Indicted Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters attends event in Mar A Lago May 5

Tweet Tina Peters posted on May 5, 2022, about her trip to Mar a Lago, Florida

Indicted Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, who is out of jail on $25,000 bond, went to an event at Donald Trump’s estate in Florida on May 5.

As a term of her bond, she was ordered not to leave the state, and would have to have obtained approval from the court before making this trip. The only exception the Court granted to this requirement, made at the time Judge Matthew Barrett lowered her bond from $500,000 to $25,000, was for Peters to attend the funeral of her father, who died in North Carolina during the night she spent in the Mesa County Jail, according to Peters’ attorney. It is unclear whether Peters sought or received approval from the Court for this trip. UPDATE: Peters has now been granted permission by the Court to leave the state.

At the time her bond was lowered from $500,000 to $25,000, District Attorney Dan Rubenstein asked that Peters not be allowed to travel outside the state, citing that Peters had left the state, gone into hiding and remained in unknown locations for about 5 weeks after the data breach of election equipment she facilitated last August was publicly disclosed. Peters’ weeks in hiding were facilitated by the multi-millionaire CEO of the My PIllow company, Mike Lindell.

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  1. People are so tired of all the talk and no action! Anyone else do something like these people have done would have been in prison already. Nothing is going to happen just more talk talk talk bs. Its insanity!

    • She’s under indictment at the County level, and the FBI is still working on Federal charges. Since Tina’s an elected (by slavering morons, but she was lawfully elected) official, they have to make sure all their evidence is in line, and their case is pretty much airtight.

      I wouldn’t bet against her holing up at Mar A Lago and claiming some kind of “political asylum” when the rest comes down.

  2. promoter of the cowardly lie Anne censored my documented .
    you’ll have to do you own homework seamy ol chap

    • Apparently, someone also “censored” your ability to type like an adult who speaks English as a first language, huh?

      No facts. No one cares about your fantasies.

  3. PS Aunt Anne,

    DENVER — A grand jury indictment did not impede GOP Colorado secretary of state candidate Tina Peters’ ability to travel to Florida for a movie premiere at Mar-a-Lago. District Attorney Dan Rubenstein, who covers Mesa County where Peters is clerk and recorder, said Peters has permission to leave Colorado on a case-by-case basis with court permission.

    [despite] due to her access to private flight travel and history of going into hiding during this investigation lo.OL

  4. seamy , when will you learn the left cant meme; no humor , no pacing.
    You guys just instantly pop a gasket of angry apeshit, addicted to agitated adjective-abusing addled rants.

    • Yeah, “the left” doesn’t have to meme, we can speak in complete sentences, and don’t have to rely on constant self-aggrandizing or middle-school level devices like alliteration. You could write headlines for the Sentinel, maybe. Their readership finds that kind of thing comforting.

      • I would recommend you keep those fingernails neatly trimmed
        so you don’t get a brain infection from plugging your ears,
        but without the target organ, you’re good to go!
        nothing. stops. it

        “fleeing the allegation phase” .. L0,ol

        • You’re going to have to give the rest of us normal people some kind of handbook to follow; since we’re not on Telegram, or the USEIPEIEIO mailing list, it’s impossible to keep up with your ultra-double-top-secret catchphrases.

          JFC, it’s like you’re all in 7th grade.

          • Always glad to help, seamy ol chap;

            If you could afford a phone, you can get on telegram.
            You might be able to use the phone# at the mission, I don’t know.

            If you can successfully navigate the Telegram sign up process,
            you can watch 2000 MULES … for free!
            which is ostensibly within your budget.

            If you would watch 2000 Mules , then you would not have to espouse knee-jerk dismissive opinions on it…

            But if you could do any/all that, you would unlikely be a bot-like
            pre-programmed lefty looniverse inhabitant.

            As aside, I thank you for yesterdays rollicking good fun,
            sending you into a spittle-flecked racist trope rage,
            BY POSTING AN OBAMA QUOTE. haHahahAHAhHAhahA

            One promise; I will never advocate for your voice to be silenced here or anywhere. After all, there seems no better way to prove your idiocy, than to allow you be you, in your own words.

            and you can cite me on that 😉

          • Again, fantasizing that your blather has any emotional impact…sorry. Just as with everything else…you don’t matter. How could you?

            It’s as ineffectual as D’Souza’s latest “bombshell”; his latest YouTube “masterpiece” is a rehash of the “True the Vote” nonsense, which, as always, only serves as fantasy material for you and your ilk. He’ll keep churning them out as long as you fools keep buyin’. P.T. Barnum was prescient.

            You’ve got to stop attaching your ego to your vain hopes that I could put any importance on what you say. Get another hobby, some kind of Easy Art Project, or maybe grow some flowers. At least you could see some kind of results for your efforts.

  5. Staying out of town consulting patriots & allies a whole “5 weeks after the allegations” … especially when she quickly admitted having this devastating forensic data hardly equals a flight risk, except to airheads.

    What person ( still waiting for that legal definition btw) of color was similarly abused in an even vaguely related offense? Stacy Abrams for instance ‘allegedly’ operated several offices doling out 1000s of illegal ballots and still waddles a free woman across the hot Georgia asphalt …

  6. Bobo was there too! I wonder if they went to great lengths to not encounter each other? Ya know since Bobo wouldn’t show her support and seemingly threw her under the bus. Good times!

    • Bobo was too busy trying to pull Mr. Bobo away from the Kids’ Table…

      Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week; don’t forget to tip your servers!

  7. Appreciate that info , Anne! I humbly didn’t realize that a judge ‘allowed’
    “Peters to attend the funeral of her father, who died in North Carolina during the night she spent in the Mesa County Jail.”

