Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters is on a mission from God, says “It just didn’t make sense” that the people who won the last G.J. City Council election actually won

In a new video posted on the website of the “Truth and Liberty Coalition,” Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters alleges that the people who won seats on the Grand Junction City Council in the last election were “falsely elected” and that “people have been put into elected positions that really did not win the election.”

It is unclear exactly when the video was recorded, but estimates are it was within the last three days.

Peters was interviewed by televangelist Andrew Wommack, and appears with Sheronna Bishop, former campaign manager for U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert. Several times in the video Peters indicates that God is on her side and is and directing her efforts to prove Mesa County elections are corrupt. She also says that she was “shocked” that certain people won the last Grand Junction City Council election because “It just didn’t make sense … that these people won.” She added that she was also motivated by an unnamed number of citizens who came to her saying “this is impossible” that the candidates who won in the City Council election had actually won.

Peters “shocked” at the people who won the City Council election. “It just didn’t make sense.”

Starting at 10:45 in the video, Tina says:

“Well, I thought I was running for office to fix a three-plus hour wait time in [the] motor v[ehicles department], and God had other other plans for me. After the 2020 election, folks were coming to me with concerns about the election, and… and I told them, I said you know, I will, if there’s a there there, we’ll find it and we’ll check it out. So then, after our city council election, where I was even shocked on the people that won, there’s some that it just didn’t make sense that, this couple of these people won, more people started coming and they said ‘this is impossible’ and so the Secretary of State had put out a mandate that they were coming to each of the 64 counties in Colorado and they were going to do what they called a ‘trusted build,’ and I have trouble with that word ‘cuz it was more for me it was more of an ‘untrusted build,’ which they were just coming in to do a software update and they’d be in and out. Well, they were there for day and a half, and it was a lot more involved than that.”

Starting at about 25:51 of the video, Peters alleges people have been “falsely elected” and says “people have been put into…elected positions that really did not win the election.”

Tina Peters soliciting donations for her “Legal Defense Fund” may violate Colorado ethics rules

Peters says she felt her life was threatened after someone “jacked open” the door of her hotel room and she had trouble closing it after she entered the room. She says this made her believe people were coming after her because of the information she is revealing.

Peters says,

“I went to the pool and came back and my door was jacked open, the jam on the door was was messed up, and it … really scared me because I when I went in, I was trying to close the door and I couldn’t because it had been so bent up from them entering and that was pretty frightening. I mean, it just showed me that they will stop at nothing to shut this up. There’s a lot at stake, you know … just think about it. If they’ve been doing this for a long time, and you know, this second report that’s going to come out will add even more, shed even more light with what’s going on, but if they’ve been doing this for a long time and there are people that have been put into positions elected positions that really did not win the election, then that is a big liability to them for anybody to discover that, and so I mean the full brunt of these illegitimate — I call [them] ‘interlopers,’ but people that have been falsely elected, they have a lot to lose. A LOT to lose.”

At about 35 minutes into the video, Peters alleges that the software upgrade performed on the County’s Dominion voting equipment in May was “a crime,” and that “29,000 election files deleted or overwritten is huge.” She adds that the “software to tally votes is all gone.”

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters has been barred from running elections in the county by the Secretary of State. Despite her antics, she can only be removed from office by resigning or through a recall election.

Wommack is a Colorado-based millionaire dominionist TV evangelist and faith healer who says that “Christ’s words mean that world governments should be brought under Christian control, starting right here in America.” A December 18, 2020 article in the Colorado Springs Gazette says Wommack “has described liberals as crazy, malicious, evil and demon-possessed.” Wommack controls a ministry that rakes in tens of millions of dollars, but is nevertheless deeply in debt. Womack claims to have spiritual immunity against Covid-19 and told the Gazette, “I have zero fear of this. If a germ touches me, it dies.” Teller County and Colorado state health officials blame Wommack for holding events that violated health department rules and that led to outbreaks of Covid-19.

