“Stand for The Constitution” is little more than Constitution theater

Comments under a video Stand for the Constitution posted of the Tina Peters Rally Dec. 1. The group blocks speech they don’t like from their Facebook page, showing they oppose the spirit of free speech enshrined in the U.S. Constitution

“Stand for the Constitution,” (SFTC) a Mesa County group that claims to defend the rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution and the integrity of local elections, has started blocking critics and deleting comments it doesn’t like from its public Facebook page while defending the only person in Mesa County who has ever publicly refused to count hundreds of legitimately-cast ballots: Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters.

The First Amendment of the Constitution makes it illegal for government to enact laws restricting freedom of speech and expression. Stand for the Constitution is a private group, not a government entity, so it has every right to block people from its social media pages. But despite claims that it exists to promote freedoms enshrined in the Constitution, SFTC blocks speech they do not want to acknowledge.

SFTC opposes election integrity while telling people they support it

The group blocked a commenter from their Facebook page after they wrote under a video of a pro-Tina Peters rally at the Courthouse December 1, that the only person in the County who has ever openly refused to count hundreds of legitimately-cast ballots is Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters herself, and that Peters still has a box containing 574 uncounted ballots from the 2019 election sitting in her office. When pressed about why she never counted them, Peters has essentially said it was because she didn’t think they mattered.

If Stand for the Constitution really embraced election integrity, they would be pushing Peters to count and record every last one of those ballots, but they aren’t.

This shows Stand For the Constitution doesn’t really embrace the spirit of the Constitution or election integrity at all.

They are just providing the local populace with a heavy dose of Constitution theater.

“Stand for the Constitution” provides a heavy does of Constitution theater, without actually defending rights enshrined in the constitution or the right to have every legally-cast ballot count

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  1. Is there more information on this box of uncounted ballots? Why they weren’t counted? For which election? What’s going to happen to them?

    • The box is at the Mesa County Clerk’s Office. It contains 574 ballots from the 2019 election that Clerk’s office elections employees forgot to collect from a ballot box until they were discovered when ballots were being collected in the next election in 2020. Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters was the sole person who decided not to count these legally-cast ballots ballots because she felt they would not have affected the outcome of the local election. This left 574 voters disenfranchised, by Tina Peters, who is the only person in the county who ever refused to count hundreds of legally-cast ballots.

  2. Pretty Ripe Annie – coming from a person that has read and commented many times on your blog and 50% of the time never you haven’t published my comments- Pot calling the kettle black comes to mind!

    • Kiah, I checked the comments I have deleted for any authored by you, and there are none by you. Comments I’ve deleted include spam and comments that contain no useful arguments and denigrate people using foul language, pejorative terms for body parts, etc.

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