Trumpers erect massive, likely illegal, sign display along I-70 at go cart track

Trump supporters have laboriously erected a huge and impressive pro-Trump signage display along I-70 on the property of the go-cart track.

Problem is, it appears to be illegal.

The display consists of forty one 4 ft. x 8 ft. signs totaling 1,312 square feet of signage.

The go-cart parcel is zoned “AFT” (Agricultural/Forestry Transition), and is non-residential.

SECTION 9.08 (A) of the Mesa County Land Development Code (pdf) states that for nonresidential areas in the AFT zoning districts:

“A total of thirty-two (32) square feet of signage shall be allowed for each non-residentially used property.”

Proud erectors Jim Hargas (L) and Sam Godfrey (R). (Photo: Facebook)

The development code permits “no more than one (1), twelve (12) foot high free-standing sign ‘on any parcel on each street frontage” for freestanding signs.

A complaint has already been filed with the Mesa County Code Enforcement.

The address of the offending signage is 3002 N I 70 Frontage Rd., Grand Junction, CO 81504. The property belongs to Stacy and Darren Cook. The display was apparently created with the help of the geniuses over at the Mesa County Republican Party.

Complaints can be phoned to Mesa County Code Compliance Services at (970) 244-1636.

Here is more contact information for Mesa County Code Compliance Services: Isidro Montez, Code Compliance Officer: (970) 255-5033 and Greg St Martin, Code Compliance Officer: (970) 244-1814. Telephone for Mesa County Code Compliance Department: (970) 255-5034. Email address for the Code Compliance Department:

  17 comments for “Trumpers erect massive, likely illegal, sign display along I-70 at go cart track

  1. Ugh. Yes, it does speak to the overwhelming mentality of the Grand Valley. It is embarrassing and the biggest negative characteristic of the area.

    Sounds like “Beaver” is the person filled with the hate. The rest of the folks are merely expressing their general opinions, not verbally attacking a specific individual.

  2. The display along I-70 is legal under an exclusionary clause of the code regarding temporary signs on AFT-zoned, nonresidential property over one acre in size that allows one 34 sq. ft. sign per acre. The parcel is 61.5 acres in size.

    • Good, shame on you for supporting Marxist tactics Anne. You can erect a billboard featuring very obvious communist propaganda (as an American?) Attempting to bolster an outright lie! Then, you have the audacity to ignore the divisiveness, and outright hipocracy of your very confused position. That is; attacking the first amendment rights of two gentleman that you probably haven’t ever met. While within your unwarranted, and rather elementary paradigm, expect to retain any acknowledgement or respect of your own? Impossible, you’re ridiculous, and your ignorance is abhorrent. To boot, encouraging others to engage in this nonsense? You are a very weak minded individual, and I pity you. However I’ll pray for you.

  3. Even if they are forced to bring them down (doubtful), they’ll sell them as fund raisers and there will be lines of people to buy them.

  4. I was sad to see them politicize The Speedway, I used to like the place. The Grand Junction Motor Speedway must obviously feel strong enough in their support for Trump that they can forego a percentage of their business for years to come. I respect that but I will no longer recommend or patronize The Speedway.

  5. Political signs as protected speech under the First Amendment, which may preclude the development code? Seem to recall similar issues with political signs and HOA regs several years back. Unfortunate if true in this case.

    • Apparently it is legal for HOAs to regulate the timing of political signage on lawns, e.g. to within 45 days of an election. Ours does.

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