Republicans who cling to Trump go down with the ship

Many western slope Republicans are denying reality and continuing to cling to Trump. He is exploiting his disappointed supporters by convincing them he still has some vanishingly small chance of getting re-elected while at the same time urging them to donate to an “election defense fund” — a slush fund that will ultimately line the pockets of Trump and his family.

Trump has zero chance of getting re-elected. It’s over.

Contrary to popular belief in Mesa County, the outcome of the election is NOT in dispute at any level.

Despite weeks of searching, there has been no widespread fraud conspiracy. Both Republican and Democratic Secretaries of State have denied any kind of organized illegal activity and strongly defended the integrity of their states’ election processes. There is no way that any of the ongoing state recounts can flip any of the states he lost back to Trump, even if they did find a few more votes for Trump. The margins by which Biden has won are just too big for that to be possible.

Trump’s post-election lawsuits have invariably failed in the courts despite use a host of different legal tactics. Many of the law firms that have been bringing the suits are quitting, and the Electoral College count is currently at 306 for Biden, 232 for Trump — exactly the same number by which Trump himself won election back in 2016.

Back then, Trump boasted this was a “landslide” in his favor. Now he is denying Biden has been elected, even though Biden now has the exact same number of electors Trump had in 2016.

It’s crazy.

Trump’s efforts are designed to undermine confidence in the legitimacy of our elections, and in our democracy. That’s bad.

It has to stop. It’s damaging our country.

No real patriot would engage in the kind of behavior Trump and many Republicans are engaging in now.

If we are going to have any chance of surviving as a country, we all need to operate off of the same reality.

Mesa County Republicans need to get a grip on themselves and reality. Biden won the election by an indisputable margin, no matter how you try to twist it. High profile Republicans who are continuing to defend Trump’s insane tirade are soiling themselves and hurting their own credibility.

The transition to the next administration needs to start now, for the good of the country. We need all hands on deck to get out of this pandemic, and we can’t do it if the majority of our local population and Republican elected officials refuse to accept reality.

  5 comments for “Republicans who cling to Trump go down with the ship

  1. No matter how much mascara Melania applies, she will, in fact, be walked out in her Louboutin at noon on January 20. The doctor will then be in charge.

  2. They continue to drink the kool-aid! Once Trump finally concedes, or acts like he is conceding, things will calm down, I think and hope. Boebert’s posts continue to demonize the democrats. It’s like Trump is a god to her. Hopefully once in D.C. she will be throttled in the house. We’ll see…

  3. I don’t understand how people can deny reality. They must be getting all their information from sources that are all saying the same thing.

    • Let’s educate you.

      It is right in front of you, and all around you.



      Are you sure????

      You asked a question, I think, unless you didn’t.

      Assuming you asked a question, HERE IS THE ANSWER. IT IS THE ONLY ANSWER. READY????

      ANSWER =


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