Sherronna Bishop increasingly implicated in Tina Peters’ election-tampering conspiracy

Sherronna Bishop in January, 2022

Every arrest in connection with the Tina Peters case reveals deeper involvement in the election tampering scandal by “America’s Mom,” Sherronna Bishop.

On July 13, The Colorado Sun published a 15-page arrest affidavit (pdf) for former Mesa County Election Manager Sandra Brown.

Brown was fired from the Elections Department in November, 2021 and was arrested on July 13, 2022 in connection with Peters’ voting equipment tampering scandal. The arrest affidavit for Brown concluded that there was probable cause to charge her with conspiracy to commit criminal impersonation and attempt to influence a public servant.

But the affidavit also reveals that Sherronna Bishop, who was never an employee of the Clerk’s office, attended a key meeting of selected Elections Department staff where the plot was being formed, and that she was even the one who spurred the initial discussion of the plot. The affidavit says,

On April 23, 2021, PETERS convened a meeting in her office. One meeting participant secretly audio recorded part of the meeting … and subsequently provided the recording to investigators. Those in attendance from the Clerk and Recorder’s Office were PETERS, KNISELY, BANTZ, WENHOLZ AND BROWN. Non-employees present for the meeting were Sherronna BISHOP (a local political activist and the former campaign manager of a now-member of the U.S. House of Representatives), Douglas G. FRANK (an Ohio-based high school mathematics teacher who travels across the country conducting presentations and creating YouTube videos asserting that the 2020 election was marred by fraud), and an individual named Maurice (believe to be later identified as Maurice Emmer).

16. During the meeting (based on the partial recording), FRANK asserts that the county’s election management system is vulnerable to outside interference and is likely accessible remotely. PETERS asked FRANK if FRANK can open the voting machines. FRANK responded that opening the machines is “against the law because you signed a contract.” PETERS responded “OK, Alright, alright.” BISHOP, the local activist, raised the issue of the Mesa County Trusted Build set for late May: “On May 26-27, when they come, what’s the plan?” One of the employees responds: “The plan, as far as I know, they’re updating the software.” PETERS then asked FRANK: “I’m gonna step out on a limb, you wanna come May 26?” BISHOP explained to FRANK that “they’re doing an audit here, they’re gonna wipe the machines.” FRANK responded, “I don’t think I’m your guy to do that audit, but  I know the team and they’ll do it for you and they’ll come with the best in the country.” PETERS then asked BANTZ to leave the room, “Brandi might have to leave while we talk about this….Why don’t you leave while we talk about this?” and subsequently PETERS asked WENHOLZ to depart as well. “Stephanie, you might need to walk out, too.” BROWN was not asked to leave in the recording. 

Sherronna deepened her involvement by booking a hotel room for Conan Hayes using her own credit card

Page 8 of the affidavit reveals that

“Later in the investigation (March, 2022), AFFIANT [the D.A.’s investigator, James Cannon] learned that back on 5-20-21, at 0900 hours, less than 24 hours after KNISLEY summoned WOOD to her office, SHERRONNA BISHOP’s credit card was used to make hotel reservations in Grand Junction for ‘James Hayes’ for May 22nd to May 26th. In 2022, AFFIANT obtained an audio recording confirming a person headed to this hotel provided his name as ‘Conan Hayes.’ … Flight records confirm that CONAN flew into Grand Junction.”

Credit card receipt showing Sherronna Bishop’s credit card was used to reserve a room for “James Hayes” at the Hampton Inn in Grand Junction during the time the Trusted Build (software update) occurred. Conan Hayes’ full name is “Conan James Hayes.”

Add all this to Tina Peters’ declaration at a talk in Las Vegas on July 12 that Sherronna attended a dinner with her, Lauren Boebert and Conan Hayes, and it certainly is starting to look like Sherronna was a co-conspirator in the scandal, which likely gives her serious reason to be concerned she could be charged with crimes similar to the ones Peters, Knisely and Brown are facing, since she was not just intimately involved with the others at the inception of the plot, but took actions to help carry it out.

