Rabid right wing extremist Cindy Ficklin announces she is running for State Representative for HD-55

Update Monday, 10/25/21: “Stand for the Constitution” has pulled the video of Cindy Ficklin declaring her run for the Colorado HD-55 Rep. seat. But and article in the Daily Sentinel also transcribed what Ms. Ficklin said in the video, including her statement that she decided to run for the seat because the school board didn’t pick her to replace Paul Pitton on school board. The Sentinel article is here.

Starting at minute 8:00 in a “Facebook Live” video posted yesterday by “Stand for the Constitution,” local rabid far right wing extremist and realtor Cindy Ficklin announced she is running for State Representative from House District 55, the seat currently held by Janice Rich, who plans on running for state Senate.

Ficklin tells viewers she filed for the seat because the District 51 School Board did not accept her as a finalist to be appointed to the Board.

Cindy Ficklin

In the video, Ficklin spends about 7 minutes recounting what she believes are all her qualifications for  school board, and decries rejection of her application to fill the seat vacated by Paul Pitton, who resigned from the School Board September 14 due to the threats and politicization of board meetings by far right wing extremists. In resigning, Pitton said, “Politics have crept in and have no place in the public school system.”

Ficklin says,

“I somehow was NOT in the top four [finalists] for school board, who were all leftist progressive liberals…All right, fine. I am announcing that I just filed for House District 55 State Representative and we’re gonna make SURE this never happens again because this was wrong on every single level! It’s NOT okay that a school board can DO that to a community!”

She adds:

“We are going to make sure that we take this state back, and our country back, and this school district back.”

School board races are non-partisan, so the political affiliations of candidates are not announced or on the ballot.

Ficklin posted on Facebook that she announced she is running for HD-55

Stand for the Constitution (SFTC), the group backing Ficklin, is the far right wing extremist political group that threatened the Mesa County Commissioners with “holy war” and “civil war” if they don’t declare Mesa County a “constitutional sanctuary,” where state and federal laws don’t apply. The group also supports embattled Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, who is currently under criminal investigation for allegedly tampering with voting machines and facilitating the release of sensitive passwords to the county’s voting equipment onto election conspiracy websites. STFC also likens Covid-19 vaccinations to Nazi-like medical experimentation and backs Willie Jones, the candidate for school board who works full time at the Fantasy Strip Club.

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  1. You can see her working herself up to a froth like Winston and Julia in 1984. She could have titled this video “Two Minutes Hate with Sin-Dee.” And if she has her way…. Soon, it will be 1984.

  2. I have no doubt Cindy Ficklin is, to some degree, mentally ill. She has yet to meet a cause she won’t escalate or take advantage of. However, I just watched this:


    Maybe it’s time we take it down a notch. Stay active in the political community, but talk ideas. Maybe we stop being so rabid towards little chubby cheeked, radicalized idiot Cindy “Meth head Barbie”.

    • You have a reasonable point in theory, but I stopped listening to Bill Maher about anything once I watched “Religulous”. He spent the entire movie openly mocking people who treated him with dignity and respect while they answered his questions about their sincerely held religious beliefs.
      He’s very much a hypocrite in that sense.

      And I say this as a freakin’ Pagan.

      • Understandable, but the idea can be useful and proper even if the thinker isn’t. Maher is pretty unsavory, but in this instance, he’s pretty correct.

        • If you can show me one mainstream Democratic commentator who spews anything like the vile stuff Republican commentators regularly do, I could take his “Both Sides” BS seriously. But we’ve always claimed we’re “above all that”, and that need to feel superior has cost us in the long run. We don’t need to fight dirty, but we can’t be afraid to hit as hard as they do, with the truth.

          Anyway, this isn’t a mainstream media environment. This is a left-leaning blog, as are most of the posters. It’s a safe place to let off some steam for a demographic that’s outnumbered in this valley.

  3. She actually was let go from GJHS in 2019, so technically when she was Coldwell Banker’s salesperson of the year in 2020, she only was holding one job.

    • Tell me more, Tanya. Let go? Why? And (I’m genuinely asking, not calling bullshit) how do you know? I’ve seen lots of allegations in this space, and I assume they’re all ‘jokes.’ Do you have proof?

      • She was conducting real estate business transactions during school hours, in violation of her teaching contract. There was one time a student was presenting her big end of semester project and Cindy stepped out to make a 20 minute phone call while the student was still presenting. Numerous times Cindy would roll in late to a class because she had been held up conducting some big real estate deal. And there are other former students with stories to tell that follow this similar pattern. Admin finally issued an ultimatum: we can fire you, or you can resign. She chose to resign.

        • This is absolutely true. Her students complained that she was on her phone all the time in class working her real estate business. She would show up to work at 8:10 daily with wet hair and hand the kids worksheets. She was not a teacher by any stretch.

          • Breaking news!

            Here is one of the questions allegedly asked on “the worksheets” –

            “When I, Cindy Ficklin, on any typical Saturday night, or Tuesday night, let forty guys bang out their loads into my christian nationalist holes, do I:
            A. Pray for forty babies.
            B. Binge drink a bottle of Jack Daniels and drive to the school with one eye closed.
            C. Click my heels together that dick #41 falls out of the sky, right into my gaping hole.
            D. Eat a tic tac and puke it up because I hate myself.
            E. All of the above, plus interest.

      • There were also times school administrators had to discuss her attire and her interactions with students as well. It boils down to unethical decisions and she was given the chance to resign due to repeated choices she made.

  4. And the narcissistic pig is at it again.
    This woman is disgusting. A true whore.
    Please people, speak up! I know there are plenty who have been victimized by this trash.

  5. Well she’s a total Karen. I implore you, Cindy, if you are reading this – get some help for your untreated incest issues. You are not aging with any grace or dignity. Let go of your god, let go of your guns, let go of your perceived status, and in the name of pachamama, let go of your arrogance and pride, and get some help. You are no better than anything or anyone.

  6. This video disgusts me on so many levels. This woman talks to the “public” as if she is 100x better than anyone, and everyone else is a simple minded idiot. The problem with that is that she spews LIE after LIE after LIE. Her listed credentials are untrue, even if she provides some “documentation,” they are purchased documents. They cost what they do because they look real.
    Aside from her outlandish inability to speak professionally in a public setting (and her evident inability to shade match her makeup), she does not belong running for any seat in any public setting. I don’t care of all her credentials were accurate; her personal life choices, her bullying, her deviant behaviors; all of it combined makes her a HORRENDOUS candidate and a representative we do not need or want. Step back please Ms. Ficklin. You will embarrass yourself and your son. There is far too much documentation in the community of who you really are.

  7. She continues to lie about her licensing by the Colorado Department of Education. Presently, she has NO CTE endorsements on her teaching license since she didn’t fulfill the requirements for a professional CTE endorsement. Plus, there is a teacher in the district that presently has a total of 4 business education/CTE professional endorsements. Maybe if she keeps lying, her low education friends will continue to believe it.

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