Need an abortion in Grand Junction, or on the western slope? Here is updated information.

NOTE: I’ve written about how to obtain an abortion in Mesa County before on this blog, most recently in 2020, but the landscape on this issue keeps changing. Some options disappear while others expand, and with potential changes looming on the national policy front, I’m re-visiting the topic, and will continue to update it periodically. 

In light of the recently-leaked draft Supreme Court ruling indicating the right wing majority of the U.S. Supreme Court is likely next month to formally overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court ruling that assured abortion was legal throughout the U.S., it is prudent to revisit the issue of abortion in Colorado, and specifically how to obtain one in Grand Junction and on the western slope.

First of all, there is no reason to fear losing the right to have an abortion in Colorado, ever. Abortion will stay legal and accessible in Colorado, whatever the Supreme Court does.

Thanks to quick action by the state legislature’s Democratic majority, the right to an abortion in Colorado was written into state law this year.  Governor Polis signed the Reproductive Health Equity Act (pdf) on April 4, 2022. The Act assures all Coloradans will retain the fundamental right to make their own reproductive health care decisions free from government interference. The bill is only 5 pages long, and you can read it here (pdf).

Thank you, Democrats!

Now, how to obtain an abortion in Mesa County — and don’t be fooled by “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”:

Despite the new law, conservative Republicans remain firmly in political control in Mesa County. As a result, it takes a little extra digging to find abortion services here. Local obstetrics/gynecology practices don’t mention abortion on their websites and may not even offer abortion services. And beware of fake “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” that are really Christian ministries that promise free services like pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and “counseling,” but won’t offer contraception or any options for termination. The real mission of these “pregnancy centers” is to shame and guilt women out of having abortions, so they omit key information, and do not give truthful information about abortions or abortion access in our area. Instead, they traffic in grisly, frightening and over-blown descriptions of abortion procedures. The website provides a map of Colorado that shows which pregnancy clinics in the state are “real” and which are fake, religious “pregnancy centers” that withhold full and correct information from clients.

Despite such ongoing attempts at deceiving women, changes over the last few years have actually made abortion access safer and easier in our area, with plenty of options:

The FDA approved obtaining abortion medication by mail

200 mg mifepristone and 800 μg misoprostol, the typical regimen for early medical abortion.(Wikipedia)

There are two types of abortions: medication and surgical. Medication abortions involve taking pills and can be done in the privacy of your own home. Surgical abortions are done in a clinic.

On December 16, 2021, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) permanently lifted restrictions on access to abortion medication by mail, making these medications far more easily and widely available. Medication abortion has been used safely and effectively worldwide since 1981. When the drug was first approved by the FDA in 2000 it was known as “RU486.” Medication abortions can be used up to 10-11 weeks into a pregnancy. The new FDA rule lets people to obtain abortion pills by mail instead of having to appear in person at a clinic to get them. The pills are relatively inexpensive and easy to get through a number of organizations that offer telemedicine appointments.

The number of medication abortions in the U.S. has also been increasing steadily over the years. Planned Parenthood estimates that medication abortions accounted for 43% of all terminations in 2014, up from 35% in 2010.

There is also now a national network of abortion funds that help with the financial and logistical barriers people often face when trying to get an abortion:

— The Cobalt Abortion Fund in Colorado is part of this national network of abortion funds that have been formed across the U.S. over the last few years to support people in need of abortions who have financial and logistical barriers to obtaining them. These funds help with things like finding the specific kind of care you need, travel, lodging, child care and even meal delivery if needed. Abortion funds like Cobalt are supported by donations. They partner with abortion clinics which are often the conduits through which the funds are distributed. Cobalt provides direct financial assistance to women seeking abortions and helps people find appropriate care in, or near their area.

Cobalt is dedicated to removing all obstacles to obtaining an abortion. They provide services to everyone regardless of  age, religion, marital status, physical ability, gender expression or identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity or zip code. It is the only independent fund of its kind in Colorado, and its mission is to make sure no person experiences a financial burden when it comes to abortion. Donations to Cobalt are 100% tax deductible and 100% of the money raised for the Cobalt Abortion Fund goes to help women in need. To donate to the Cobalt Abortion Fund, click here. — partners with the Colbalt Abortion Fund to offer safe and effective abortion pills delivered by mail within Colorado. HeyJane also provides consultations with board-certified medical providers over chat or video for people up to 10 weeks pregnant. They advertise complete medication abortion care for $249, “less than half the average in-clinic price.”

— offers physician-supported medication abortion online that utilizes telemedicine and overnight shipping of medications, Cost ranges from $239-289 via online payment;

— Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM) in Glenwood Springs, (970) 945-8631, offers surgical abortions as well as medication abortion services via telemedicine. Surgical abortions may be done after 12 weeks of pregnancy. PPRM also has offices in Steamboat Springs (970) 879-2212) and Durango (970) 259-4205.

Colorado Mountain Medical in Avon does surgical abortions and reminds people a pregnancy can be safely ended at any point in Colorado. They also have clinics in Dillon, Frisco, Vail, Edwards, and Eagle, Colorado.

