Bear seen this morning near 27 and G Roads

Photo provided by neighbor in the area of 27 and G Roads (via Nextdoor Network)

Neighbors on the Nextdoor Network report seeing a young bear wandering around the neighborhoods near 27 and G Roads and on Horizon Glen, off Horizon Drive between 7th and 12th Streets, this morning, Monday, August 17, around 11:00 a.m.

If you live in the area, beware! Bring in trash cans if possible.

  5 comments for “Bear seen this morning near 27 and G Roads

  1. Maybe if people would stop shopping so much on Amazon, and throwing out 50% of their food, the animals would have a home and land for it, rather than commodifying nature and killing it.

  2. Probably came down from the fire. Yesterday when driving home from Parachute I saw at least 25 elk fording the river. These poor animals.

  3. Well it is Grand Junction. They’re probably just shoot it, although it’s of no harm to anybody. The fires may have driven it down. Poor little bear.

  4. Small brown bear wandered through my yard at ~9:15 this morning. I live on 27 Road, just north of G Road. I called and reported it to Colorado Wildlife — left a message, they were all busy.

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