Once-pristine Hanging Lake defiled by mudslides and debris

Photo of Hanging Lake taken yesterday by a Denver-based CBS News helicopter that was covering the I-70 mud/debris flows. (Photo credit: CBS)

A CBS News helicopter flying over I-70 through Glenwood Canyon to film the mud and debris slides yesterday posted a devastating photo of Hanging Lake on Twitter that shows the once amazingly pristine, crystal-clear lake now full of muddy water.

The the amazement of many, Hanging Lake survived the massive Grizzly Creek fire unscathed last year, but it has taken a serious hit this summer from the thunderstorms that are now washing massive amounts of debris and mud down the mountainsides.

Crystal-clear Hanging Lake as it used to be. (Photo credit: Mike and Laura Travel)

  4 comments for “Once-pristine Hanging Lake defiled by mudslides and debris

  1. Everyone that has genetically participated in the birth of more than 1.7 children is responsible for this travesty.

    • Thank you for saying this, Norm. It needs to be heard over and over. Thank you Anne for the reality post which is heartbreaking. I last hiked up there in July 2018, so perfect. We have managed to destroy so much in such a short time!

  2. As someone who grew up in Glenwood, and have probably hiked to that lake over 100 times, my heart is breaking. I don’t know if this amazing delicate eco system can ever recover. Thanks for sharing Anne.

  3. And billions of people have ordered useless crap on amazon in the last five minutes. We are too unwilling to see.

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