— Another choice for medical abortion is, which provides reproductive and sexual health care in California, Colorado and Illinois. Cost is $289, which includes the initial consultation fee, medications, all follow up visits and shipping. They have an initial $20 consultation fee that will be put towards the $289 charge if you decide to proceed with their services.

NOTE: A telemedicine site mentioned in a previous blog on this topic in 2020,, was instrumental in creating the medical studies that led the FDA to loosen its rule on the availability of abortion pills, but it no longer provides telemedicine abortions. 

Other laws and policies to know regarding abortion in Colorado (from National Abortion Rights Action League Colorado):

— Colorado is one of the few states where a late-term abortion can be obtained. Outpatient abortion is available up to 26 weeks. In addition, medically-indicated termination of pregnancy up to 34 weeks is also an option for conditions such as fetal anomalies, genetic disorder, fetal demise and/or or severe medical problems.

— There are no spousal consent laws in Colorado. A woman may obtain an abortion without getting permission from her spouse, and without the knowledge of her spouse.

— There is no mandatory waiting period before being able to obtain an abortion in Colorado.

— If you are under the age of eighteen, you have the right to access confidential family planning services.

And if you decide on an abortion and people try to guilt and shame you out of it by saying things like like you are “killing a baby,” here is a link to my 2014 blog, “Why a Fetus is Not a Person,” so you have ammunition for argument.

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  1. another great way to cause a spontaneous abortion is to take a otherwise futile clot shot. Maybe you are on to sumthin, a perfect 2fer

    Confidential Pfizer Docs. reveal 90% of Covid Vaccinated Pregnant Women lost their Baby; but Pfizer claimed: “No safety signals emerged”

  2. Thanks, Anne, for assembling these facts. Could you forward these to see if The Sentinel might wish to print them?

    And to the usual immaterial (immature) disruptive repliers here…It is not too late to get a life.

  3. I really don’t have the heart. You seem to have done a better job of humiliating yourself than I ever could have. From the baseless “facts” to the mewling entreaty to God (hilariously ironic from someone so fond of playing the naughty boy online), it’s about as clear a self-own as there could be.

    All I can say is, not your body, not your goddamn business.
    Especially not in Colorado.

    • ok soulja boy; We wont draft women again cos this ‘my body’ concept is really consistent. By all means do draft up the Men (DOH!) soon as Your sloJoe’s puppeteers find a way to start ww3 (that’s GOT to hurt by now!
      I would rather have picked someone else’s nose … & eat it … than have to admit to even myself that I picked sloJoe Dementia as FAUXTUS )

      Anned semey , loose this school girl crush on me. Acting needlessly cocksure is a common defense I know, but its not sthealthy.

      er ,since when is being overwhelmingly correct “naughty”?
      I thought you had be in the wrong to be naughty, boy.

      • Once again, when faced with simple, incontrovertible facts;

        Abortion is legal in Colorado;

        What a woman does with her body is none of your business, never has been, and never will be;

        And there’s not a damn thing you can do about it, now, or for whatever’s left of your “life”;

        You rev up and spin out with your usual drivel. You’re the same old troll, lonely, bitter, repressed, and desperate for attention, even negative attention, who’s now too tired to make up different alts. You leave a trail like a damn slug.

  4. While it would be easy to shriek “MISOPROSTOL IS HORSE MEDICINE ! WHAT FOOL WOULD TAKE HORSE MEDS!!” , I’m not a loony leftist hippo(crit) and I am quite familiar with that argument face-planting w/ regard to ivermectin (>4 billion human doses, one of the safest meds in existence, ample evidence of benefit against SAR cov-2 & myriad other diseases.).

    While it in unarguable that all LIFE BEGINS UPON CONCEPTION
    ( no matter the path that life takes after), an early medicinal interruption of the implant or even very initial stages of the gestation cycle is a tough call, and like all matters of conscience is between one person and their Maker. God is very forgiving but sees through our lies so be warned. Neither do I regard a fallopian pregnancy (etc) termination a crime or sin – after all I believe in the right to self defense and even societal-level punishments like the death penalty & National defense, mainly in order to prevent future grievous harm & deaths. (See ? Its NOT so simple to be a thinking person.
    It may be easy to be seamyingly brainless rube, but lets not digress.)

    Similar to my opinion that consuming alcohol / drugs during gestation is not a sin or crime per se, again imho. Pretty stupid risk we know, but probably not murder in the absence of intent.

    What IS barbaric and cruel, is mid~late term surgical abortions for purely elective or selfish reasons. Thats there the LLoons lose the point to humane people. When well over 90% of the 60 millions abortions since 1973 were elective/convenience decisions (and are being pushed lately to post partum situations) we have arrived at an untenable point that is degrading Human existence.

    Then again the looming Supreme Court decision is not outlawing abortion, it is prohibiting Federal intervention (where the US Constitution gives it zero legitimate authority) or purely judicial decrees ( where 1 person can overrule all society).

    It is also not lost on the sane masses of us , that the left demands even post-birth human abortions for any reason , chanting “Hand off MY body” ,

    but has no qualm with erasing other people who decline to be guinea pigs to a scantly tested vaxxx for a disease with >99% survival rate & a superior immune response.

