Cindy Ficklin ends her run for HD-55

————————————————————————–Local realtor and right wing extremist Cindy Ficklin posted on her Facebook page Sunday, 12/26/21, that she was withdrawing from the race for the House District 55 seat. She filed to run on 10/18/21. Her candidacy lasted only about two months.


Far right wing extremist Cindy Ficklin announced on Sunday, 12/26, that she has withdrawn her candidacy for the Colorado House District 55 seat.

Ficklin made the announcement in one of her usual extended, emoji-laden posts sprinkled with misspellings. She expressed shock that she had been called anti-semitic during her campaign, especially by her Republican Jewish friends, and admitted she had been ignorant about long-time anti-semitic tropes like saying Jews controlled all the banks the world. She expressed disappointment that people called her “gun-toting” when she only owns only “a couple baby Glocks.”

Ficklin lamented that the media had referred to her as a “conspiracy theorist,” saying

“I call it being the f*cking resistance, assholes.”

She was also shocked when one of her Republican friends called her “privileged.” Ficklin wrote that she thought “only white liberals used a term like ‘privileged.'” She bemoaned having been kicked off Facebook for 30 days yet again, “when my life was imploding.”

Ficklin had already been fined $200 by the state for failing to file her first campaign finance report.

She also had caught Covid-19.

Ficklin, a vocal opponent of vaccines, masking and other behaviors recommended by public health authorities to fight the pandemic, reported last week that she had contracted Covid-19 and was treating it herself with unapproved and potentially dangerous therapies, like inhaling colloidal silver and taking the dog heartworm drug Ivermectin, neither of which have been found to be effective to treat Covid-19, and neither of which have been approved by the FDA for treatment of Covid.

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  1. Does she harm animals? Does anyone know if she harms animals? If anyone has seen her harm animals, please speak up. Even if she yells at animals. Or harms plants. Does she harm plants? Does she? Does she step on grass? Does she pee on the grass and spit on dogs?

  2. Cindy, you’d never allow anyone else to cry so loud about being a victim.
    Remember your own words?
    “Alright. Fine. You know what? I just went ahead and I filed my paperwork today and I am now announcing for House District 55 state representative,” she said in a video posted on Facebook. “We’re going to make sure that this never happens again because this was wrong on every single level, and it’s not OK that the school board can go and do that to a community. We are going to make sure that we take this state back and this country back and this school district back.”–Cindy Ficklin (on a deleted Facebook post) throwing a hissy fit after D51 didn’t pick her for the kickball team.
    …in other words, you might be done with the past, but the past is not necessarily done with you. Very Orwellian of Cindy and SFTC, taking down the very post that proves they’re all activated by anger and ignorance. Ficklin and her ilk cry about, claim victimhood because of, and blame government conspiracies–for everything–with only Facebook posts as evidence, while committing their own conspiracies in broad daylight, and in deleting the post, you’re trying to prove Baudelaire right: “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”.

      • What she has in store is some pretend grandiose idea she has “cooked up” in her tiny mind and will announce, for attention purposes, that will never come to fruition. That’s her MO. She never really does anything extraordinary, contrary to her popular opinion of herself. Deep down she knows it, which is probably why she brags incessantly and inappropriately about every little single thing she’s ever done.

  3. Cindy always makes such a stink about curriculum with very little evidence while claiming she is “helping out” as a sub. As a D51 parent, I’m wondering who is watching to make sure she doesn’t bring her extremist politics into my kid’s classroom?

  4. And here we go…. she is posting loudly on social media; DEMANDING and apology from the Sentinel.
    Again, she can furnish these “transcripts,” but that does not make them real. These degrees are not earned, they are purchased. The pricetag is high because they are made to look legitimate. Ask her ex-husband. He also purchased his and she supported that as well.
    I have confronted her on this and she has never denied it; simply skirts around it stating, “look what I have.”

    • Her claims are ridiculous. Her claims that she “wrote” the questions for state tests forget to indicate that she was part of a committee. She wants all to believe that everyone else did nothing. She even proved that she was lying about having more CTE endorsements when they’ve expired. I still have the same number that she did and have had them since 2006. Her CS Principles certificate from was from a training session that almost every computer teacher in D51 has completed. Nationwide, over 106,000 teachers have completed training program. Doesn’t appear special to me. Her middle name should be exagerate. What a fraud.

      • I agree. Posting these documents proves nothing. I noted on some of them that it is her very own handwriting. Looks to me like a participation “certificate,” rather than a “you are now an expert in this field,” document!

    • I can’t even find an article from Charles questioning her education. She does that, cherry picks the topics she wants to discuss and ignores the rest. Sometimes she even makes up fictitious people who have “asked her this and that” so she can brag about herself. She can not speak or write two sentences without bragging. Apparently she is unaware of what a turn off that is to people? She can’t read the room. I have personally seen people roll their eyes in her presence. Shake their heads. Walk away when they see her coming. Avoid her. She probably doesn’t even notice, most narcissist don’t. Me. Me. Me. I’m this. I’m that. She is now blasting all about her upcoming Hawaii trip. It’s interesting because the few (same) people who comment on her page have asked “wait, there’s extreme mandates over there” She responds telling people how she will navigate those, which means comply. She thinks people are just informing her. The fact that they are pointing out her hypocrisy has gone right over her head. As always. She is pissed off about bad press yet she fails to realize, she tells so many lies, which are mostly purposely half truths, she can’t keep them straight. What did she think was going to happen? Most of us actually look for the truth when things don’t make sense. The truth is, she has a huge case of dish it out but can’t take it going on. Good riddance.