At 43:21 minutes into the video, Bishop reveals that she was involved in organizing the people who went knocking on doors in Mesa County in an “election integrity” project that was a quest to try to prove election fraud. Bishop says “They worked for five months to verify that people had voted” and that their vote had counted, and found that “around 5% of the votes” in Mesa County were “phantom votes” that had “come from the outside.” These are people who did not vote, Bishop says, but the “certified data shows they did vote.”

In the video, Wommack lauds Peters as “a hero” and “a godsend” who can “potentially turn the whole thing around.”

At 37:52, Peters says “If we don’t get this fixed, there won’t be a 2022 or a 2024.”

Peters calls Mesa County Commissioners “very negligent”

At about 48 minutes in, Peters says the Mesa County Commissioners were “very negligent” in voting to keep the County’s contract with Dominion, and says they “never came to me for information.”

At minute 49, Peters rolls her eyes at the mention of Wayne Williams’ appointment as the county’s Designated Election Official, and says “The woman who is in there [former County Clerk Sheila Reiner] is the one who was leading the recall attempt against me last year.”

At 54 minutes in, Tina discusses the upcoming School Board election and says “There is some indication these votes can be flipped,” and says the software upgrade performed on the Dominion machines “removed information that can reveal intrusions” into the equipment.

Several times in the video, Wommack, Bishop and Peters direct viewers to Peters’ fundraising site,, to make donations to help her cover her legal fees.

At 56:53, Bishop says, “We did see elections that shouldn’t have been won … They’re trying to steal our voice and our vote,” and adds ominously in reference to the school board election, “They want your children.”


  9 comments for “Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters is on a mission from God, says “It just didn’t make sense” that the people who won the last G.J. City Council election actually won

  1. A conspiracy is everything that ordinary life is not. It’s the inside game, cold, sure, undistracted, forever closed off to us. We are the flawed ones, the innocents, trying to make some rough sense of the daily jostle. Conspirators have a logic and a daring beyond our reach. All conspiracies are the same taut story of men who find coherence in some criminal act. -Don DeLillo, Libra

  2. Humans are manufactured with the capacity for awareness.
    And remarkable laziness.

    No one is a fixed solid object. There is no inherent existence – existence is necessitated by the spirit of emergence, there is always a creative imperative. This is anathemic to all the DUMMIES at sunday mass, fixed in artificial belief (fixed = motionless = the marrow of a cult) that spirit and matter are separate: matter dead, spirit elsewhere in the “form” (??????) of a fixed bearded hippy. Say the hallelujah, pass the collection plate, hate the ‘other’. Hear the preacher, raise the arms, dopes misinterpreting dopamine. As evidenced by their full-on belief in a literal idol, they actually think the transcendent can be concretized!!!

    What an unfortunate skill set – spending an entire lifetime rendered impotent by beliefs, by laziness, by a fictional quest for certainty (hallmark of the ignorant). It takes real effort to learn to see the living connection, of the inner reaches of outer space. This is being ‘saved’: we learn to see our own nature, and by doing so, we are ‘saved’ by now having moved beyond a previous darkness.

    In the meantime, Holy Ignorance. A rigid fundamentalism never heals a broken imagination.

  3. The Washington Post this morning has a long story revealing more than we have seen before. There have been search warrants for Tina Peters phone and there has been a search of Gerald Wood’s home. The article is not behind a paywall it appears.

  4. Everything out of her mouth is delusion from a traumatized acolyte, as spirit and matter are not separate. What’s this “god” word that white colonists invented in order to justify killing and torturing natives, starting wars, raping kids, and whatever bullshit evil they feel entitled to do at any moment. %%%% that.

    • Thumbs up! After ten min. of marketing the two blonde ladies appear. Admit I could only listen into 27 min. Her rambling babbling on is not convincing, plus I don’t know enough outside of not trusting her. Why is she defending herself through a religious avenue?! Nothing she said was clear enough to understand much less believe. Dominion sued Rudy G. Are these claims of the Dominion voting machine the same?

  5. Just like her demigod she appears to have serious psychological issues. Paranoia and a belief she is chosen by her god is not evidence of a stable person.

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