7th Street Deli saved by Tim Foster

The 7th Street Deli has been at the same location on 7th Street and Bookcliff for 15 years

The 7th-Street Deli has been saved!

The deli was threatened with eviction in mid-January for non-payment of back rent. The owner had suffered a prolonged 50% loss of business due to back-to-back renovation projects that took place on 7th Street in 2019 and 2020, and then got hit with the no-indoor dining order in 2020 from Covid. Deli owner Debbie Allen had made it through all those obstacles and was finally getting out of her debt when the property owner slapped her with an eviction notice and a lawsuit for tens of thousands in back rent. The deli started a GoFundMe account and donations poured in. By the end of January they had raised about $8,000, but it wasn’t enough to pay off all the back rent.

Tim Foster, former President of Colorado Mesa University

Enter retired Colorado Mesa University President Tim Foster, reportedly a frequent deli customer.

Foster stepped in and negotiated an agreement with the landlord in which he agreed to lower the amount of back rent due to $25,000 (from $31,000), drop the lawsuit against Debbie and cancel the eviction order in exchange for Debbie paying $500/month more on her monthly rent payments until the debt is fully paid back. Foster convinced the landlord he had more to gain by keeping Debbie as a tenant and negotiating a deal with her instead of kicking her out and having to spend time finding a new tenant, remodeling the building, and having the unit sit empty not earning any money all that time while all that was going on.

Foster reportedly drew up the agreement and made it happen.

As a lover of the deli’s Santa Fe Turkey sandwich and their home-made gazpacho in summertime, a huge THANK YOU to TIM FOSTER and the owner of the property! You’ve both made a lot of people in Grand Junction very happy. And we needed it.

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  1. Can he also make those clouds in the sky disappear and negotiate some 80 degree weather? But good on ya, Tim, anyways.

  2. If foster can save 7th Street deli from the cororona virus and construction, maybe he can save d51 from Jones/Lima/Haitz? Or maybe he can save Mesa county from Boubert?

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