Colorado Mesa University Trustees anoint John Marshall as next President

New CMU President John Marshall. Many in the community considered his appointment  a foregone conclusion.

Colorado Mesa University’s Board of Trustees today appointed John Marshall as the next president of CMU.

Marshall, who formerly worked as a Republican political operative, was hired at CMU in 2007 by Tim Foster as “Development Director,”  a job that at the time paid $100,000/year with no experience in academia. He was widely considered one of Tim Foster’s many Republican crony hires at CMU.

One student called the appointment “Cronyism at its finest” saying “I’m sure this was decided before Foster even stepped down…and the ‘search’ was, well, just a farce.”

In the August 21, 2006 Denver Post, Marshall publicly disparaged progressive Coloradans, calling them “pampered, bed-wetting liberals” and adding “No one cares what they say about anything.” CMU people have related several anecdotes where they observed Marshall being dismissive of incidents of homophobia involving students on and off campus.

Many students, staff and members of the of the public were disappointed and even despondent to hear Marshall was awarded the job, hoping for a new president who would have more background in academia and both symbolize and encourage more diversity on campus. Another staffer concluded the schools’ “national search” was a farce, believing Marshall’s appointment was a foregone conclusion before the process even started. Another said the search process was significantly flawed, citing a lack of ability for stakeholders to have meaningful input and the announcement that faculty would be given only 45 minutes to talk with each candidate.
In a nod to conciliation, a staff member referred to Marshall as “the Devil we know” and said, “I and my colleagues who wished things had turned out differently look forward to working with John on behalf of our students, and on getting him up to speed on what it is that faculty do in a university.”
Marshall will take over this summer after current President Tim Foster steps down.

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  1. There is literally no such thing as a “Development director”. Neither will there be anything to develop after the glaciers all melt. Say around 2025.

  2. It’s disappointing but entirely predictable. I hate to say this, but if students, staff and faculty want to see change, they need to grow a spine and start speaking up. People are hurt by this crony system, and people are pushed out if they say anything about poor leadership at CMU, and the majority of faculty/staff just keep their heads down and don’t do anything about it. I know because I’ve experienced this first hand.

    • Jesus spoke up. And that is why his “believers” tortured him to death. And this is how effing stubbornly ignorant and belligerent the (christian) masses are. They literally KILL THEIR GOD rather than opening their eyes and ears!!!.

    • You mean you didnt get your woke moment so simple minded liberal entitlement children cant have their pretty little voices heard. Get off your high horse get your education and go make something of yourself. Not likely is it? Seems the woke crowd become nobodies except sign carrying cry babies. What you didnt get your ass wiped with a freebie? Lost in a pitty potty tour. Americans are tired of your constant sniveling. You wont be the business owners of tomorrow. You’d spend to much time bitching, moaning and complaining.
      Boo Hoo tour is a constant with poor little babies.

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