Tina Peters now says she is running for Secretary of State, but there’s no evidence of it so far

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters grins for her mug shot at the time of her arrest in Grand Junction on 2/10/2022

Update: Tina Peters finally filed a candidate affidavit saying she is running for Secretary of State on 2/23/22.

Adding a whole new level of crazy to her repertoire, after getting arrested last week on charges of obstruction, and then telling an adoring election conspiracy-theory endorsing crowd in Castle Rock immediately afterward that no one can stop her, Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters announced this morning that she is running for Secretary of State (SOS), and will challenge incumbent SOS Jena Griswold for the seat.

No proof of candidacy for SOS so far

The only problem is Peters declared on the steps of the Mesa County Justice Center on January 13 that she was running for re-election as Mesa County Clerk. She can’t run for both offices at once, and so far the only candidate affidavit on file with the Secretary of State’s office is the one that says she is running for County Clerk. There is no affidavit on Tracer showing she is actually running for Secretary of State. A call to the Secretary of State’s Campaign Finance Office (CFO), where candidates must submit their affidavits to officially be considered running for any office, revealed that so far no affidavit for Peters’ run for SOS exists either on their website or in the pending queue of the CFO, and Peters hasn’t taken any action to nullify her affidavit to run for clerk. The CFO said they generally act on affidavits within one or two business days of receiving them, so we will have to see if Peters actually submits one in the next few days.

Peters made the announcement this morning via phone in an interview on Steve Bannon’s internet show, War Room. Still emphasizing her son’s death and her status as a “gold star mom,” Peters said she needs to “stand for truth,” and said she thinks President Biden is “trying to nationalize elections.” Tina says she will put an end to “reckless emergency rulings,” said said “I am the wall between your vote and nationalized elections,” and “They are coming after me because I am standing in their way of truth, transparency and elections held closest to the people.”

Tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m., (pdf) the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission will hold a hearing in the matter of a complaint about Tina Peters accepting gifts from My Pillow guy Mike Lindell that exceed the maximum value allowable for an elected official under state law. A second ethics complaint is pending against her about her operation of a criminal defense fund outside the boundaries of the law.



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  1. Update: As of 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, 2/15/22, there is still no candidate affidavit on Colorado Tracer saying Tina is running for Secretary of State. There is only her candidate affidavit for County Clerk.

  2. As of 11:30am Tuesday D51 school board changed venue from Grand Ave to CMU!!!! They
    figured this out just 6 hours before the meeting?
    Is this transparency? Is this subterfuge or stupidity?

  3. Crazy and corrupt isn’t a good Hallmark for your party, Republicans. Maybe cut your losses and get rid of Tina and Lauren…

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