Orchard Mesa Baptist Church to host Covid-19 misinformation event by liars and grifters at $20 a ticket

The Eventbrite invitation to the Covid-19 disinformation event at Orchard Mesa Baptist Church tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow afternoon the Orchard Mesa Baptist Church at 2748 B 1/2 Road will host a Covid-19 disinformation event for $20 admission featuring three discredited and fake “doctors” and Sheronna Bishop, who was bumped from Rep. Lauren Boebert’s campaign last year after Bishop publicly endorsed the Proud Boys, a far right, white nationalist organization. The Proud Boys was one of the violent extremist groups targeted by the FBI in its investigation of the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Billed as the “Truth and Freedom Tour,” the event at the OM Baptist Church features three people who are well known for disseminating false, misleading and dangerous information about the Coronavirus pandemic.

A “Life Coach”

The first is “Dr. Heather Canino,” a self-styled “life and health coach” who claims on her website that she is a “Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor,” but a website aimed at educating the public about the difference between actual naturopathic physicians and laypersons who claim to practice naturopathic medicine states that there is “no such credential as a ‘board-certified naturopathic physician.” Canino also leans heavily on religion in her website on in her coaching “practice.”

The Hydroxychloroquine Queen

The second is Stella Immanuel, a pediatrician who claimed in a viral video posted on Facebook in 2020 that hydroxychloroquine would cure Covid-19.  Immanuel advised people that wearing masks was unnecessary because there was a cure for Covid-19. Immanuel was rebuked by the Texas Medical Board for her unproven claims about hydroxychloroquine and was sued for malpractice in January, 2020, by a former patient. Facebook removed her video because they deemed it dangerous disinformation about the virus. Immanuel is also known for conflating her spiritual beliefs with her medical pronouncements, and has said certain gynecological problems, like endometriosis, infertility, miscarriages and sexually transmitted diseases are caused by “evil deposits” from “spirit spouses.”

Manufacturer of proprietary vitamins and supplements

The third presenter at the Orchard Mesa Baptist Church event is “Dr. Eric Nepute,” a St. Louis-area chiropractor who was the first person charged by the Federal Trade Commission under the Covid-19 Consumer Protection Act. The FTC charged him with deceptively marketing supplements and vitamins he made as effective against Covid-19. The FTC sent Nepute a cease and desist letter in May of 2020, telling him to stop making claims that were not supported by competent and reliable scientific evidence.

A Community Hospital Foundation Board member helped organize the event!

Even worse, one of the organizers of this event is Jessica Migliaccio, a board member of the Community Hospital Foundation.

According to the Colorado Times Recorder, Migliaccio is also a sonographer in Community Hospital’s OB/GYN clinic, but she scrubbed both her board position and employment from her Facebook page after being contacted by the CTR reporter about the event.

Migliaccio and Sheronna Bishop have attended anti-public health events together before.

Tickets to the disinformation event are $20 each, and buying the $75 ticket will get you a dinner with all three grifters.


  11 comments for “Orchard Mesa Baptist Church to host Covid-19 misinformation event by liars and grifters at $20 a ticket

  1. This development is breathtakingly scary, no wonder that Mesa County is one of the worst Covid-19 spreaders in the nation. When will the populous wake up, and how sad to see this spread by a church, and to charge money for misinformation is criminal. To have a board member of the Community Hospital to participate is even worse, but it is something I would expect from that hospital group. Thanks for bringing the truth to Mesa County, Anne.

  2. To the readers of this blog post,
    The blatant lies all through Ms. Landman’s latest hit piece is breathtaking. It reads more like a satire than a fact filled information piece.
    To Ms. Landman, I assume the pot stirer will be attending this event. Please be sure to introduce yourself so other attendees can put a face to the name of our local hate filled Communist.

    • I appreciate how Anne did some digging, presented her information in a structured way, presented the history, and made us aware of something like this in our home town. Who else could pull this off? There is nothing about hate in there, I read information that one could fact check on their own if they fail to believe it or are interested in it. Another perspective is charging for it in a church. If we are going to use a church for something like this, then tax the churches and give the homeless a place to stay. Thank you Anne for compiling this.

  3. Mesa County is currently 13th worse in the nation for Covid infections. Our area hospitals are almost at capacity. Hospital staff are overwhelmed and burnt out, many are leaving. And meanwhile, now we have clear data that those refusing to get vaccinated are driving the majority of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in this county.

    Given the number of churches in the region that have had outbreaks, and now this event, maybe these churches need to start paying $$$ for the burden they are placing on the local health care system.

    • Correct.

      But first, churches need to be tossed into the sea. All of em. Fill em all with “sinning congregants” and toss em into the sea.

      Then, peace has a chance.

  4. Well given most recent information from Dr Fauci no less hydroxychloroquine (his emails recommended to family member) is probably more truth than fiction. There are more and more reports coming out that it along with ivermectin Azothioprine and prednisone are cheap effective treatments when started early in course of disease. Seems more credible that big pharma is the main one benefiting from calling these other treatments hocus pocus!

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