More hate in Grand Junction

Some of the 30-40 racist, sexist and homophobic memes and cartoons sent anonymously to the author in the mail this week

Grand Junction’s “Inclusivity Proclamation” notwithstanding, there is plenty of hate and racism in Grand Junction. The above represents a small fraction of the 35 to 40 hate-filled memes and cartoons someone took the time to copy, cut out and mail us in an anonymous snail mail letter, received on Tuesday, 9/22/20. The rest were similar, many were worse, and many focused on Trump worship, denigrating Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, liberals, non-white people, etc.



  6 comments for “More hate in Grand Junction

  1. Looks like the work of one of the cowardly racist conservative trolls who sometimes skulk around your blog. I’m sure they consider themselves real “patriots”.

  2. These cutouts came from a half-literate psychopath that relishes in abhorrent misogyny and repulsive racism. And as with all cowards, he or she was afraid to sign the note with real name. Save these. Sooner or later this person will be identified and these cutouts will be reunited with the owner in a public forum.

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