House District 55 Candidate Cindy Ficklin ignored her first campaign finance filing deadline, incurring a $200 fine

Cindy Ficklin is already blowing off deadlines for filing campaign finance information and incurring hundreds in fines.

Republican conspiracy theorist Cindy Ficklin has already been delinquent in filing her first campaign finance disclosure, incurring a $200 fine.

Ficklin announced October 18 that she was running for Colorado House District 55 in retribution against the “leftist progressive liberals” at the school district who dared not appoint her to the open School Board seat left by Paul Pitton’s retirement.

Colorado law gives candidates 10 days after filing notice they are running for office to submit a Personal Financial Disclosure to the state.

Cindy Ficklin in now-deleted video where she announced she was running for House District 55 to get back at the School District for spurning her

On October 27, the day before it was due, the state sent Ficklin a courtesy reminder about the deadline to file the disclosure.

But the October 28 deadline to file it came and went without Ficklin filing anything.

The state fines candidates $50 a day for every day past the deadline they fail to supply this legally-required information.

On October 29, the state Elections Division fined Ficklin $50, reminding her via email that her fines would continue to accrue at $50/day until she filed the required form.

And continue they did.

Ficklin finally filed the required information on 11/1, incurring a $200 fine for filing late.




  7 comments for “House District 55 Candidate Cindy Ficklin ignored her first campaign finance filing deadline, incurring a $200 fine

  1. She is too busy posting click bait and becoming besties with Nancy Grace to worry about required deadlines <—-insert laughing emoji here.

  2. Rules do not apply to Ms. Ficklin. Just as she CONTINUES to bring up the political affiliation of school board members, despite affiliations having nothing to do with those appointments. Do as she says, but not as she does.
    Sociopathic much??

    • She’s a narcissist herself projecting that she’s otherwise. Serious need for attention. You HAVE to listen to her and you HAVE to like her because she’s the best. Just ask her. God knows what secrets and lies are yet to come out that will expose her. But they will. Politics and campaigns are fair game. Rumors and truths are always revealed.

  3. If this comes to fruition it will be akin to tragedy. Name recognition, and being relevant somehow in media, and serial name dropping sadly are her greatest accomplishments to date. What do we get as her platforms? She was wronged in that she didn’t get on the school board, she is a “candidate” for a PhD, she is a recovering victim of a narcissistic relationship, she is smarter and better than you.
    Good luck.

  4. So, $50 a day? She can make that in no time – but it might be prudent to change the address of her campaign HQ to:

    Between the dumpsters out back
    2258 Colex Dr
    Grand Junction, CO 81505

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