Obscene Republican flags across the street from Orchard Mesa Middle School and a day care center draw outrage

Obscene flags in front of a home on Unaweep Ave. on Orchard Mesa, directly across the street from Orchard Mesa Middle School and a day care center.

Orchard Mesa residents are recoiling at the obscene Republican flags on display at 2737 Unaweep Ave., a house directly across the street from Orchard Mesa Middle School and the Eagle View Learning Center, an early childhood educational center.

The homeowner has three flags: the top one says “TRUMP 2020 – NO MORE BULLSH*T,” a middle flag shows a fantasized Rambo-styled version of Trump holding a machine gun, and the third flag says in big letters “F*CK BIDEN AND F*CK YOU IF YOU VOTED FOR HIM.”

The obscene language and violent imagery — imagery now inextricably linked to the Republican Party after the violent attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters January 6th that left 5 people dead — are drawing outrage from area residents, who are trying to get the flags removed. At least one person has contacted KKCO, KREX and the Mesa County Republican Party’s headquarters at 1227 N. 23rd Street, Unit #103, Grand Junction, 970-261-0778.

GOP HQ: “Not upset”

A call to Mesa County Republican Party headquarters to ask about the flags was answered by Laureen Gutierrez, who admits she owns one of the “BULLSH*T” flags herself. She said she hasn’t seen the other flags, and after being given description of them, Ms. Gutierrez said she’s “not upset by what other people do.” She said she is no longer the Chair of the Mesa County Republican Party and she was “too busy” to discuss it further.

Big lies, local extremism

For months now, Republicans locally and nationally have desperately clung to the Big Lie that Trump repeated constantly after the November 3, 2020 election that he actually won the election “in a landslide,” but it was “stolen” from him because of massive voter fraud. No proof of any such fraud has been provided to any court or news outlet.  Biden officially won the election by a margin of over 7 million in the popular vote and an electoral college margin of 306 Biden to 232 Trump, exactly the same margin by which Trump himself won the presidency in the 2016 election.

Trump has radicalized a sizable portion the Republican party by harnessing far right-wing extremism,  white supremacist and anti-government sentiments. Local elected Republican officials have ridden the same wave and unapologetically propagated the same lies in a bid to gain political favor from the far right extremist wing of the party.

The surge in domestic extremist violence in the wake of the election has led to the Department of Homeland Security to issue a terrorism advisory January 27 warning that “homegrown violent extremists” emboldened by the insurrection at the Capitol may be planning on carrying out attacks on “critical infrastructure, including the electric, telecommunications and healthcare sectors,” citing widespread misinformation and conspiracy theories about COVID-19 as the impetus for their actions.

These flags are evidence that that extremism has a home right here in Mesa County.








  3 comments for “Obscene Republican flags across the street from Orchard Mesa Middle School and a day care center draw outrage

    • Unfortunately If you listen to many of the “conservative ” talkshows you have heard the lies about the election and the echoing of the Trump made up accusations of election fraud.
      Rush ,Hannity and others are culpable and should be held to account !
      Rudy should be jailed for fraud as he tried to manipulate the evidence before the courts….
      Trump says the press is the enemy of the people ……
      It is when it spreads unproven lies!
      We need solid investigative journalism in this country .

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