Lindell steps in it, seals the case for the ethics complaint against Tina Peters; makes a statement that could leave her liable for a $1.6 million fine

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell just sealed the case for Complaint #22-07 (pdf) to the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission against Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters for her skirting Colorado’s anti-corruption law by raising unlimited amounts of money through her legal defense fund.

In an apparent effort to try to get out of the ethics complaint, Peters recently shut down her Colorado-based legal defense fund website and moved her legal fundraising to a Minnesota-based “legal offense fund” operated by her fellow election conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell.

At an election denier rally today at the state Capitol in Denver, a 9News reporter asked Lindell how much he has raised for Peters’ legal defense fund. Lindell said, “I just put in all the money myself.” When the reporter asked Lindell how much that was, he answered, “I don’t know, I put in 3,4,5, maybe $800,000 of my own money.”

$800,000 would be the largest amount ever given to a Colorado politician or elected official.

Peters is violating Colorado Anti-Corruption Law

Article 29 of Colorado’s Constitution (pdf), “Ethics in Government,” makes it illegal for an elected official to accept anything valued at over $65 from anyone who isn’t a family member or close personal friend. The fine for violating Article 29 is twice the amount the elected official accepted in violation of the law. The purpose of Article 29 is to eliminate corruption in Colorado’s governments.

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters and My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell, at the “Cyber Symposium” in South Dakota last August, where he told a reporter he met Peters for the first time.

When the reporter asked Lindell if he was a close friend of Peters, he answered “I just met her that day [of the cyber symposium],” adding that he thought it was a stupid question.

But Lindell’s public statement that he and Peters are not close friends will make it impossible for Peters’ attorney to argue in Ethics Commission hearings that Lindell was a close friend of Peters’, effectively closing the one loophole in the law that could have helped her escape being ruled guilty of violating Article 29.

Lindell’s admission could leave Peters liable for a $1.6 million fine for violating Article 29. The law directs money from ethics fines to the state or the local jurisdiction, in this case, Mesa County, which has probably already spent that much in taxpayer money on the Tina Peters fiasco.




  16 comments for “Lindell steps in it, seals the case for the ethics complaint against Tina Peters; makes a statement that could leave her liable for a $1.6 million fine

  1. Do you remember that famous plot to kidnap the governor of Michigan? It turns out that out of 16 people in the plot, 12 were federal agents. And of the other four, the most senior was some autistic guy they tricked.

    • Meanwhile, one of your Proud Bois has flipped on his fellow (failed) 1/6 traitors.
      Such Heroism. Such Bravery.

          • sure seamy ol chap.
            Turns out it wasn’t 50K a month *with 10% for The Big Guy
            nor a mere $83,333.33 per month. No it was 2X that.

            I aint a mathapetician but that totals to

            $ 166,666.66
            to the biden criminal clan. monthly. ukraine nazis.

            beyond the $17M to talentless Jim.
            17, weird. Whys that number keep poppin up?

  2. Will have to wait til the dust settles.. I saw $800K elsewhere, but this article quotes him as saying 3,4,5 or $800K. Regardless, if true, he’s way over the limit. These people keep digging deeper.

  3. Went to Tina’s rally. Very effective. Several hundred on Capitol steps. Many statewide candidates there. Came away convinced that Tina will fight for us to the end, she has lots of financial support, and she must be on target because of all the libs loosing their mind. Great day! Go Tina. Jenna Griswald is a Soros witch. If Democrats can’t cheat they can’t win. I just contributed $1000 to Tina and Lindell legal offense fund.

  4. Did anyone see that massive gathering at the State Capitol? There had to have been DOZENS of Brave Patriot Warrior Oaf Keeper III% Moron Labe USEIP-E-I-E-I-O heroes there…

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