    What an obscenity of Justice. Of Humanity. How uselessly but transparently exploitive & propagandistic to jail her overnight, just to set up a mussy haired photo op next morning.

    Nearly as bad as raiding her home & dishonoring her son’s Last Footlocker,
    when such a case could (and usually would) have been willingly arranged between attorneys as a surrender for booking. Feels almost biblical in context.

    StG, Jena better have ALL the goods (and none of the Guilt) or sadly she may burn eternally, and don’t sniff now but any one else detect the tang of smoldering sulfur wafting around this case? or is it the ether of Ester ?

    It is ludicrous to fret about Ms Peters as a flight risk by attending a momentous screening of the mind-expanding “2000Mules” seeing as she will campaign for SoS, but the leftist looniverse is not known for nuance and seems to be motivated by only the most calculated & contrived of compassions

    2000 Mules is an incredible piece of investigation. Imagine if we had that kind of transparency and objective law enforcement from within the Griswold regime, or any of the demented leaders plunging us into disaster nationally & internationally … how much better off we might be.

    • A “screening” of an online video from a convicted felon (campaign finance violations, even), peddling the same garbage “True the Vote” is dodging “put up or shut up” subpoenas over.

      Perhaps Dimesh can give Tina some pointers on dealing with captivity.

      A piece of crap is a piece of crap, whether it’s a false “stolen election” narrative, or standing behind the corpse of a dead child, using the blood of his sacrifice to mask your own crimes.

      • Mark this day folks ! Seamy finally dropped a genuine steamy.
        Apparently hurling up all those retched straw men & red herrings causes digestion issues.

        True, & Dinesh admits his guilt; he caused a net sum total of ~$20K donation over limits to 30-year long friend’s campaign.
        Even did it without her knowledge, so cui bono is a worthwhile debate. He took a plea deal for exceeding donation limits when the judge blocked the patently obvious (which is why you missed it) argument of selective prosecution, since prosecutions for middling donation violations, let alone imprisonment(!) of such a heinous Fellow-NY are essentially UNheard of.

        Still, interesting that the 2008 edition of Obama was himself fined $400,000 for failure to disclose millions in illegal contributions … and trying to keep the illegal funds. ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯
        Now THAT arrangement has a bit more scent, or is that wafting down from your contribution above?

        I do wonder how many (lawyers)*(hours) were paid for Zuckerberg to find ways to throw around ~$450 millions in odor to help steal the 2020. ( touched on in the 2000 Mules , btw)
        His “ Foundations” lol basically purchased the right to run elections in a very interesting selection of precincts in multiple states.
        and Oh , to see the true paper trail of Soros’ backing of dozens of scheming SoS’s & willfully blind DA’s , throwing around $millions for year, including our sweet sweet JG.

        But we both know D’Souza’s crime was not really campaign finance, it was producing of brilliant, scathing, hilarious yet brutally acute commentary
        + a couple must-see movie, trolling the Narcissist in Chief Obama for a lack of royal clothes, and that hiLIARy is a batshit grifter.
        D’Souza admits his guilt – and learned the essential lesson; when you court powerful enemies, walk a tighter rope.

        More interesting to us is any parallels to Ms Peters’ case , where a door card violation is prosecuted (as County clerk, ANY person she decreed WAS was her official agent, so there is no there, there on the unauthorized person ( person; definition still missing. show your work!) , but jena getting busted actually destroying election records in several counties has to wait another cycle or so to be ground fine enough for Justice.

        Spare me the fauxtrage; it may impress your wingmen down at the Pigeon Chess park, but it dont fly here.

        • Funny how, just like the My Pillow Guy, Tina, and every other right-wing grifter, D’Souza hasn’t managed to “take down” anyone, “blow the lid” off of anything, or “expose” anything but his ability to bilk desperate old white people out of their money, in the vain hops that someone can magically undo reality.

          Trump lost.
          Tina’s going to prison.

          And the only person impressed by your comically overcompensating rants is you. It’s clear why you have to make up so much of your own reality, because the real thing has got to be unspeakably depressing.

        • ***Warning: This comment contains false information about elections. No massive fraud occurred in Georgia’s general election.***

          Billionaire George Soros just donated $1M to Stacey Abrams’ gubernatorial campaign (who’s non-profit office(s) are implicated in GA’s massive ballot stuffing operation).
          But ordinary people go to jail for $20K, if they troll under hussein’s notoriously thin skin sufficiently

          • Wow, that sounds serious!
            Got a citation?
            Of course you don’t.
            Stay deluded, because reality just isn’t your friend.

    • Tina was jailed because she’s been indicted on multiple felonies related to election tampering. Her bond was reduced from $500,000 to $25,000, with conditions put on her release including not leaving the state without explicitly getting permission from a judge to do so. That is very typical in this situation. Tina has also demonstrated she is a flight risk, as when she went into hiding for 5 weeks after the allegations of her election tampering were made public. All of the conditions put on her are appropriate, and it appears she is even getting special privileges others accused of similar crimes would be unlikely to get, especially if they were people of color, like being able to leave the state to go to a media event in Florida.

      • Exactly. They’re bending over backwards to accommodate her, so that her slavering, mouth-breathing, slack-jawed supporters have less to whine about. They’re going to be hysterical enough when she’s convicted and frog-marched to jail.

      • Q?: Is it really good to bottom deal the Race card for EVERYTHING
        no matter how non sequitur the stakes?

        • Racial disparity in our criminal justice system is not only proven, but well documented. If pointing that out makes you uncomfortable, perhaps that’s a good thing.

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