Central High unveils new Warrior logo, replacing racist Indian-head logo from last century

After months of deliberating ideas for an updated logo, Central High School finally unveiled its new logo today, January 4, 2022, replacing the outdated and embarrassingly racist Indian head symbol the school has had since 1947.

The new logo is a slick, modern, red, white and gray shield that is said to have been designed by a student. The name of the school’s athletic team  remains the Central High School Warriors.

Central Principal Lanc Sellden proudly presents an athletic T-shirt with Central’s new Warrior logo

The school posted its new logo on social media at about noon today. As of 4:00 p.m., the post had gotten 147 “likes,” indicating a positive reception. Despite this, a few people lamented the elimination of the racist logo in the comments below the post.

A bill passed in Colorado’s 2021 regular legislative session, the Prohibit American Indian Mascots Act, prohibits the use of American Indian mascots by public schools and public institutions of higher education as of June 1, 2022. The act imposes a fine of $25,000 per month for each month that a public school continues to use a mascot after such date, payable to the state education fund.

In 2010, the American Psychological Association issued a communique’ stating its findings that race-based mascots had negative psychological effects on Native American and non-native students because they normalized a form of ethnic stereotyping that contributes to misunderstanding and prejudice that has long created problems for native Americans. Some of the negative effects on students included feelings of low self-esteem, low community worth, increased feelings of stress and depression.

Central High’s outdated, racist “Warriors” logo has finally been replaced with one that does not stereotype native cultures

  6 comments for “Central High unveils new Warrior logo, replacing racist Indian-head logo from last century

  1. How come they didnt just make it an image of Claudia Conway? Speaking of which, how come she’s not in the news much, is her mother silencing her in the run-up to trump’s likely 2024 announcement?

  2. I would love to see a club at the school that focuses on the environment. They can call it the ECO Warriors.

  3. This is welcome news.

    There’s a fabulous discussion of the legislation on the Western Colorado Alliance YouTube channel.

  4. Also, why should Warriors or Killers be honored by a team sport ?
    Is the name supposed to indicate they are tough ?

  5. The thought of all the right wing snowflakes melting when they read this story makes me smile.

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