On internet TV show, Steve Bannon pledges less than a cent and a half to Tina Peters’ legal defense fund

Tina on Steve Bannon’s internet TV show “War Room” on Dec. 31, 2021

On December 31, 2021, Steve Bannon lionized Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters on his internet TV show “Bannon’s War Room,” in an interview titled “The Deplorables-Gold Star Mom Tina Peters Who Sounded The Alarm On Election Fraud.”

Bannon let Peters spew the usual string of rants we’re all familiar with by now: how terribly she’s been harassed, how “they’re attacking regular Americans,” how they “fired her elections manager with no due process, nothing” and how they so horribly removed her chief deputy in August on “trumped-up charges.”

A minute and a half into the 7-minute interview, Bannon starts trying to play Tina off with increasingly loud bagpipe music, he lets her mechanically drone one for another minute or so. Tina continues… “They booked my chief deputy on a class 4 felony just for coming to work” and “they had a battering ram in the driveway” that she now admits “they didn’t use.”

Bannon cuts her off roughly 30 seconds later to go for a break.

Tina’s new Twitter account, started October, 2021, linked to her legal defense fund website and with an email for “Press inquiries.”

After the break, Bannon lets Tina go on for a few more minutes spewing more of her usual storyline about how she’s the victim …

“They seized all my electronics, they’ve interviewed everyone in my office, I haven’t done anything wrong, I’m not charged with anything…”

At 5:35 Tina plugs her legal defense fund, StandWithTina.org, and lets viewers know about a new Twitter account, @Clerk_Peters, which looks a lot like her official @MesaCountyClerk Twitter account. This account uses the same old campaign photo of her wearing the red blazer with her head cocked a little, and a big banner at the top in all caps says “ELECTION INTEGRITY.” It also displays a new email address for “press inquiries.”

Wrapping up, at 6:58, Bannon, says the following:

“Tina, a thousand coins from FJB Coins is going to be put into your charity, and we look forward to actually putting more in there, but you’re a hero, you’re a patriot and you’re an inspiration.”

So what is FJB Coin?

FJB Coin, written as “$FJB,” is a new anti-Biden cryptocurrency that Steve Bannon started with another former Trump advisor, Boris Epshteyn. The letters “FJB” stand for “Fuck Joe Biden.” It’s also known as the “Lets Go Brandon” coin.

Bannon and his partner are using the cryptocurrency to make money off frustrated, butt-hurt MAGA Trumpers. They describe FJB Coin as a way Trump lovers “can let their primal disgust with Biden be heard.” Bannon describes it as “the coin that fights for America” and “the official crypto coin of the FJB movement.”

Bannon and Epshteyn make money every time someone buys or sells $FJB coin, because users are assessed an 8 percent fee every time they buy or sell the tokens.

Bannon and Epshteyn wouldn’t say how they are related to the cryptocurrency beyond saying they have “a strategic partnership” with it.

This isn’t the first time Bannon has run a scam exploiting MAGA Trumpers’ frustrations. Recall that in 2020, he was indicted for an allegedly fraudulent scheme in which he fleeced people out of $1 million. He took money for his own personal use from a fund to raise private money to build a border wall. Bannon denied he engaged in any fraud and was pardoned by Trump before trial.

What is $FJB Coin worth?

Not much. Incredibly little, in fact.

As of this writing, one $FJB coin was worth $0.001322 — about one-one thousandth of one U.S. cent, and it’s down about 10 percent today, too.

So when Bannon promises Tina he’s going to “donate a thousand FJB coins” to her legal defense fund, it sounds like lots of money, but he’s only donating around 1.3 U.S. cents ($ 0.013).

Tina appears to have no clue about the pitiful value of this donation.

The value of Fuck Joe Biden coin on the crypto market.

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