Vice News reports Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters is on the run, housed in secret locations by My Pillow Guy


Tina Peters is on the run

Vice News reports that Mike Lindell, the CEO of the My Pillow Company, has been harboring  Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters in safe houses around the country and moving her from place to place to avoid detection. Lindell told Vice News he initially housed Peters in Texas after his 3-day Cyber Symposium in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where she was  featured as an expert speaker on the subject 2020 election conspiracy theories, but after one of Lindell’s own disgruntled security employees leaked Peters’ location, Lindell moved her to another undisclosed location.

The FBI and the Mesa County District Attorney are investigating Peters for possible criminal activity. She is also under investigation by the Colorado Secretary of State’s office for allegedly breaching security protocols put in place to protect Mesa County’s voting equipment from tampering.

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters and My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell embrace in South Dakota

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold discovered the passwords to Mesa County’s voting machines on a right wing conspiracy website, and found that security cameras trained on Mesa County’s voting equipment in the Clerk’s Office had been turned off last May. Griswold also said Peters also lied to her about the employment status of someone Peters allowed into the secure room where the voting equipment was stored. Peters claimed to the SOS that the man, reportedly named “Gerald Wood,”  was an employee of the Clerk’s Office when he was not. Wood also possessed an employee swipe card that gave him access to the secure area where the voting equipment is kept. After Griswold ordered Peters to provide documentation proving the voting equipment was secure, Peters refused and fled to South Dakota to attend the My Pillow Guy symposium.

The symposium was supposed to reveal explosive data substantiating massive voter fraud in the 2020 election.

It didn’t.

At a hastily called County Commissioner meeting on Tuesday evening, August 17, a crowd of Mesa County citizens showed up to defend Tina. One defender was Deputy Clerk Belinda Knisely of the Mesa County Clerk’s Election Office, who said

“Tina didn’t do anything wrong.”

Another defender was Ann Tisue of Fruita, who said

“Are you concerned there was [voter] fraud in the county? Fraud is very pertinent. I know there was fraud. I met a Marine in a trailer park whose vote wasn’t counted. Tina Peters has a smoking gun of information that got erased. Mike Lindell is staking his life and fortune on this to show us there was fraud. If you use Dominion machines, our election is gone. 5,000 dead people voted in this election. We need a forensic audit.”

ColoradoPols published a similar report on August 17, 2021 saying Lindell is hiding Peters in safe houses around the country.


  5 comments for “Vice News reports Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters is on the run, housed in secret locations by My Pillow Guy

  1. Have the sheriff or gj police received any credible threats against Tina? And if or when she returns, are they going to give her round the clock protection?

    • I’ve got a feeling the last thing Tina wants is actual police anywhere near her; it’d be too easy for them to take her into custody. I’d be willing to bet cash money she won’t set foot in Colorado again voluntarily.

  2. I am willing to consider that the election was fraudulent – why else did we wind up with that crazy lady from Rifle and our sorry slate of county commissioners. /s

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