HD55 Candidate Cindy Ficklin repeatedly asserts Coronavirus was invented in a lab to target obese, elderly & unfit people

Cindy Ficklin in a screen shot from a video published by the extremist group “Stand for the Constitution”

Extremist Republican House District 55 candidate Cindy Ficklin has repeatedly asserted, without providing any evidence, that the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus was manufactured in a laboratory and intentionally designed to target elderly, obese and less fit people, adding “Hitler would have loved it.”

She stated this the first time in an April 6, 2020 Facebook post:

April 6, 2020 Facebook post by Cindy Ficklin

She repeated this same assertion in a comment on this blog on September 18, 2021, at which time Ficklin also too the opportunity to discount the proven value of Covid-19 vaccines at helping people stay out of the hospital if they get Covid-19:

A comment Ficklin left on this blog September 18, 2021, in which she states Covid was manufactured in a lab and designed to attack elderly and obese people

The Mesa County Public Health Covid-19 Data Dashboard has consistently shown over the coursed of almost a year that the large majority of people who get hospitalized with Covid-19 are unvaccinated, showing the vaccination is effective at keeping people who get infected with Covid-19 out of the hospital. Thus the vaccine has been key to preventing the total collapse of our local health care system, which is already heavily burdened with a nearly-unmanageable number of Covid cases.

Data from Mesa County Public Health department shows almost 83% of people occupying local hospital beds due to Covid-19 infections are unvaccinated

As of November 18, close to 100% of our local hospitals’ resources were being utilized primarily by unvaccinated Covid-19 patients:

Mesa County Public Health Department chart showing the percentage hospital beds, staffed ICU beds and ventilators currently being utilized due to Covid-19. Local hospitals have for weeks been working under a capacity alert, meaning they are not admitting( “diverting”) new incoming patients due to the overload

Ficklin has developed a reputation for spreading “a dizzying array” of far right wing conspiracy theories.

A candidate who is irresponsible enough to openly lie about the origin of the virus, and the efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines, and who uses this to actively discourage people from getting vaccinated, contributes to the further spread of Covid-19 and sends us closer to overburdening our local hospitals.

  4 comments for “HD55 Candidate Cindy Ficklin repeatedly asserts Coronavirus was invented in a lab to target obese, elderly & unfit people

  1. She posted that she has C19. She said a while back she actively tried to contract the virus and failed so she knows she can trust her own immune system. Guess not. She is claiming she has it now because she let herself get run down and is mentally unhealthy, because of all the media and bad press. A lot of us call that the, dish it out but can’t take it syndrome, which does not cause C19 by the way. She has also stated “I am SHOCKED at how many of you have had this virus” Yes, Ms. Ficklin a lot of people have had it. A lot of people have become very ill. A lot of otherwise healthy people have died. It’s 100% unpredictable and that’s why it’s a global pandemic. That’s exactly why this country had to take measures to protect one another. Wonder how many people she infected, running around refusing to wear her mask and refusing to get vaccinated because, she won’t be told to comply. Freedom fighter. She is also frequently using terminology like “The Resistance” as if we are in some sort of Star Wars movie here. Still claiming C19 is man made (in her fictional Dr. Evil lab) and infused into our population on purpose. All of her conspiracy theory nonsense still raging. She’s also upset Walgreens informed the Health Dept of her positive status. This is just another example of how she doesn’t know anything about what’s truly going on in the world. How does she think the CDC is getting their data? I guess the same way she thought she was trending on Yahoo. She is going to drop out of the House race, I’d be willing to bet on it. She can’t hack it for even two minutes plus she also never really finishes anything. She claims to be a freedom loving person yet she becomes aggressive and condescending toward anyone who has a different opinion than hers. She’s not a freedom fighter, she’s a hypocrite and a narcissist.

  2. She also was quick to post that the executive order Polis signed was going to give Dr’s the ability to turn patients, who need care, away from hospitals if they are unvaccinated. Not true at all, of course. All you have to do is read the order. She posts clickbait all the time. She recently was talking some jibberish about how she was trending on yahoo news. It’s their algorithm that pulls news, customized individually according to what a person searches, she wasn’t trending. Is she really that stupid? Doesn’t seem to know how the internet works. She is now trying to promote a working therapy for people who have been in abusive relationships, dangerous when she has zero qualifications beyond being a professional “victim”. I think, while she is working on her dissertation she should spend some time studying histrionic personality disorder, she is textbook.

  3. I don’t read Cindy Ficklin is lying about the origins of the COVID-19 virus so much as implying it is a conspiracy. Lying means one knows the truth and is actively distorting it. Based on her tweats, I believe Ficklin is paranoid, light in critical thinking skills, and grossly misled. She has no place in public office.

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