Tina Peters subpoenaed in Dominion defamation lawsuit

Tina Peters on a talk show on Lindell TV September 7, 2022, talking about getting subpoenaed in the Dominion defamation lawsuit while she was on her way into her arraignment. The case is moving forward after a judge refused to dismiss the suit.

Tina Peters announced on Lindell TV last night (video, about 2 min. in) that as she was heading into her arraignment hearing at the Mesa County Justice Center for her felony criminal case on September 7, she was served with a subpoena in the Dominion voting machine company’s defamation lawsuit.

Tina is scheduled to be deposed in the case November 7 in Grand Junction.

The suit is being brought by Eric Coomer, former executive in charge of product strategy and security at Denver-based Dominion Voting Systems. He filed the case after Trump allies, attorneys Rudolph Giuliani and Sydney Powell, falsely claimed Coomer was involved in a plot to use the voting machines to rig the 2020 election against Trump.

Giuliani’s law license was suspended and he faces disbarment in the state of New York because of lies he’s persistently told the public about the 2020 election on behalf of Trump. Sidney Powell also faces disbarment. The Disciplinary Committee for the State Bar of Texas filed a petition against her in state court alleging she committed professional misconduct because of her efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

Defendants named in Coomer’s suit include the Trump campaign, Rudy Giuliani, Trump adviser attorney Sidney Powell, right wing media outlets One America News Network, Newsmax Media, the far right-wing website Gateway Pundit, and Colorado activist Joseph Oltmann, and others.

Tina Peters faces multiple state felony charges related to election tampering actions she took based on those lies.

In the video Tina again repeats her defiant “I won’t back down” refrain and again begs the public to send her money:

“I’m not going to back down, I’m not going to give up, I need people to go to TinaPetersForColorado.com [to make donations]. We really do need help, especially right now, the legal bills are mounting…”, Peters said.



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