Video of Tina Peters getting cuffed and resisting officers at Main Street Bagels

The above is a 2 minute video of Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters getting cuffed and detained this morning around 10:45 a.m. by law enforcement officers in the front room at Main Street Bagels. The video was posted on the website of 9News in Denver.

The video shows Peters kicking at an officer, struggling to get away, yelling “That hurts! Let go of me! Give me my car keys!” The officers cuff her and take her outside onto the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.

Peters was detained for resisting a search warrant for her IPad, which she allegedly used to record a court hearing she attended for her former Chief Deputy Belinda Knisely earlier that morning, despite the judge having admonished people inside the courtroom not to record the proceedings.

Knisely was formally charged last September with second degree burglary and cybercrime. Peters herself is also under investigation for tampering with election equipment, and has two ethics complaints against her with the state Independent Ethics Commission.

  6 comments for “Video of Tina Peters getting cuffed and resisting officers at Main Street Bagels

  1. Good work, Anne. I love your blogs and wish I could pay you a bazillion dollars to keep it up. I know it costs you to maintain the website.

  2. Black Americans have died for less than what Tina did and said with those cops. Shameful scandalous old bag. I hope she rots in jail nuzzled on a urinesoaked MyPillow.

    • Yes, Samuel. Persons of color know that kicking an arresting cop equals dead. Cops and courts milk multiple felonies out of the slightest resistance when it involves a minority citizen. Watch Tina, with her expensive silver vinyl wig, skate on this.

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