G.J. citizens get anonymous racist hate mail in response to yard signs promoting social justice, inclusiveness

An example of the yard signs Grand Junction, CO, that are prompting far right wingers to target homeowners with anonymous, racist hate mail

Grand Junction’s undercurrent of hatred showed itself again this week after several City residents reported they’ve gotten anonymous racist hate mail that they think was prompted, at least in part, by signs in their front yards indicating support of social equity, inclusion and justice.

A bi-racial downtown resident reports having gotten a total of nine racist hate letters so far, saying they have been coming steadily, approximately monthly, for about a year now, starting in 2020.

A Redlands Village resident got the following racist poem in the mail, authored by a “A. Wyatt Mann,” a pen name used by an American filmmaker named Nick Bougas, who produced racist, homophobic and anti-semitic material under the pseudonym. She also got a “Fuck Biden and fuck you if you voted for him” note, also posted below:

Racist poem received by Grand Junction resident


Anonymous hate mail received by Redlands resident. The Mesa County Republican Party has refused to condemn signs, flags, etc. being displayed around town with this message

Envelope that contained racist hate mail sent to Redlands resident



The downtown resident has received a total of nine similar letters since 2020, each written by hand in the same handwriting, with similar messages calling Black Americans “savages.”

One of nine similar letters sent over a period of about a year so to a mixed race downtown Grand Junction resident.


Another one of the 9 anonymous letters sent to a downtown G.J. resident

  3 comments for “G.J. citizens get anonymous racist hate mail in response to yard signs promoting social justice, inclusiveness

  1. This is so typical of racists in the Grand Valley; Brave, Strong, American Patriot Oath Keeper Warriors of Freedom who don’t have the guts to put their names to their racist crap,

  2. Hi Anne, thanks for covering this. For anyone reading the comments, I was the one to receive the poem in Redlands Village. I’m not “triggered”, unless that means angry at willful ignorance and hate, and sad that it might be one of my neighbors.

    If anyone else has received something similar, please speak up.

    • My whole person reaches out to you in love and support. I am so sorry that this has happened.

      I hope you forward this to major media outlets, politicians, churches, etc.

      This is inspired by Lauren Boebert herself, if she didn’t direct it.

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