Trump urges his supporters to get vaccinated. Will Mesa County listen?

“I recommend taking the vaccines. It’s good. I did it. Take the vaccines.”

“The vaccines do work and they are effective.” — Sept. 1, 2021

                                          — Donald Trump

An NPR analysis of more than 100,000 people across the country showed that people who live in counties that voted 60% or more for Trump in the November, 2020 election had 2.73 times higher death rate from Covid-19 than counties that voted for Biden. Counties with an even higher share of the vote for Trump have even higher death rates from COVID-19.

65% of Mesa County voters voted for Trump in the 2020 election.

Mesa County, obviously a strongly pro-Trump county, would appear to be a death trap. Our County is sadly is averaging more than a death a day from Covid-19. Eighty-five percent of people admitted to local hospitals for Covid-19 are still unvaccinated. 

This has resulted in Mesa County hospitals being at 95% or higher capacity for months. For much of that time the hospitals have had to “divert” new patients, or turn away people who come to them for medical help because the hospitals are stuffed to the gills and cannot handle any more patients This is a dangerous situation for the entire county, but few Trump supporters seem to care.

So what do local Trumpers make of the former president not only having gotten vaccinated himself, but gotten a booster shot? What do they make of Trump endorsing the life-saving efficacy Covid vaccines, and taking credit for developing them during his presidency? What do local vax-shunning Republicans think of Trump and Bill O’Reilly recently admitting that they’ve both gotten booster shots? And what reasons do local Republicans give for still not getting vaccinated, and keeping our County in this sad and dangerous state?

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  1. Trump choosing to get the vaccine and booster means that he chose to have a higher probability of living through the pandemic.

    His act of telling his supporters to get vaccinated likely reflects his need for future voters rather than his caring for his supporters

  2. Record cases of covid in the U.S. Don’t worry though because Biden has promised over and over that he will shut the virus down.

    Maybe his open border policy with thousands of infected illegal immigrants streaming across the border and being flown to all parts of the country is another one of his failed, dumb decisions.

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