Jimmy Kimmel convinces people videos posted by CO House Rep. Lauren Boebert are Saturday Night Live skits

On his late night TV show November 12, Jimmy Kimmel showed passers-by clips of actual videos posted by Colorado Republican House Representative Lauren Boebert, like Boebert’s “Fauci eats puppies alive” video, told them the videos were shown on Saturday Night Live last weekend and asked people if they thought SNL had too mean in lampooning her.

All said they thought SNL had gone too far.

Then Kimmel revealed the truth, that all the videos were actual videos of Boebert.

Kimmel posted the stunt on YouTube.

Kimmel said,

“Some of Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s videos are so unbelievably over the top, they seem like sketches from “Saturday Night Live.” So much so that we went out on the street and showed people clips of her actual videos, we told them they were from “Saturday Night Live” last weekend and asked if they thought “SNL” had been too mean to her.

  10 comments for “Jimmy Kimmel convinces people videos posted by CO House Rep. Lauren Boebert are Saturday Night Live skits

  1. I truly believe that if one put a tie on a pig and ran it for office as the Republican candidate, the locals would vote it in.

  2. The western slope goes in for menu diversity , finally. ‘Shooters’ Grill voted ‘Best in the West’ by Dark Side Enterprises and Entertainment. Seriously , I have been saying for several years to our Senators and Governor that the only recourse is the Southern Poverty Law folks. Poverty – not to mention Meth, etc – is linked always to political corruption. Colorado has been in an economic boom for over 20 years Oh, but NOT in Junktown and surrounds. Gee , how could this be…

  3. Fauci should have known to cook puppies before eating to prevent foodborne diseases. I am surprised Boebert did not know this. Does she serve raw puppies in her restaurant? Is she willing to share puppy recipes?

    • Boebert does not know how to prevent foodborne diseases, as the Garfield County Health Department can attest. We don’t know for certain that Boebert serves raw puppies – only that she would not know how to handle them before serving.

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