    Ive not fact checked (seeme after schooling) but is is true that only 3 Nations permit elective abortion up to the moment of birth; N Korea, PR China, and the USA. Pretty poor company …

    Attack away seamy ol chappo, I harbor no illusions of perfection.

    • Sorry, life doesn’t begin at conception. It continues. The sperm and egg seperately are just as “alive” as the fertilized egg.

      Glad to have set you straight.

      • thanks for the pointing out the immaterial. Its a sperm & egg question; which, if either, would grow into a human life by itself ?

        • Doesn’t have to result in a human to be alive. Your question proves me right, and that you know I’m right.

    • Can you cite a clinical trial conducted in the United States showing the effectiveness of ivermectin with a p<.05? If not, what clinical trials are you referring to besides the ones in Bangladesh and the Islamic Republic of Iran that have a 95% CI?

      • can you cite ANY trial , conducted in the USA, using a re-purposed & off-patent, extremely cheap (no profit motive) molecule,

        when big pharma already got EUA for inadequately / rush tested trials ( trials which were terminated early, even having the blind broken (by dosing the placebo group too soon) ,

        for well…, any indication !

        particularly a molecule that was bashed by a career BP shill like fauci who actually funded cov19 research in wuhan china in order to evade research moratoriums in the US?

        you could DYODD at for the comprehensive info but the info-cowards here censor in a loser/losing battle to push clot shots into 5 year olds

        • WS – By your question its apparent you have some level of familiarity with the placebo-controlled , blinded Phase1/2/3 process at FDA, so you probably also are familiar that NO generic / pennies-a-dose compound is going to receive the required investment, especially with all the politics at play – heck fauci didnt even reveal the he FUNDED wuhan leading up to CCP19 outbreak . Heck its no longer IMpossible the sobs within the US created it whole cloth… and we know that FDA & WHO are captured operations ( look into their funding / budgets…)

          Which is why meta studies are excellent source of DD and probably the best we’ll see beyond extensive anecdotal reports.

 remains the most comprehensive site I know, so try there if you are sincere.

          I know I’ve taken ivm on & off for 1.5 years & nursed a pair of proven , mild covid cases back to health, I suspected I had it but no freaking way did I run out to get swabbed, I appropriately dosed ivm, D, Zn and mutli’s , shook it off . Immune system unharmed & bolstered with durable protection.

          know only an idiot could overdose on one of the safest / most-essential known drugs. I certainly DONT know 100% it works as reputed, but I know it was pure greed & politics that prevented a proper examination here .

          note below ( very far below) theres this incel-ant seamy guy who demands annotated posts on a quick comment on bottom shelf blog , despite the fact that the censor here operates unpredictably deleting many past posts WITH extensive cites or searchable quotes, comments blocked or erased for being Inconvenient Truths that dont fit the party narrative line …

          the same guy whining who has provided at best a CCN reference or a most recently a “comment” from no less an authority than a anonymous name that TRANSLATED as a highly partisan entity ( and who made MY point anyway ! ) . Hard to make up funnier stuff than that, but I try

          so dont take my word for it, in fact Im starting to fiendishly like the idea that only True Beliebers are still lining up for boosters, seeing as the evidence points to a worse outcome for current variations. If you cant save em, F em …
          Expect the fear porn to go off scale by mid-terms to push aflood of ballots. Mark this post and prove me wrong in a couple months

          lets see if I can get two posts in a row UNcensored… hard to tell anymore

      • He could cite more trials, but his dog ate them; which seems only fair, because he’d been swiping his dog’s heartworm chewies ever since Alex Jones told him they were “way better than Viagra”.

        • seamy, every time I feel doodie-bound to squeeze out a steamy hot demonstration your witless inanity, you outdoo me.
          Game, set, flush. Well played sir well played.

          • Wow, a first year psych student could have a field day with the subtext in that little gem.

            That’s the problem with living a life of sanctimonious repression…it oozes out in the weirdest ways.

      • WSR – here is an example & reason why we may never see a placebo/blinded Phase 1/2/3 study on (just for this instance) ivermectin in sars cov 2.

        “Fauci’s Royalties And The $350 Million Royalty Payment Stream HIDDEN By NIH”

        “Last year, the National Institutes of Health – Anthony Fauci’s employer – doled out $30 billion in government grants to roughly 56,000 recipients. That largess of taxpayer money buys a lot of favor and clout within the scientific, research, and healthcare industries.

        However, in our breaking investigation, we found hundreds of millions of dollars in payments also flow the other way. These are royalty payments from third-party payers (think pharmaceutical companies) back to the NIH and individual NIH scientists.

        We estimate that between fiscal years 2010 and 2020, more than $350 million in royalties were paid by third-parties to the agency and NIH scientists – who are credited as co-inventors.”

        This information is the result of our federal lawsuit vs. NIH.
        The agency admits to holding 3,000 pages of line-by-line royalties since 2009. So far, they’ve produced only 1,200 [heavily redacted] pages. The next 1,800 pages of production will cover the period 2015-2020.”

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