Tina Peters scandal is having political repercussions in Garfield County

Long-time GarCo County Clerk & Recorder Jean Alberico (Photo: Sopris Sun)

Garfield County is feeling some ripple effects from the Tina Peters scandal, and there’s growing concern about it.

After four terms as Clerk and nearly 40 years of working in the Clerk’s office, long time Garfield County Clerk Jean Alberico, is retiring this year, which means there will be a contested election for the office of Clerk and Recorder in Garfield County for the first time in many years this election cycle. Normally few people care about the Clerk and Recorder’s office in their county, but Garfield County voters need look no further than Mesa County next door to understand the importance of this office and the disaster that can unfold if the wrong person is elected to it, as happened here in Mesa County.

Add to this situation that indicted Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters’ puppet master, Sherronna Bishop, lives in Garfield County, and was acting as Tina’s campaign manager for her run for Secretary of State. With Tina’s recent felony indictments for election tampering, and with the Colorado Republican Party publicly calling on Tina to suspend her campaign, Sherronna has likely lost her current political gig and will no doubt next be looking for some other way to get an election denier in office while making money from the effort. Sherronna could even run for County Clerk herself, since the job pays an attractive $104,000 a year — pretty good money for a mobile day spa operator with few qualifications. And as we’ve seen with Tina, running for the job has no prerequisite of understanding Clerk’s office operations. For now, Sherronna has escaped criminal indictment herself, and she has deep-pocket money man and election denier My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell in her corner. Clerk and Recorder is a real job that involves real work and real accountability, which may put Sherronna off, but we wouldn’t put it past her to aspire to the office purely as a way to grandstand, draw attention to herself and parade her extremist chops, like Tina has.

Tina’s candidate info from TRACER

The office of Clerk and Recorder, even in an outlying county like Garfield, is a good jumping-off platform to run for higher office. Anyone, Republican or Democrat, with state-wide political ambitions could be interested in this office. It’s just the kind of thing that Bishop would be all over, one way or another.

Garfield County needs to assure they elect a responsible, law abiding citizen as their person operating elections. To this end, the GarCo Democratic Party is working to find a reality-based candidate who solidly supports American democracy to run for county clerk. This isn’t a far-fetched notion, either, because in GarCo, it is an actual realistic possibility that a Democrat can get elected.

To that end, GarCo Dems are reaching out to Mesa County citizens seeking a few donations to put together $3,000-$4,000 to run some targeted social media ads to raise awareness of the open Clerk & Recorder seat and to help them find a qualified candidate to run. Social media ads are relatively inexpensive, but they’re not free. Please consider helping Garfield County by putting some money in their hat by following this link: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/actionplan

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    It is clear now that the election for President was stolen. Every time you fill your tank I want you to think about that. Don’t hate the people fighting for the truth, help them. History will not be kind to the liberals. By 2022, they had become the enemy of the United States of America and everyone knew it.

        Tina Peters was protecting Election Data as she’s legally required as County Clerk by making a copy before it was destroyed.

        In Mesa County, only the SECRETARY OF STATE had access to the Dominion Bios passwords.
        Why did Jena Griswold try to blame Tina Peters for the bios passwords leak when only Jena Griswold should have had access?

        [Mesa County Colorado, September 21, 2021] – Tina Peters hand-delivered an initial peer-reviewed forensic cybersecurity report prior to the late Friday evening filing of her official defense pleading alerting County Commissioners of crimes.  THE EXTENSIVE REPORT VINDICATED CITIZENS ’ CONCERNS ABOUT 2020 ELECTION MALFEASANCE, JUSTIFIES PETERS PRESERVATION OF ELECTION RECORDS OBLIGATED BY FEDERAL AND STATE LAW, AND PROVES CRIMES WERE COMMITTED BY OTHERS – NOT PETERS.  Instead of submitting the report to the authorities which is their civic duty, one or more of the Commissioners forwarded the report to the press.  There is no question the Commissioner(s) leaked the confidential document given the version of the report was initial, lacking some detail which the official report included.

        • Colorado has one of the most secure election systems in the country, with great voter turnout. Republicans love mail ballots as much as Democrats, or any other affilation.
          Jena Griswold is doing a fine job as Secretary of State, even while receiving constant death threats from scumbags. We need to promote and protect our election officials who uphold the law, and demote andpunish those who break the law, as Tina Peters has done.

    • Every time you fill your tank think of corporate greed. Remember the multi-million salaries and bonuses paid to the CEO’s. This is free enterprise profiting from war.

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