Mesa County Clerk ignoring qualified applicants for vacant positions


Tina Peters’ own qualification to be County Clerk were that she was a retired flight attendant who had worked for a construction business for a number of years and home-schooled her kids. [Photo: Facebook]

Over 24 employees have quit the Mesa County Clerk’s office since Tina Peters took over the office just 15 months ago.

All these vacant positions must put the Clerk’s office in a pretty dire situation, considering that it’s fully staffed at 32 employees.

You’d think the Clerk would be scrambling to hire qualified people to fill these open positions, especially in an election year, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

The Job Openings web page for Mesa County lists vacancies in the Clerk’s office for Customer Service, Motor Vehicle and Elections Managers. Some of these positions have been unfilled for months.

But it doesn’t seem to be due to a lack of qualified applicants.

Applicants are getting no response from the Clerk’s office

There is some evidence that Tina Peters has been ignoring qualified applicants for these positions. 

A Mesa County resident in recent months has applied for several open Customer Service jobs in the Clerk’s office. On December 20, the person applied for the open Elections Manager position (pdf), but never got a response to any of the applications from the Clerk’s office.

The applicant’s re’sume’ lists (pdf) a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Colorado Mesa University, previous work as an instructor at CMU, experience in data collection, entry and analysis, work under government agencies, “exceptional” writing editing and public speaking skills and experience using computer programs including Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Minimum requirements for Customer Service jobs is a high school diploma

Minimum requirements for Customer Service jobs in the Clerk’s office include a “high school diploma or equivalent and one (1) year of clerical related experience, which involved typing, filing and interacting with the public to disseminate information,” or “any combination of education, training and experience, which provides the knowledge, skills and abilities, required for the job.”

Applicants for Election Manager need a minimum of a “Bachelor’s degree in business or public administration, political science, public relations, or a related field and four (4) years of progressively responsible related professional experience and two (2) years of supervisory experience,” or “Any combination of education, training and experience which provides the knowledge, skills and abilities required for the job.”

The applicant who contacted AnneLandmanBlog is well qualified to fill any of the open positions in the Clerk’s office, but the Clerk hasn’t responded to the applicant at all. Not by phone, email, snailmail or text. Nothing.

You’d think the Clerk’s office would have at least sent a “thank you” letter to the applicant explaining why they aren’t qualified for the open position(s), and if the applicant was qualified for any of these positions, the Clerk’s office would have requested an interview.

But the silence from the Clerk’s office has been deafening.

Why is the Mesa County Clerk is failing to contact qualified people applying for these open positions, especially such a crucial time when the department is in such desperate need of employees?

  6 comments for “Mesa County Clerk ignoring qualified applicants for vacant positions

  1. She’s a DISGRACE to our County! She needs to resign or be ousted by a recall. I’m sure the County will be sued because she spoke of an employee’s husbands medical issue in a previous Daily Sentinel article explaining why she has 2 people out on leave. Ever hear of HIPPA Tina Peters? She used tax payers money to decorate her office. ($3,000) +/-. She refused to use County provided furniture. She even hired someone to paint her office instead of the facilities department. Totally inept.

  2. Suggestion: put some vapid mindless pro Trump bullshit on your FB page before you apply. Doors will open.

  3. What is required for removal Anne? We will need to go through the SOS office filing I suspect.

    • Benita,
      You’ll need to create a signed, notarized affidavit to the DA and AG. There are templates for affidavits online. You’d need to say why this person should be removed from office, and probably state how you have standing, e.g., you are registered voter in Mesa County that uses ballot collection boxes, etc. Here are the statutes guiding prosecution of elected officials for election offenses:

      CRS Title 1, Section 13: Part 1 Offenses – General Provisions:

      1-13-101. District attorney or attorney general to prosecute.

      (1) Any person may file an affidavit with the district attorney stating the name of any person who has violated any of the provisions of this code and stating the facts which constitute the alleged offense. Upon the filing of such affidavit, the district attorney shall forthwith investigate, and, if reasonable grounds appear therefor, he shall prosecute the violator.

      (2) The attorney general shall have equal power with district attorneys to file and prosecute informations or complaints against any persons for violating any of the provisions of this code.

      See also this section:

      1-13-107. Violation of duty.

      Any public officer, election official, or other person upon whom any duty is imposed by this code who violates, neglects, or fails to perform such duty or is guilty of corrupt conduct in the discharge of the same or any notary public or other officer authorized by law to administer oaths who administers any oath knowing it to be false or who knowingly makes a false certificate in regard to a matter connected with any election provided by law is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished as provided in section 1-13-111.

      All these laws are on the SOS website at

  4. I applied last fall. I felt like I was qualified. Years of customer service. Years of reports and data entry. Master’s degree. I never received a reply of any type.

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