Rep. Boebert promotes herself while I-70 shutdown causes national emergency

Boebert promotes herself at the Rifle County Fair Demolition Derby August 2 while the nearby shutdown of I-70 chokes off the flow of supplies, gas, mail, groceries and other commerce to and from her district.

CD-3 House Representative Lauren Boebert was busy making a video of herself at the Rifle Demolition Derby August 2 while at the same time Colorado Governor Jared Polis was declaring a state of emergency and requesting a federal disaster designation in her district due to the shut down of I-70, the major east-west artery that supplies groceries, gas, tourism, mail and other key commerce to Boebert’s district on Colorado’s western slope. The shutdown of I-70 is also hampering national commerce, hence Gov. Polis’ request for a federal disaster declaration.

Boebert didn’t even mention in her video the major highway disaster unfolding nearby.

News report about the I-70 disaster. Reports are the highway could be shut down for weeks or even more, due to damage at a level never seen before by CDOT.

CDOT photo of Glenwood Canyon. Ongoing debris slides caused as a result of the Grizzly Creek fire last year are causing havoc on the road, and have led to an extended closure of the key highway supplying the western slope.

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  1. It is imperative that Boebert be voted out of office in November 2022 and replaced by an educated elected official who represents the Western Slope with real issues: drought, climate change and education for starters. So far Gregg Smith, Kerry Donovan and Colin Wilhelm have their hats in the ring. Who else is running? Let’s begin the conversation NOW!

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