Could that could be why Sherronna suddenly fled to Texas?

It’s a good guess, especially since Sherronna knows best the extent of her own involvement in the plot. More information about it could yet come out to the public as well.

Fleeing to Texas could delay prosecution, but won’t rule it out by any means.

A fugitive can be extradited back to Colorado from Texas. The process adds thousands of dollars to the cost of prosecuting a case, though, so it would add even more cost to the Tina Peters scandal for Mesa County taxpayers, in addition to what they’ve already been forced to spend. Because it adds to the expense, the extradition process is usually reserved for only the most serious crimes like homicide, rape, grand theft, trafficking or prison escapees. Still, the state of Colorado might feel it’s well worth it to pull Sherronna back for these lesser offenses, especially when the case has received such big national media attention like this one has, and when it has an outsized impact on the political process, as this case certainly does. The whole nation has been watching the strange case of insider election tampering by the Clerk of Mesa County, and the debut of Tina’s movie coming up, financed by Mike Lindell, will just add to the attention and national intrigue the case has already gotten.

Abbott is a wild card

One other potential glitch is that the governor on the receiving end of the extradition request — in this case Texas — has to sign the extradition warrant. Texas Governor Abbott is a true believer in mass voter fraud and could act to protect Sherronna by refusing to sign the extradition papers.

Guess we’ll just have to stay tuned to see what happens next, but Sherronna might want to keep her car gassed up and arrange for a last-minute baby sitter, just in case.

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  1. If the Bannon case continues, and he is found guilty, it will certainly be appealed, and will likely move its way all the way up the chain to set precedent that stops this from ever happening again.

    The government is using evidence from members of the committee, but members of the committee have invoked the Speech and Debate Clause to quash the defendants ability to call them as witnesses. The judge granted that motion to quash.

    So, basically the members of the committee will be testifying against Bannon, without Bannon having the ability to cross examine them.

    More interestingly? They made themselves a party to the case when they filed an amicus brief in support of the charges.

    If you want a nice round summary of the case, read here. The judge has taken this motion under advisement.

  2. “A friend who worked on the Hill for years insists the city was ruined by Game of Thrones.

    Everybody with a political job in the capital thinks of himself or herself as a soldier in a thrilling bloodsport, instead of a pawn chipping away for incremental improvements somewhere. The Trump show is six years of thirtysomething Dems in gingham and power dresses gunning to be Arya killing the Night King. They think 80 million Trump supporters will collapse into ice cubes if they get him. It doesn’t work that way. You have to win in 50 real states, not Twitter”

    What Has Trump’s Endless Prosecution Accomplished? As more and more effort is spent trying to put Donald Trump behind bars, he keeps growing politically. Is it time to wonder if there’s a connection?

    “The Endless Prosecution not only failed to win Trump’s accusers the public’s loyalty, it apparently achieved the opposite, somehow swinging working-class and even nonwhite voters toward Republicans in what even Axios this week called a “seismic shift” in American politics.”

    Taibbi slays it again

    • Ah, yes, good old Matt- failed Hunter Thompson wannabe, ugly past comes out, found his audience again by sucking up to right wingers.

      Seems to be the chosen path for people who get caught in horrible behavior…turn to the right, they’ll forgive anything.

      • yah , where is a good ol Joy Reid screed when ya need s dose of Truth ?

        PS what do they say about imitation?was it the most sincere form of flatulence? naw
        oh yeah – its the product of a weak mind recognizing mad skill.
        You are a loyal if limited minion; too bad stuck playing for the losing team.

        • “Loyal Minion”?

          Like Trump’s spineless, brainless, honorless horde, that tried and failed to overturn an election, and now have to console themselves by talking like badasses online?

    • Agreed Janet. When you get the nutters all riled up with facts that is a good thing. Won’t change any flat-earther’s mind that’s for sure. It may not be much but it’s something anyway.

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