Another Rimrock Wellness Center chiropractor dispenses dangerous medical disinformation

Charles Daniel Vaden

For many people, chiropractors are de facto primary health care providers, particularly in medically underserved rural areas like the western slope. Many people find it easier and more affordable to see a chiropractor than an M.D., and tend see their chiropractors far more often than they do M.D.s., generating familiarity and a relationship of trust with these health professionals. This puts chiropractors in a unique position to deliver vital public health information to a good portion of the community. They could, for example, be educating people about positive health behaviors, informing them about what’s scientifically proven to keep people safe from contracting Covid-19, telling people what works best to keep them of the hospital if they get Covid-19, and helping them know when to seek further medical care.

But instead of using their valuable position to benefit public health, it turns out many Grand Junction chiropractors are dispensing egregiously false medical information about vaccines and how to prevent Covid-19. And these chiropractors aren’t just flushing their value as a community public health asset down the toilet. They are lying to the people who support them financially and trust them the most, misleading people in very dangerous ways and often doing it for profit.

Rimrock Wellness Center strikes again

Another Grand Junction chiropractor spreading false medical information about Covid-19 vaccines and the coronavirus is Charles Daniel Vaden, D.C., who goes by the name Daniel Vaden.

Vaden works at Greg Haitz’s Rimrock Wellness Center at 12th and Patterson in Grand Junction. Last December, we saw how Haitz was profiting from the pandemic by marketing his own “Rimrock Wellness Center” proprietary brand of “immune support” supplement by inferring it would give “protection and support” against Covid-19.

To date no supplement has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to prevent, treat or mitigate Covid-19, and claims like that about supplements of any kind are health fraud. The FDA has sent hundreds of cease-and-desist letters to businesses across the country like Rimrock Wellness Center that are doing the same thing.

Vaden calls Covid-19 shots “death shots.” The vaccines have already saved hundreds of thousands of lives in the U.S. alone.

Irresponsibly and militantly anti-vaccination

Vaden uses his status as a health care professional to actively militate against Covid-19 vaccines on social media.

Covid vaccines are now among the most widely administered and closely studied vaccines in history.

FDA-approved Covid vaccines have been administered hundreds of millions of times in this country alone, and are proving to be extraordinarily safe and effective at reducing deaths from Covid-19 and keeping people out of the hospital, saving thousands of lives and helping  save the American health care system from collapse.

Despite this, Vaden refers to Covid-19 vaccines “death shots” and falsely claims the vaccines have an exaggerated death rate.

They don’t.

Vaden states,

“Real scientists have proven this vax [the Covid vaccination] is 800 times more deadly than the smallpox vaccination and has killed over 150,000 Americans.”

This is untrue. Smallpox was a highly deadly disease that had been around for at least 3,000 years and killed an estimated 300 million people just since 1900. The World Health Organizations (WHO) began the push to eradicate smallpox in 1959. Between 1959 and 1968, the heaviest period of smallpox vaccination in the U.S., there were 68 deaths from complications of the smallpox vaccine. The WHO declared the world free of smallpox on May 8, 1980 in what was widely considered to be the biggest international public health achievement in history.

Yet on October 31, 2021, Vaden wrote that “Vaccinations cause much much more harm than any perceived benefit. Vaccinations are a scam…”

Smallpox killed over 300 million people just since 1900. After a massive international vaccination campaign, the World Health Organization pronounced smallpox eradicated in 1983, in what is widely considered to be among the world’s biggest public health achievements.

Most of the 330 million people in the U.S. who have gotten childhood vaccines against smallpox, polio, measles, rubella, mumps, chicken pox, tetanus and a host of other diseases knows this claim is false.

Facebook has slapped warning labels on many of Vaden’s posts in an effort to correct health misinformation.

Vaden is a co-facilitator of StopTheMandateGJ

Vaden is working to make things even more difficult for local hospitals as they struggle to care for a large number of patients being admitted for Covid-19. Vaden started a petition for StopTheMandateGJ, a group that fights against policies requiring health care workers to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. These policies protect the public, protect health care workers themselves and their families, create a safer workplace, reduce sick time and other liabilities for hospitals, and assure hospitals will keep getting federal funding to continue operating.

Vaden’s social media post about his anti-vax petition.

Recommending potentially harmful drug regimens

Vaden, whose license does not qualify him to prescribe medications, posts information on how people can get the horse de-worming drug Ivermectin to use as an “early treatment” or prevention of Covid-19.

Ivermectin is not approved to treat Covid-19 and the FDA warns that taking it for this reason can be dangerous or even lethal. NPR reported last September that poison control centers nationwide were getting a dramatic surge of calls from people who were self-medicating with Ivermectin. This kind of advice is beyond the scope of a chiropractor’s license and endangers the public.


