Report: Mesa County D.A. ready to try Tina Peters, asks U.S. Attorney General to explore federal charges against her

Kyle Clark of 9News in Denver is reporting via Twitter tonight that Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein and Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser have finished their joint investigation into Tina Peters’ election-tampering scandal, and that Rubinstein has asked U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s office to explore bringing federal charges against her.

Tina Peters’ mugshot for her arrest on 3/9/2022

Peters is set to be arraigned in her felony case (Case No. 2022CR371) at 4:00 p.m. on September 7, 2022 at the Mesa Count Justice Center in Judge Matthew Barrett’s courtroom, Courtroom 9.  Rubinstein will ask the judge to set a date for Peters’ criminal trail as soon possible.

In an unhinged video she recorded and posted on social media July 21, 2022, Peters insulted Judge Barrett by accusing him of “legislating from the bench.” She called him “malicious,” and “partisan,” and said his “goal is to incarcerate an innocent woman.”

Here’s what can happen (video) if you insult a judge during a criminal court proceeding. (Fast forward to about 2:30).

  7 comments for “Report: Mesa County D.A. ready to try Tina Peters, asks U.S. Attorney General to explore federal charges against her

  1. The federal charges are a good idea…… state charges could be detailed be “a jury of your peers” in Mesa County. Fed charges a bit more difficult to evade.

    Ms. Peters has clearly cost the Mesa County taxpayers a great deal of money with her misdoings…… not unlike former president Trump…. is an attempt at interfering with the integrity of an election in the USA equal to potentially exposing significant national security information similar? I would argue yes! The security of our nation is at stake

  2. Since the DA has concluded the investigation into this, does this mean that no charges will be brought against others who participated like Bishop, Hayes, and Watkins?

    • Got my answer via Kyle Clark: This means the DA will not charge anyone else at the local level. Federal charges may be leveled against some of these actors.

  3. Maybe Tina is smarter than we might think.
    “Not guilty by reason of insanity” is a plea entered by a defendant in a criminal trial, where the defendant claims that they were so mentally disturbed or incapacitated at the time of the offense that they did not have the required intention to commit the crime, and are therefore not guilty.
    Just saying!

    • They’ll just play the videos where she insists she’s of sound mind and not suicidal. Besides, Tina will never be smarter than we might think. If she was, we would never be here right now.

  4. This entire ‘situation’ is rather beyond words. Tina is barking mad as the Brits say , i e bat shit crazy in ‘Murikan.

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