attendees displayed signs opposing immunizing children against disease. Yes, you read that correctly: this was a crowd of people who oppose immunizing children against disease. Other points of view represented included opponents of public health, opponents of equal rights for LGBTQ persons, gun rights and anti-tax activists.

Also attending the rally were members of the white nationalist group the Proud Boys, designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. 

Ray Scott is planning on abdicating his seat in the legislature to run for Mesa County Commissioner this year, a position that pays three times what he currently makes as a state senator.

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  1. I wouldn’t call the modern vaccines schedule from the CDC accelerated in any way. I’m quite sure that the doctors and scientists at the CDC know more about vaccines and when to give them than the average person. We’ve discovered vaccines for more diseases since WW2, so it would make sense more are recommended. Also, many vaccines need to be given in successive doses to be effective. I also wouldn’t call the CDC list huge at all. I had more given to me in one day when I went to basic training in the army 30 years ago.

    I’m thankful for vaccines because we don’t have young kids dying of preventable diseases like we used to have. I fear crazy uninformed mothers spreading fear and misinformation more than the doctor giving me or any kid’s I’d have a shot.

    People have a fear of vaccines due to ignorance and misinformation. It’s sad we have political leaders supporting such misinformation and ignorance. But Ray Scott possibly being an anti-vaxxer doesn’t surprise me at all. Lots of conservatives and those on the right gravitate towards conspiracies. I mean look at all of the ones they spread about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

  2. I would suggest to those who are uninformed and who make stupid comments based on their ignorance of facts that they read this article wherein the FDA admits vaccines are contaminated with serious viruses – including cancer. Then tell me who is trying to reduce the population. God bless Ray Scott for standing up for what he knows to be true… scientific evidence says he’s right. So does a court decision two weeks ago wherein a parent provided evidence of her child’s autism being caused by vaccines and won. My grandson is an autism victim of vaccines.

    • Marilyn, I hope you will keep up with ongoing studies done by reputable hospitals/researchers. Some of the earlier studies have been proven wrong and we all need to be open to new information and willing to change our minds

    • You are absolutely correct, anyone who makes claims of some viable allegation from the Southern Poverty Law Center needs to be committed to a Lunatic Hospital. The real hate group is the Southern Poverty Law Center. Whereas, Anne Landman should be committed to the State Hospital of Lunatics in Pueblo, Colorado.

      • I hear your concerns about certain people being lunatics who need treatment. It helps me, also, to express my feelings.

        Something that really bothers me is the harassment my friends receive because of their skin color. All of us want to feel heard and understood.

      • You’re right, people calling out hatred are the REAL racists.
        Christ, you people are as pathetic as you are predictable.
        Can’t wait for January 20.


  4. Fear of immunizations is a matter of education. During the Polio epidemic after WWII, the number of immunizations children received was around 4, Polio, Whooping Cough, Diphtheria, and Smallpox. Smallpox was the most effective and most established immunization.
    The CDC has a HUGE list of immunizations that are being touted as necessary before the age of 2. I would have difficulty having my newborn to 2 year old subjected to this accelerated immunization schedule. However, the immunizations are PREVENTATIVE medicine. Young women I have discussed this with that have babies, have a healthy concern. The Pediatricians in this county need to offer a decelerated vaccine schedule to accommodate people who are seriously fearful of vaccines. There is no need to vaccinate a <2 year old autoimmune system with as many as scheduled now by the CDC.

  5. I want a “sarcasm” font.
    Is there anything we can lock him up for? He’s worse than worthless!
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We will have to find a worthwhile opponent for County Commissioner.

  6. This movement is more of a reflection of people’s distrust in government fueled by the medical industrial complex.
    The CDC, FDA (ALL regulatory bodies) are captured and disabled. People think they are rallying against the government when in fact they are angry at corporate take over of their government. Media fuels this blame as it all serves the corporate state.
    Distrust is the fuel for this movement and most often utilized in GOP strategies..

  7. Is it possible that Ray Scott is trying to curb the population of Colorado? Add it up: no vaccines, more guns, drill baby drill.

    What a guy! He’s right when he say “I was a *rumper before *rump.”

    It’s high time he retired from “public service.” There is employment in the healthcare sector helping the hapless victims of his classic banana-republican politics.

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