The moment everyone is talking about from the last Jan 6 Select Committee hearing

Above are out-takes of Donald Trump recording a video message to the public on the evening of January 7th, 2021, under pressure from his White House aides, advisors, lawyers, his family members and right wing media figures who were telling him he was at risk of being removed from office using the 25th Amendment or impeachment. Below is sample of that communication to the White House from Fox News talk show host Sean Hannity:

Text from Sean Hannity to White House Communications Director Kayleigh McEnany on the evening of Jan. 7, 2021, saying Trump needed to stop his “stolen election talk.” Hannity explained that threats to removeTrump from office through the 25th Amendment or impeachment “are real.”

The playing of these out-takes was arguably the most-talked about moment from the last hearing of the House Jan 6 Select Committee on July 21, 2022.

Even by January 7, 2021, when Congress was on the brink of certifying the results of the November, 2020 general election, Trump was still unable to say the election was over, despite losing the electoral college to Joe Biden by a count of 306 to 232, exactly the same margin by which he had won  against Hillary Clinton in 2016 — a margin he had previously called “a landslide.”



  4 comments for “The moment everyone is talking about from the last Jan 6 Select Committee hearing

  1. Trump is only the poster child of the problem. The GOP wants a theocratic autocracy. (Think Taliban.) They want federal government to basically disappear to a no rules, no regulations, anything goes, good for business, great for lobbieist (bribery)…
    It does not matter who gets the GOP nomination… they want to destroy our democracy and defame Democrats as being socialist Communist “I want everything free” elitists … As opposed to the save the planet first and equal rights for all people that we really are.
    Right from the Fox fake news playlist.

  2. Not sure which is more disturbing: A president who can’t respect the constitution or the fact that a right-wing talk-show host can run the country.

    • Even more disturbing is that this guy is already planning his second term, and has learned that he can get away with destroying American democracy. Also, the people helping and enabling him have learned from the mistakes of his first term. Everyone should read Jonathan Swan’s latest reporting for Axios on Trump’s second term plans.

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