A look inside Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters’ $3,600+ remodeled office

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters’ $3,600+ newly painted and redecorated office, including a $700 executive desk, two reclining chairs, 50″ flat-panel TV and decorative items. A former employee said the office had a flat panel TV in a meeting room, but has not had one in the Clerk’s own office before.

After she was elected, Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters spent a substantial amount of money remodeling her personal office.

Ms. Peters used over $3,600 in taxpayer funds to purchase paint and furnishings, including a $700 executive desk, two reclining chairs, a 50″ flat panel TV with wall mount, surge protectors and cables (pdf), framed wall posters, fancy pull knobs (pdf), an ice bucket (pdf) and other items from Home Depot, (pdf) American Furniture Warehouse (pdf), City Market and Ross Dress for Less. (pdf)

The above photo is of Clerk Tina’s remodeled office.

You can page through a complete, documented accounting of her office remodeling expenditures here.

Taxpayers should get to see it. After all, they paid for it.

  3 comments for “A look inside Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters’ $3,600+ remodeled office

  1. I couldn’t help myself — I looked at her office again — even the Army wouldn’t buy that stuff. Same horrible crap on her office chairs. Rugs don’t match anything and manage to conflict with each other. Fake books on top of her credenza; a set of red books — an encyclopedia? — or leather bound Christie mysteries? What are the polished wavy sticks for? Argh — we paid for this stuff?

  2. Most of us could remodel Peters’ current office from Goodwill and Salvation Army in much better taste for a couple hundred dollars. Not even sure any of the thrift stores would take those chairs. They look like rejects from an Army depot. As for the tv, what on earth does any manager need a tv in their office for?

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