In new video, Tina Peters assails Judge Matthew Barrett, who oversees her criminal case, calling him “malicious,” “partisan” and saying his “goal is to incarcerate an innocent woman.”

In her latest unhinged Facebook video made around 9:30 p.m. last night (Thursday, July 21) after turning herself in at the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Department Tina Peters calls Mesa County Court Judge Matthew Barrett, the judge in her criminal case, “partisan” and “malicious,” and says “his goal is to incarcerate an innocent woman.” She accuses him of “legislating from the bench.”

Barrett was the judge who kept her out of jail last week after her unauthorized trip to speak in Las Vegas on July 12. She had traveled to Nevada without Court permission, and the judge had also issued a “no travel” order for her the same day. In spite of this, the judge was lenient with her and gave her the benefit of the doubt that it could have been her attorney’s fault for not informing her of the no-travel order.

Tina urged her followers to file “a lot of ethics complaints” against Judge Barrett, and Judge Valerie Robison, the judge who legally barred Tina from carrying out elections in 2022, in another legal case that was brought against her by the Secretary of State..

Tina asks people to donate to her campaign, even though the election is over

In the video, made with far-right activist Sherronna Bishop, Tina urges her followers to donate money to her campaign account, even though the election is over and her campaign should no longer be soliciting donations. Tina says she needs hundreds of thousands of dollars “in my account by Monday for the recount,” which, under the law, and according to the Colorado Secretary of State, has no chance of commencing.

Tina also called Brandi Bantz, Mesa County’s new Designated Election Official, “Wayne Williams’ love child.” She reveals that Judge Robison has denied her latest request for travel and complains that “I’m a political prisoner.” Tina urged her followers to attend her next court hearing August 5 to “assemble and protest” and “expose the crimes these people are committing.”

As of 12:30 p.m. on Friday, there were 148 comments on the video, most of them in support of Tina, and many asking where they can send their money.

  16 comments for “In new video, Tina Peters assails Judge Matthew Barrett, who oversees her criminal case, calling him “malicious,” “partisan” and saying his “goal is to incarcerate an innocent woman.”

  1. Amyone who knows how vaccines work knows they don’t magically stop infections. They CAN’T work unless you do get infected. That you’re surprised by this shows you don’t understand vaccines.

  2. Another day, another limp threat from the local Meatball Militia…
    Seeing as how your best, brightest, and bravest warriors are crying for the court’s mercy, blaming their Dear Leader for misleading them, and turning on each other like old (Oath Keeper)s, I think we’ll be okay.

    But keep fantasizing.
    At this point, it’s about all you have, isn’t it?

  3. I’m no fan of Tina Peters, but when she stated in the video that Judge Barrett was appointed by Polis, my ears perked up. I have experienced firsthand that many State employees in leadership positions under Polis play nasty, very nasty. Working for the State these past ten years I have never seen the likes of of a leadership team such as the one Polis has in place. They are absolutely fearless when it comes to retaliation, intimidation, mistreatment, bullying and harassment. I’m not siding with Peters, but if she’s going before a Polis appointed judge, she’s screwed!!

    • Easy to invent fake facts when you are “Anonymous.”
      Trump’s appointed judges found there was no election fraud.
      Peters keeps digging her own hole deeper since she’s not smart enough to quit.
      Her tRump-trained supporters aren’t smart enough to detect her fraud.

  4. Call me an optimist, but the more money gun nuts send the likes of Mrs. (sic) Peters and The Former Guy, the less money they have to buy guns.

  5. We are talking about Tina Peters here. What does your stupid COVID-19 post have to do with Tina Peters? Please stay on task so that Anne continues to bring us this wonderful forum to post our comments. Thank you!

  6. At least Tina has found one career she is competent at and that is being an accomplished grifter. She’s learned from the best, Mike Lindell and the Ex-president who’s name I choose not to use because of all the harm he has caused our great nation. It’s all about the Benjamins!

  7. As of 5:30 PM Friday the linked video shows 50 views, 0 comments and man does she look rough. I don’t think YouTube allows solicitation or at least without Alphabet getting a cut. August 5th is right around the corner, perhaps she will finally begin to answer for her crimes.

    • I recorded the video from Facebook and uploaded it onto YouTube, because I’ve found that often these videos have a way of disappearing, so I wanted to create a record of it we could access later, in case they delete it.

      • Sorry, missed that part. I thought she was trolling for dollars on YouTube and they cut her off. My bad.

      • yeah dont that just SUCK when your sincere efforts get erased ?
        I mean… say what you will. truth will out. own it. be right or move on.

  8. I have so many questions about this latest go-around!
    – Why was she allowed to turn herself in in Pitkin County instead of Mesa?
    – Why was she allowed to bond out for just $1000 even though she was arrested for violating the terms of a $25,000 bond?
    – Is 8/5 the date when will she appear before Judge Barrett to answer for violating the terms of her bond?
    – And if so, why is she being given another two weeks on the loose?

    • 1) It was a state-wide arrest warrant, and so she could turn herself in anywhere. Maybe she heard the food was good up there, or maybe Lindell was in Aspen.
      2) I have no idea why she was allowed to bond out with $1,000.
      3) The August 5th court date predated this latest violation, so the judge might have just thought rather than clog up the court docket more, they would just wait until August 5th date and deal with it then, since it’s pretty close.
      4) See answer #3.

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