Does Greg Haitz’s furtive editing of his “Immune Support Pack” page indicate consciousness of guilt?

Chiropractor Greg Haitz previously ran for Grand Junction City Council. His wife, Andrea, is now on D51 School Board.

Last month we noticed that Grand Junction chiropractor Greg Haitz of the Rimrock Wellness Center at 12th and Patterson, was marketing his own proprietary “Rimrock Wellness Center” brand of dietary supplement, “Immune Support Pack,” with a description that inferred the product could help mitigate or protect against Covid-19, or “C19”:

Rimrock Wellness Center’s “Immune Support Pack” description as it appeared on December 25, 2021, linking the product to protection from, and mitigation of Covid-19

The National Institutes of Health currently warns Americans that

Data are insufficient to support recommendations for or against the use of any vitamin, mineral, herb or other botanical, fatty acid, or other dietary supplement ingredient to prevent or treat COVID-19.”

At the same time, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is actively monitoring for firms that are marketing products using fraudulent claims that they can prevent, mitigate or treat COVID-19.

After the blog about this product was published, we noticed Haitz edited his “Immune Support Pack” web page to remove the descriptive paragraph previously seen above, and instead he had substituted a list of five published studies:

Haitz’s “Immune Pack” description as it appeared around December 31, edited to remove the product narrative seen above, and instead listing only published studies, none of which conclusively proved that the ingredients would prevent, treat or mitigate Covid-19.

If you actually read the studies Haitz listed, though, none of them found any conclusive correlation (pdf), or asserted that any clear cause and effect existed between the vitamins and minerals in his “Immune Support Pack” and the prevention, mitigation or treatment of Covid-19. In fact, several of them warned that the existing data was insufficient to prove cause and effect, that vitamins in the study were administered only intravenously and not orally, that the study groups were small, and gave other caveats that kept the studies from reaching any conclusions about the effects of these substances.

Haitz made no mention of these caveats on his website.

By January 6, Haitz had edited the “Immune Support Pack” page yet again.

This time he scrubbed any narrative description of the product from the page entirely, removed all the studies  and instead only listed what the supplement contains, so it looked like this:

Rimrock Wellness Center’s web page about its “Immune Support Pack” as it appeared on January 5, with all narrative about the product scrubbed, no studies cited, and only a list of the vitamins and minerals in the product itself, with their quantities.

So, does this recent flurry of frantic edits done after the publication of the Dec. 25th blog about his product indicate Greg Haitz knew he was marketing this product using fraudulent inferences?

We think so.

But it might be too late for his changes to make much difference.

On January 1, 2022, I sent an inquiry about the way Rimrock Wellness Center was marketing this supplement to the Colorado Department of Regulatory Affairs’ Division of Professions and Occupations (DPO), which regulates chiropractors, asking for their guidance about about whether it was legal and if it would merit filing a complaint.

DPO responded with lightening speed for a government agency. On January 3 they sent back an email saying they had  received the information, and already opened a case on it themselves. They sent me the case number.

It’s Case No. 2022-38.


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  1. Greg Haitz letter to the editor in the Sentinel today..reminded me again of his hypocracy!..His statement read….”That is why it’s absent of coercion. If you think you have a right to health care, you are, in effect, forcing a medical provider to give you their labor/services, potentially against their will.” …Does he feel pressure to use his bogus Chiropractic ‘Activator’ tool for treatment along with supplements that are questionable at best!…I am a retired RPh as well…native of GJ..but living in the Midwest for several years…the heart of chiropractic schools and nonsense 30 minute infomercials on their cure for men’s issues!…

  2. Susan, the Covid-19 vaccine is no longer experimental. It received full approval by the FDA for use in people older than 16 on August 23, 2021. By now, humanity has had hundreds of years of experience in developing vaccine technology. The technology is well established. Why is it you never hear about smallpox, a disease that plagued humanity for thousands of years and killed millions? It’s because a massive international vaccination campaign managed to wipe out the disease in 1983 in what is considered one of the biggest international public health achievements in history. Why are diseases like polio, diptheria, tetanus, pertussis, rubella, varicella and others now so rare you hardly ever hear of someone who has them? It’s because mandatory vaccines for these are required before we attend public school, and this allowed us to bring them under control. Do you know anyone who got deathly sick or died from the side effects for any of those vaccines? If not, it’s because the vaccines for those diseases have been proven tremendously safe and effective. Vaccines “educate” and familiarize your body with a disease so it’s primed to fight it faster and more effectively if you encounter it. No vaccine is 100% protective against getting a disease. It just reduces the likelihood of developing a severe case, and vastly increases the likelihood that you will survive an infection with that disease. But there is no reason to be so fearful of Covid vaccine that you would chow down overpriced, unregulated supplement pills that you have no idea what’s truly in them, or go to desperate lengths as absurd as drinking your own urine to try to prevent a disease, when there is a highly tested vaccine in existence that has been administered hundreds of millions of times and has been proven largely extremely safe and effective.

  3. Of course not one mention of someone focusing on their own immunity. Pharma and those agencies for approval can’t make any money if we aim to take care of ourselves. His first attempts are elementary, and drink your own urine or not, everyone looks for the answer from those that are funded or funding vaccinations! People will be inventing masks, air filters, fancy thermometers, to make money! How about a 4th vaccine! pump that money into pharma and those that hold office to dish out the news. I don’t hold it against him. It’s one person’s way of trying to convince you all to feed your immune system, do your own research on what is in it and decide for yourself. I find it fraudulent when we are convinced about this great emergency vaccine! It has not proven itself to be anything more than an experiment. I am not anti vax, this one I am not so sure of. The current vaccine needs to be redone and done rightly and efficiently!

  4. Commenting on 7th Street Deli. Discovered the problem. #1. No mask requirements. We won’t eat there for that reason alone. Don’t care to pick up a case of COVID with my sandwich. #2 any successful restauranteur knows you need to keep the doors open on every day that you are paying rent. The current owner is closed Saturdays and Sundays (approximately 8 1/2 days a month or 103 days a year) so she has a 14 week vacation (days off) at the expense of the landlord, which seems hardly fair. She is evidently thousands of dollars in arrears. Is it any wonder the landlord wants to get paid? So now she’s asking the general public to finance her 14 week vacation. Wouldn’t we all love to have the general public finance our 14 week vacation. And, if she says that there is not sufficient business in that location to warrant opening on the weekends that simply means that she failed to perform due diligence before buying the place. Location,location, location.

  5. Yes, thank you for keeping up with this garbage locally. Otherwise this town seems like a completely free for all.

  6. Definition of charlatan
    1 : QUACK entry 4 sense 2
    charlatans harming their patients with dubious procedures

  7. Thank you for keeping eyes on “Dr.” Haitz, and for making a complaint to DORA. Unfortunately, a crisis, such as the Covid-45 pandemic, arouses the appetites of the few healthcare providers who are predators.

  8. This Trump Tribe (seems obvious) thrives on deceptive and fraudulent inferences? Just one more lie..who can count them all!

  9. Thank you for your attention to this false information. This kind of marketing is risky for people who are looking for magic bullets instead of science to protect them against Covid19.

  10. Wow! That was fast! This will be interesting to follow. How is it that you came to be aware of this page in the first place? (Note: I am a retired RPH who has always had an interest in nutrition.)

    • Haitz ran for City Council last spring. That’s when I started paying attention to him. I just kept paying attention, especially after several people let me know that chiropractors are big source of anti-vaxx agitation in town.

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