  5. Everyone assumes Andrea Haitz, Will Jones and Angela Lema welcomed the attention Cindy brought them during the election. Did they? I think they were worried sick she might cost them the election. Cindy is the only person running her mouth incessantly about “flipping the school board” and acting unprofessional. I think all three of these new board members keep her at arms length. I don’t think she’s getting appointed to anything ever in D51, it would be professional suicide. This woman needs some mental health care and it’s not a secret.

    • Agree to a degree, but histrionics have proved profitable for politicians.

      Let’s go without the mental illness trope though. Attention seeking character is what’s at issue here.

    • Agree to a degree, but histrionics have proved profitable for politicians.

      Let’s go without the mental illness trope though. Attention seeking character is what’s at issue here.

  6. Good riddance!!
    But I do fear you are correct Samuel and Tiger; this is just another move in her game of master manipulation.
    The woman is a menace and a liar…. no relationships for over a year. BOLOGNA!!! She just posted a “rip the bandaid” off post last year when her relationship “imploded.” Ms. Ficklin has a small bag of big words she likes to reach in to enhance the plethora of sophomoric emojis she can’t seem to communicate without.
    I am relieved she has resigned from this race, but fear what she will attempt next.

  7. Like any nascent dictator or despot in need of adoration her undoing was her fragile ego, her constant need for attention, and her craving to be seen as a victim, or martyr or messiah.
    Facts are irrelevant to her. As is / are science, norms, decorum, civility or laws. She’s not real.
    She’s a cartoon. The posing. The selfies.
    The faux virtue and constant claims to celibacy are painfully over the top…. Pleading for one’s belief.
    And in time the truth would have been exposed by any in depth journalism. Or an angry ex. That’s not relevant to political issues… but speaks to a possible complex she has where her purity, her goodness, has to be imprinted to the masses to suggest shes the savior of Mesa County. Don’t be fooled. She’s not stupid. Cunning, vindictive, calculating and manipulative, yes. Stupid, no.
    She preys on those who buy into her narcissistic insecurities, both male and female. It’s easy for a narcissist to cry victim while she’s victimizing. She flips the script and cries gaslighting when cornered or questioned. Or says it’s not her fault she is a hot mess…. A narcissist did it. She is right. The narcissist in question lives in her mirror. And that reflection is in no position to fix anything until it fixes it’s fractured self. Mesa County needs and deserves better.

  8. Oh, and one more thing. If you’re taking (huffing) fish tank cleaner or taking (snorting gobs of) horse dewormer to fight covid-19, and are encouraging others to do the same, you are in fact a conspiracy theorist.

    If you’re posing for pictures with your gun in your hand, you are in fact a gun toter. (Actually, you’re a gun nut.)

    If you insist that people far smarter and far more educated than you, with far more experience and knowledge are wrong about things like vaccines and infectious disease, you are in fact doomed to be infected.

    And if you’re saying things like “Jews run the banks,” you are anti-semitic, even if you were ignorant about things like anti-Semitism and the tropes that perpetuate it.

    Finally, not liking a fact does not mean that the fact is wrong. Only babies, idiots, and dictators think otherwise.

  9. Breaking news: “Hot Mess” decides that criticism of her ill-conceived public statements makes running for office untenable.

  10. Old news. I actually overheard this from several people at the last Hate Rally-cum-School Board meeting.

    In a meeting full of simple minded pseudo-patriots (see my gun?!?) several attendees mentioned that Cindy had already dropped out.

    Here’s my prediction: the same spite that prompted her to run for district 55 will motivate her to demand and gain appointment to superintendent by the three people she helped get elected to the school board. She’s savvy, especially when it comes to marketing, and she knows that if she puts her face on her Facebook posts it’ll get more clicks. She also knows that if she presents dropping out as something where she was attacked unrelentingly and forced to quit, it’ll present her sympathetically to her ignorant public, which will once again provoke their outrage at the circumstances and their sympathy for her.

    Witness her incredulity at being accused of anti-semitism. (ME?!? I have several black/jewish/minority/ oppressed peoples friends!)

    Cindy is incredibly spiteful and she’s just ignorant enough not to understand that she is in fact using (and hence perpetuating) antisemitic tropes that have been around for hundreds of years, but she’s never actually cracked a book. Her spite is motivation enough for her to complete her weird MAGA-coup of the existing School board. Mark my words, she presents dropping out as magnanimity, but it is in fact one more step in the long game she’s playing. I wonder how expensive it’ll be for Dr Hill’s contract buy out, or how much our fiscally responsible school board will pay to replace John Williams with out if town council. Transparency and fiscal conservativism don’t actually mean anything, and people don’t actually care. Few in Mesa County care, so long as an R is next to the name of whoever’s in charge.

    • The higher the quality of school district D-51, the more likely that those who value education will move to, and stay in, Mesa County.

      Conversely, the more gun-nutty, loony the school board is, the less support for learning. An anti-vaxer loony school board will deter many from living in our county.

      And that’s exactly what “the conservative” board members want.

  11. This isn’t the last we’ve heard of Cindy Ficklin I fear. She’s rather close to those new school board members, Sirko’s contract is up this summer, and a crack legal team can renegotiate the superintendent contract to oust Brian Hill and put Cindy in his place. Stay vigilant people!

  12. True or False? Reads like you’re crying about the same things us liberals
    hear and read in mesa county everyday.

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