Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, defiant amid criminal investigation by Secretary of State, appears as “whistleblower” guest speaker at My Pillow guy’s Cyber Symposium

The Daily Sentinel reported today that Republican Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters’ office is under criminal investigation by the Colorado Secretary of State (SOS) for an alleged election system security breach in which secret passwords to Mesa County’s voting machines were leaked and exposed on a right wing blog called GatewayPundit.

An August 9 press release from the Secretary of State called it “a serious breach of voting system security protocols.” Another press release from today said the SOS’s office is sending a team of civil servants to investigate the breach. Peters’ office was given just three days to produce copious amounts of material for the investigation including chain of custody logs, surveillance camera videos, proof of background checks on all of her employees and other data.

So where was Tina today? Sweating bullets over a criminal investigation of her office?


Peters says investigation shows she’s “still being persecuted”

She was a guest speaker at Mike Lindell’s 3-day Cyber Symposium in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, at which she was portrayed as a “whistleblower” who is “speaking out.”  Lindell, the “My Pillow” guy, is using the symposium to try to prove that the 2020 presidential election was hacked by a foreign country. The event was only for invited politicians, cyber experts and the media. In a tweet

Last January 3, Peters tweeted from her personal Twitter account about just how unsafe and insecure local elections are and how easy it is to hack the election. Peters posted the Tweet “as the one that administers elections in my county.” She boasted about how one can count ballots that favor a certain candidate more than once, or how it is possible to “change algorithm in a voting machine.”

Her office also drew scorn for forgetting to collect 574 ballots from the 2019 election, and then, after discovering them in February of 2020, refusing to count them or inform the voters who were disenfranchised.

Denver 9News journalist Kyle Clark live-tweeted Lindell’s Cyber event and Peters’ appearance. Lauren Boebert’s former campaign manager, Sheronna Bishop, also appeared at the event and alleged that Coloradans can print their own ballots at home. (Not true.):

There’s lots of blow-by-blow on the symposium and additional information about Peters, Lindell, Bishop at the event in Kyle Clark’s Twitter feed.

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  1. Griswold sneaked a Dominion agent into the office and they were in there for over an hour. Peter’s never had the passwords.

    • Only the Secretary of State and certain background-checked county election employees have the passwords, and the passwords are all specific to each machine in that office. Clerk Peters allowed someone unauthorized into the Election Office’s annual “Trusted Build” (an annual software update and inspection of the machines) conducted on 5/25 by a limited number of known background-checked employees. Tina Peters represented one person in the 7-member group to the SOS office as an employee of the Clerk’s office who was background checked, but he was neither. Also, video surveillance cameras trained on the area were ordered shut off prior to the inspection and chain of custody of the equipment cannot be verified. Tina Peters has so far refused to provide the requested chain of custody logs, video surveillance and other information requested by the SOS. The criminal investigation is being conducted by DA Dan Rubensteins’ office.

      • If the cameras are shut off how do they know that a Unauthorized person was in there?
        It’s crazy. If it’s a swipe card then if you have possession of that car you can enter. But if there’s no cameras how can you tell who swiped it?

        • So it was either the non-employee who unaccountably had a swipe card, or someone else who shouldn’t have had the card that shouldn’t have been issued. At this point, does it matter?

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