Anti-mask, anti-vax Republican candidate for HD55 Cindy Ficklin has Covid-19, blames it on government

Cindy Ficklin announced on December 19 that she has Covid-19. Ficklin is a militantly anti-mask, anti-vaccination Republican known for spreading the ideas masks are symbols of oppression and vaccines contain “nanotechnology.”

Anti-mask, anti-vaccination candidate for HD-55 Cindy Ficklin (R-Mesa County) announced December 19 on Facebook that she has contracted Covid-19 and is blaming it squarely on the U.S. government.

Ficklin announced she had the disease after emerging from a 30 day ban from Facebook. Facebook has banned Ficklin numerous times for spreading lies and conspiracy theories on her page. Ficklin has repeatedly asserted without proof that the SARS CoV2 virus was created in a laboratory to target obese, elderly and unfit people; she has spread lies about vaccine deaths and about public health physician Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease, profiting personally from the virus. Fauci is also a consultant to President Biden about the pandemic. After Facebook banned her several times, Ficklin started a blog on her employer’s website, Coldwell Banker Realty, to spread  lies about the virus, elections and other topics. Ficklin has developed a reputation for taking information out of context, repeating false and misleading data derived from discredited Fox News hosts and other unauthoritative sources like wannabe celebrities and athletic figures.

Ficklin has gotten numerous 30-day bans from Facebook for using her page to spread lies about the virus, election misinformation and other conspiracy theories


Anti-mask post from Ficklin’s Instagram account (3/25/21). Ficklin has no background or training in epidemiology, virology, public health or other field that would confer on her any expertise about the spread of contagious diseases.

Ficklin poses a further threat to public health by continuing to promoting lies about Covid-19 at a time when Mesa County hospitals are choked with Covid patients who refuse to get vaccinated. According to the Mesa County Covid Dashboard, 21 people have died in Mesa County from Covid in just the last two weeks, 85% of whom were unvaccinated. Hospitals in the County have been consistently near 100% capacity for months now, medical staff is weary and hospitals are frequently “diverting” patients, or turning away people who go to them for care for other problems, like accidents and other ailments.

Mesa County hospitals are near 100% full of Covid patients, the majority of whom are unvaccinated. Hospitals are in “divert” mode, turning away people who need care because they simply can’t handle any more patients.


  7 comments for “Anti-mask, anti-vax Republican candidate for HD55 Cindy Ficklin has Covid-19, blames it on government

  1. Darwin is alive and well!

    Unfortunately, many in Mesa County, gullible to lies, wishfully thinking they are smarter than the average bear, and suffering from acute cognitive dissidence, are not alive and well. Literally, their gullibility (chosen as a kinder term for stupidity) is killing them.

    “People living in counties that voted for former President Trump in the last presidential election are nearly three times more likely to die from COVID-19 than those who live in counties that voted for President Biden” – The Hill, 12/6/21, Kaiser Family Foundation, Pew Research Foundation (those are called citations to factual, defensible studies and research findings Cindy).

    Thank you antivax antimask Ficklin for the coming shift in political and intellectual demographics in Mesa County!

    Total sarcasm of course. Unnecessary, preventable suffering and loss are something I, unlike Cindy, wish on no other human being.

    • Reba, you’re not far off the mark. Being a Republican now means you’re able to argue law without a law degree, medicine without a medical degree, freedom without having read any philosophy, the Constitution without even a legitimate GED, the second amendment without reading nary one magazine or newspaper, and socioeconomics without any statical analysis. Many liberals are guilty of such “armchair expertise” as well, but at least I can admit it. They know all about the negative impact of social safety nets, bit look the other way when Cliven Bundy refuses to pay his leases or Trump skirts all his taxes. Alas…. Cindy has no idea what she’s talking about, but oh GOD does she love to tell you all about it….

  2. Just speculating, but I’d guess Cindy Ficklin has not idea what “gain of function” means, nor whether it’s true that the U.S. funded such reaearch in Wuhan. It didn’t.

  3. And yet, she still swears to God she’s smarter than you and better than you with every chance she gets. I don’t care if you’re a conservative, progressive, independent or whatever. Libertarian or liberal, a vote for her isn’t for the constituency. It’s for her failed and starved ego. No substance. All fake.

  4. Don’t quote me, and please, trust but verify, but rumor has it / “people are saying” that Craig Hall and a whole troop of geriatric Warehouse patrons sneezed on their hands ********************. Hence, another sad yet entirely preventable case of the Corona. Steer clear of the unmasked, anti-vaxxers, and the anti-hand washing community.

  5. It is beyond my ability to comprehend why people still refuse to wear a simple hygienic mask in public spaces (without feeling the need to make it into a statement). Regardless of how a person views covid19, invented/natural or flu/cold/worse, it’s killing our loved ones. People just need to wash their hands, wear a mask, and – since COVID19 has been detected in semen – use condoms during intercourse until that area of sex research is complete. And BTW, COVID19 rapid tests are available for free from the CDPHE. Get some and use them. It only takes 15 minutes to protect your family, friends, and coworkers.

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