Vaden refers to Covid-19 vaccines as the “death shot.” Facebook has slapped messages on many of his posts telling people where they can get truthful information about Covid-19 vaccines. Myocarditis is a very rare, survivable complication that predominantly occurs in young males.

On Nov. 23rd, citing questionable sources, some of whom don’t even have full names, Vaden wrote that people who are fully vaccinated are nine times more likely to be hospitalized. This is not the least bit true. Consistently, here in Mesa County an average of about 80% of people hospitalized for Covid-19 have been unvaccinated. As of January 15, 2022, three quarters of Colorado’s hospitalizations for Covid-19 have been coming from the one quarter of the population that remains unvaccinated.

In a December 5, 2021 post, Vaden wrote that “it is IMPOSSIBLE for the Omicron “Variant” (or ANY variant) to exist, let alone be tested for.”

Scientists use genomic sequencing to track variants of the virus.

All of these are dangerous and easily verifiable lies that spread misinformation and discourage vaccination — the best tool we have to reduce harm from the virus. Statements like the above put the community in danger.

Vaden was previously fined for practicing without a license

Vaden previously had disciplinary action taken against him by a state chiropractic board.

In July, 2016, Vaden, then under the name Charles Vaden, was fined $4,000 by the Tennessee state Chiropractic Board for practicing without a license.

We can assume that what Vaden says on his Facebook page is the same thing he is telling patients he sees at Rimrock Wellness Center, to the detriment of our entire area. Chiropractors like this are no doubt contributing to the extraordinarily low vaccination rate we suffer from in our area. To that end, he has been reported to the Colorado State Board of Chiropractic Examiners for making false and misleading statements about Covid-19. The complaint has been assigned a case number. It is Case No. 2022-693.

Rule #12 of the CO State Board of Chiropractic Examiners’ Rules and Regulations

  13 comments for “Another Rimrock Wellness Center chiropractor dispenses dangerous medical disinformation

  1. Pfizer Covid vaccine was just 12% effective against omicron in kids 5 to 11, study finds

    New York health officials found the effectiveness of Pfizer’s vaccine versus Covid plummeted from 68% to 12%…


    • The important thing to know is that no vaccine prevents disease completely. The important thing is that it reduces the severity of the illness to keep people out of the hospital and keep them from dying.

      • the important thing you will eventually realize is the main vaxxx was designed against a certain narrow target ( a specific feature on the spike) and administered during an epidemic, which anyone knowledgeable , honest & not censored (back when their views still could have helped) could have told you that would push the virus to evolve and escape the vaxxx. Which it did. Omicron was the actual ‘vac’ and apparently is much older than other strain in particular this early epidemic ones.

        Meanwhile the vast segments of society who were at low risk ANYway ( the “overwhelmed hospitals” never materialized, Ferguson was incompetent or lying, ) now have permanently altered immune systems; those naturally infected have durable and broad based immunity to future infections & varients , while those vaxxx’d & boosted are stuck with narrow & obsolete immune responses and are suffering ongoing re-infections. Meanwhile the virus has evolved – as all virus do- to enhanced transmission and reduced lethality.

        “no vaccine prevents disease completely.” is a far far cry from “12%” effective.
        The real important thing to know is children were very nearly completely immune to any severe or lasting dangers from fauci’s ccp19 virus and should have been left alone, and would have served as a huge herd wall with durable resistance.

        Amazing how the loonyiverse was manipulated into being trusting eternal test subjects, repeat customers & hyperventilating shills for moderna /pfizer

    • And why did that study say the reason for the drop was? Funny how you didn’t mention that part.

      For the rest of us, the study found that the reason was the much smaller dose that kids of that age were given. In other words, the vaccine isn’t any less effective. They just didn’t give kids that small enough of the vaccine for full effectiveness. Disingenuous much?

  2. Pfizer Covid vaccine was just 12% effective against omicron in kids 5 to 11, study finds

    New York health officials found the effectiveness of Pfizer’s vaccine versus Covid plummeted from 68% to 12% for children ages 5 to 11 during the omicron surge.

    But be sure to line up for your booster & don’t forget to have your Pfizer Loyalty Card punched ~~ There is a free burrito in your future as reward for surviving all 12 spaces !

    • It’s important to understand that no vaccine can completely prevent disease. The most important thing, in particular for communicable diseases, is that it successfully keeps people out of the hospital when they catch the disease, and keeps them from dying.

  3. In spite of his slick “trust me” charlatanism, I’ll take the “death shot” over ivermectin and a urine chaser any day.

  4. His is a form of violence against others in the name of Christianity, if you stop and think about it, seen many times in our history. Christianity perverted for power over others.

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