Local chiropractor Greg Haitz is behind “Stop the Mandate GJ,” hawks unproven supplements for Covid-19

Stop the Mandate GJ’s street address matches that of Greg Haitz’s business, Rimrock Wellness Center

Greg Haitz, owner of Rimrock Wellness Center

Rimrock Wellness Center, a chiropractic office at 12th and Patterson that also sells fat-loss treatments and supplements, has the same street address as “Stop the Mandate GJ,” the group agitating to stop hospitals, nursing homes and doctors’ offices from requiring health workers be vaccinated against Covid-19, the highly communicable, often deadly disease causing the pandemic. At the same time it is encouraging people to remain unvaccinated, Rimrock Wellness Center is also trying to profit off unvaccinated people’s fear of getting Covid-19, as well as their misperceptions of the relative safety and efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines.

Haitz fraudulently promotes his own brand of supplement as protective against Covid-19

Former city council candidate Greg Haitz owns and operates the Rimrock Wellness Center, and is selling his own “Rimrock Wellness Center” brand of supplement that he markets on his website as protective against Covid-19. In his description of the product he abbreviates “Covid-19” as “C19,” a less-common term for Covid-19. He says the product provides “support” against “viral respiratory disease” and says its formulation is “based on the most recent scientific studies demonstrating protection and support for C19 [Covid-19].”

So far, no vitamin or supplement has been proven to prevent, treat or mitigate Covid-19

The National Institutes of Health currently saysData are insufficient to support recommendations for or against the use of any vitamin, mineral, herb or other botanical, fatty acid, or other dietary supplement ingredient to prevent or treat COVID-19.” The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already issued numerous warning letters to businesses that have used similar wording to try to profit off the pandemic by selling products they falsely claim or infer are formulated prevent, treat, mitigate or cure coronavirus disease, or Covid-19.

Screen shot of chiropractor Greg Haitz’s Rimrock-branded Immune Support supplement taken from his website on 12/25/21. The FDA currently does NOT approve the use of ANY vitamins, minerals or dietary supplements to prevent, mitigate or treat Covid-19. The FDA advises consumers NOT to purchase or use products that have not been approved, cleared, or authorized by FDA and that are being misleadingly represented as safe and/or effective for the treatment or prevention of COVID-19. Truthful information on what is known about the relative efficacy of vitamins and dietary supplements in the time of Covid can be found at this link, provided by FDA: xhttps://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/COVID19-HealthProfessional/#h11

“Stop the Mandate GJ” also promotes telehealth consultations with dangerous, loony quack doctor

Greg Haitz is married to Andrea Haitz, the president of the D-51 School Board who has condemned the wearing of masks to help rein in the pandemic

Stop the Mandate GJ’s website also has a “Covid Resources” tab that directs viewers to one resource: a brochure that recommends further quack therapies for Covid-19, including some that have been proven dangerous, like inhaling hydrogen peroxide and taking Ivermectin. The brochure also promotes $285 telehealth consultations with none other than Dr. Stella Immanuel, the Texas-based, Cameroonian-American pediatrician and Christian minister who opposes masking and who, in 2020, set off a rush toward fraudulent Covid treatments after she falsely declared hydroxychloroquine was a cure for Covid-19. Immanuel operates a ministry called “Fire Power Ministries” through which she continues to recruit people to buy her bogus Covid treatments.

Immanuel is known for making a host of loony pronouncements, for example that infertility and endometriosis are caused by sex with demons that take place in dreams and that alien DNA is being used in modern medicine. Immanuel has also stated that scientists are working to produce a vaccine to prevent people from being religious. Immanuel’s false claims about hydroxychloroquine were widely tweeted and promoted on social media sites like YouTube by the former president and one of his sons before the platforms withdrew the false information.

Immanuel was reprimanded by the Texas Medical Board in October, 2021 and fined for pushing an unproven treatment.

Haitz is profiting from fear and misunderstanding of the vaccine by selling “health freedom” T-shirts to people who have lost their jobs as a result of their refusal to comply with vaccine mandates. He gets $30.00 each for the shirts.

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  1. Greg Haitz has been nominated for Mesa County Planning Commission – Commissioners will vote for 3 years of rabid ‘no mandates’ Dr Greg tomorrow ON A CONSENT AGENDA (no public input), 1 Feb 2022 at the 9 am meeting in the courthouse at Rood + 6th. Dr Greg’s wife, anti- masker, anti-vaxer, book burner Andrea, represents Republican political takeover policy on school board. Do we need an Ivanka/Jared-like couple manhandling local affairs?

  2. I can state unequivocally that after multiple sexual encounters with demons, no infertility resulted– cute baby demons, however, did result from said encounters.

  3. Supports the idea that the primary goal of these right-wing conspiracy theories is to provide an income stream to the perpetrators (see Alex Jones).

    • Two types of people present themselves in times of crisis: predators and care-givers. Here is a case of a predator posing as a care-giver.

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